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26.09.08 the celebrations in the city of Tyumen, dedicated to the International Day of older persons

In celebration of the International day of older persons in Tyumen annually complex variety of activities for senior citizens.

September 22 , opened a Public reception room of the Department of social protection of the population on issues of social support and social services for the elderly population of the city. The work of Public reception organized to 26 September at Ul. Pyshma,1A according to the following schedule: Monday-Thursday from 9.00 to 18.00, Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hours, break for lunch daily from 13.00 to 14.00 hours.

September 25, 2008, the management of social protection of population of the Tyumen holds doors open Day (Ul. Refrigeration,12, Yamskaya Ul.,57), and September 30, doors will be opened by the institution of social services "Faith" (operativa, 24, tel-58-86).

25 and 26 September at 14.00 hours in the library named after Pushkin (Ulasevich, 30) will meet "the Glory of the Golden age," "We wish You happiness...". In a warm and cozy atmosphere in the address older people will hear the congratulations and good wishes from creative teams, Tyumen and library staff.

27 September at 14.00 hours at the institution of social servicing of the population, the Center of social assistance to family and children "(street Pulse, a, v.33-78-58) for seniors will take place the concert program, which will perform the folk song "Siberian fun." On the same day at 14.00 hours in DC "Search" (sancimino, street Leningrad,10) for residents and veterans of the village will Show the competitive program dedicated to the International Day of older persons "Grandma next to grandpa". Program: creative contests involving grandmothers, grandfathers, grandsons and granddaughters. The winners will receive valuable gifts.

On Sunday 28 September at 17.00 hours in TNK "Builder" for the older generation will be dancing the night on which to join the band play folk instruments.

29 September at 19.00 hours for elderly citizens living in the Center of social assistance to persons without a permanent place of residence (street Communist,70, building 1), with the concert program will perform vocal group "Lada".

Also in September 2008 in celebration of the day of older persons, the establishment of a social service Center for the provision of social support to the population" carries out the action for the collection and distribution of goods, vegetables, low-income senior citizens. The reception was organized in the Center at the address pralay,10, phone 25-97-13. Business hours of reception: Monday-Thursday 9.00-17.45 Friday 9.00-16.45 hours, lunch break from 13 to 14 hours daily.

On the international Day of older persons, October 1, DK "Railroad" and DC "Orpheus" (poms) will meet with veterans of the Central district of Tyumen. Congratulations to the veterans will be the head of the Central administrative district Borisov, V.I., chairmen of veteran organizations. In the program of the evening: gala concert, where veterans will be able to recollect a youth, to dance and socialise with each other.

Also on 1 October city pharmacy MUP "Farmacia" (No. 118 (street of Kharkov,58/1), No. 201 (Mechanical street,35A), No. 122 (Lenin street,,63/1), No. 136 (Ul. Shipbuilders, 38/1), No. 37 (novotamansky), pharmacy doctor of Otesevo, ATD "Panacea" (Lenin street,57) will produce the vacation of OTC medicines and medical products to senior citizens discount on pension identities. Dental polyclinic №1 (Lenin, 49; Lenina street, 9; orazulike, 157; ulatuseni, 2) on a public holiday will provide elderly medical dental care out of turn.

In the last decade of Septemberand in early October pensioners Tyumen at discounted prices will be provided social services, including repair of household appliances and audio-video gear, Shoe repair and hours, services, baths, and will be provided free haircuts.

In September-October 2008 in the institutions of social service of the population "Kalinushka", "Faith", "Center for the provision of social support" will be charitable events to provide additional services to individuals home services (cleaning, houses, apartments, household plots) with the involvement of volunteers. Senior citizen Day at 9.30 for veterans living in Tyumen boarding house (street Minsk, 86) will be a solemn event with participation of creative collectives, Tyumen.

In addition, in September-October 2008 the senior citizens will be free of charge or on preferential terms to visit a book-illustrated exhibition Tyumen. 1 October at 13.00 hours in Tyumen regional Museum of fine arts will be organized for them a tour of the exhibition "spiritual Light of the world". Also on public holidays from 10.00 to 18.00 hours in the Museum-estate Kolokol'nikova (Ul. Republic, 18/20,tel-27-67,46-49-63,46-20-17) for older workers organized free access to the commercial exhibition "the Mysterious world of the ocean".

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