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23.06.08 Delivery vehicles to families raising children with disabilities

20 families that are raising children with disabilities, will be awarded to cars due to sponsorship funds

Continued in Russia in the Year of the family, the purpose of which is social support for families with children, promotion of basic family values.

In the Tyumen region, many businesses and organizations demonstrate that social support to families is able to provide not only the state.

Active participation in the international Year of the family accept "Doublegis-Tyumen", CJSC Trade house "South", LLC "Group of companies in the motor city", LLC "Advertising company "Business world", STRC "Region-Tyumen", socio - political newspaper "the Tyumen region today", "Radio 7".

Many businesses successfully implement social programs to support the families of their employees: JSC "Sibnefteprovod", JSC "Zapsibcombank", JSC tumenenergobank", LLC "Arsenal +", JSC "Tyumen cum" West-Siberian branch of Sberbank of Russia, who took part in last transfer, and others.

Another event organized by the social development Department of the Tyumen region, will take place thanks to the financial support of the Tyumen branch of the Insurance Group "SOGAZ".

27 June at 11.00 hours on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Tyumen on the ground near the circus will be held a solemn presentation 20 cars to families who have children with disabilities. Vehicles purchased with funds of the Tyumen branch of the Insurance Group "SOGAZ", who initiated the campaign, and will be given to families free of charge.

Would like to see the social support of families in need of assistance, have been a matter for each organisation, each person, family, maternity, childhood - values around which revolves the life itself - were protected. After all, the welfare of the family is the key to prosperity in the region. Together the public authorities, the business structure, the company can create conditions for comprehensive development of the family, its role, strengthening in the Tyumen region family traditions.

On the issues of sponsorship support of the families of the Tyumen region, you can contact the Regional Family center, located at Tyumen, the passage of Geologists, 14a, phone 20-16-74.

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