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26.12.08 the Year of the Family in the Tyumen region

Completed 2008 - the Year of the family. The time has come to sum up the results of its holding in the Tyumen region.

January 25, at the round table "family Welfare-the welfare of the region", solemnly opened the Year of the family, representatives of public authorities, public institutions, businesses and charitable foundations have expressed interest in comprehensive support for families with children, strengthen the authority of the family and the family values in the region. And in the past year they have confirmed this fact.

Organization of various forms of ownership of the Tyumen region did not remain indifferent and took an active part in the international Year of the family in the Tyumen region.

So, in June 2008 at a gala event "Day of kindness" for children with disabilities 20 families that are raising children with disabilities, were handed over to the car, purchased with funds of the Tyumen branch of the Insurance Group "SOGAZ".

In the framework of socially meaningful action "Day of knowledge" more than 1,000 children-orphans and children left without parental care, received financial assistance from more than 150 organizations of the region. In the social action "Sunshine family" took part and helped children LLC "Arsenal +", LLC "Doublegis-Tyumen", CJSC Trade house "South", JSC "Tyumen cum".

In the framework of the Year of the family on a charitable basis was posted promotional materials, families amounting to more than 2.7 million.

Special respect deserve the business structure of the region, successfully implement social programs to support families of its employees, including JSC "Sibnefteprovod", JSC "Zapsibcombank", West-Siberian branch of Sberbank of Russia, OAO tumenenergobank", OJSC "SOGAZ", JSC "Tyumen cum" and others.

Under the special protection of the Government of the region - the family of socially vulnerable categories. In the region there are conditions, to stabilize the level of life of this category of families.

Large families, more than 9.5 thousand, regardless of their income at the expense of means of the regional budget partly-paid meals pupils, partly offset by the payment for the maintenance of children in kindergartens. From 1 January 2007 to families which is born of the third and subsequent child, a lump-sum allowance in the amount of 10 thousand rubles per Year family this Handbook has received more than 2.2 thousand families.

Additionally, low-income families paid child benefit, social assistance will be reimbursed for the provision of children 1-2 years of life special dairy products, the costs of drugs purchased on prescription for children up to 6 years, the cost of utilities and travel students.

Families who find themselves in difficult life situations, receive financial assistance. In 2008, it received more than 12 thousand families.

One of the important directions in the work on improving the situation of low-income families - the implementation of the regional interagency output of this category of families to self-sufficiency. During the three-year period of assistance provided to more than 39 thousand families.

In the Year of the family within the framework of measures for overcoming self-sufficiency for low-income families related by kinship, has launched for the Tyumen region social project "Family farm". Currently, participants of the project "Family farm" has already become 18 families from Berdusco, Zavodoukovsky, Kazan, Tobolsk, Tyumen, Uvat and Yalutorovsk areas. They receive targeted social assistance in the form of cash payments to implement their individual plans (individual housing construction and commercial buildings, production and storage of agricultural products).

A sociological study conducted in the fall of 2008, confirmed the success of action to resolve themselves, and showed that as a result of participation in the program, the financial situation of families participating in significantly improved. Special attention deserves the fact that more than 25% of the respondents improved their living conditions. 86% of families satisfied with their participation in the program.

Under special attention in the Tyumen region is social support for foster families, including their material and moral incentives.

From 1 January 2008 goals increased monthly payments for the care of children, payment for foster parents and adoptive parents, on July 1, the size of the lump sum when the transfer of the child to a foster family. In 2009, the implementation of measures in the interests of adoptive families will continue: we introduce a new measure of social support such families - cash consideration guardians (Trustees).

With the objective of assisting in the realization of the right of every child to live and grow up in a family in the Tyumen region organized by close interaction of bodies of guardianship and trusteeship, territorial departments of social protection, social services and health care.

The candidates for foster parents and families who have already adopted a child can get expert advice (legal, psychological, pedagogical) in the Agency for the development of family-minors. For the generated surrogate families on the basis of the Agency operates School surrogate parents, where in the Year of the family have trained more than 300 people.

The results of all stakeholder agencies is evident in the numbers: more than 77% of the total number of orphans, children left without parental care, arranged in families.

In the Year of the family model management integrated regional system of family placement of orphans and children left without parental care, embedded in the Tyumen region, noted at the Federal level. The management of the guardianship, custody and protection of the rights of the childhood of the regional Department of social development was awarded the special prize of the all-Russian contest of innovative models of family-orphans and children left without parental care.

In the Year of the family much has been achieved in the field of recreation and health improvement of the population.

More than 177 thousand children and adolescents covered by organized forms of recreation, health and employment is 96 % of the total number of minors at the age from 7 to 17 years to be covered.

For the first time in 2008 in the Tyumen region were organized rest and recovery, not only public-sector workers and their families, and year-round. On concessional terms over a thousand families were able sanatorium vouchers, vouchers Mother and child.

Just this year, different types of health services (tours, resort, weekend tours) covered more than 5.8 thousand families of the Tyumen region.

In 2008, for the families of the Tyumen region Government of the Tyumen region includes many memorable events, including family health day with the Governor of the Tyumen region "year of the family - start in the future", a regional competition for families "the Art of being a family, regional events dedicated to memorable dates, and other family activities at the regional level proved that such events are popular and important for area residents.

Great attention in the Year of the family was paid to social work with the family.

Regional Family center, the basic institution of the Year of the family in the Tyumen region, in the practice of actively introduced new forms and methods of social work with family and children. Thus, together with the social rehabilitation center for minors "Otradnoe" Moscow Regional center began implementing technology "social networks", which is aimed at the development of social work with families in difficult life situations. Implementation in the region of this technology has already proved that networking is an effective way to restore family relations, reliable instrument for the prevention of family breakdown.

In the future it is planned to expand the possibilities of using technology in the provision of social assistance to different categories of population, including the elderly and persons with disabilities.

In the field is also used technology effectively support the womancaught in crisis situations, and members of her family through interagency cooperation of specialists of social protection, the court and Prosecutor's office, bodies of internal Affairs and immigration services, employment services, education and health, non-governmental organizations and other In 2008, in the framework of the implementation of this technology, socio-psychological, legal and social services provided to more than 6.6 million women.

With the aim of preserving families in the Tyumen region is the prevention of divorce. For the prevention and resolution of family conflicts, elimination of alienation in marital relationships and relationships with children, organized the work of the club, "My baby". In addition, for future newlyweds when submitting their application to the registry office organized a counseling psychologist and lawyer. For the young couple in the area clubs "School of young families" (families waiting for child) and sprout (for young parents).

Rthe developm ENT of information technology is another important direction of activity of the authorities in the Year of the family. Formed in the region information resource "Electronic passport of the family." By results of work in 2007-2008 in the "E-passport family" included 80% of families. Its implementation allows on the basis of data about families to create targeted programs aimed at solving their problems, take into account the specific needs of a family in providing various types of assistance, to develop and implement efficient algorithms for working with families with the participation of all stakeholders and agencies.

Service was established to provide emergency psychological and legal assistance to minors and their families via the Internet ( In the past year more than 1.2 thousand adults and 800 children received via the Internet expert advice of specialists.

In Tyumen oblast website of the Year of the family, which presented information on measures of social support of families with children in the Tyumen region, on the activities carried out in the field in the framework of the Year of the family, theoretical, and practical advice about the comprehensive development of children, establishment of harmonious relations in the family, etc. for the First time in the field in real-time consultation of representatives of bodies of state power of the Tyumen region, as well as professional athletes, doctors, children's beauticians, musicians and critics. Daily website Year of the family is visited by about 2 million users, the site's popularity is constantly growing.

In order to inform young families about opportunities to receive state support, Advisory on-line help of the teacher, the lawyer, psychologist acts infotainment portal "Young family"

When the year of the family, the Department of social development of the Tyumen region worked closely with the media. Together with the social-political newspaper "the Tyumen region today in the region were held socially significant action "Tyumen oblast family strong", "the Broken circle", "In the solar family," "my Darling, my precious" and other

June 1, 2008 in order to promote parent-child relationships, promote a positive experience of family fun and parents launched a social campaign "give a day" and "Dad, we need you!". The number of families who participated in the campaign "Dad, we need you!", exceeded 12,7 thousand Participants of the action "give a day" was about 50 families, 6 of which were awarded the title of winners of the month.

In the work of the Department for the care, custody and protection of the rights of childhood social development Department of the Tyumen region and the Agency for the development of family-juvenile appeared in the area of the joint project "I have a dream about mom and dad", in which on the website in regional Newspapers "Tyumen region today", "Tyumen truth" provides information about children ready for adoption.

In the upcoming 2009 will continue the implementation of measures in the interests of families and children. And main priorities will be:

  • providing social safety nets to families in need of the care of the state,
  • the joint efforts of government, public institutions, enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms, aimed at maintaining a stable level of families in the region;
  • helping families in crisis, including through program activities in reaching self-sufficiency, additional temporary jobs and expand the types of public works;
  • the formation of healthy lifestyle of family and reproductive health, family, and the promotion of family values.
The Director of the Department social development Tyumen region O.A. Kuznetsovsky
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