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On 27.05.08 Kaleidoscope of events dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of protection of children in municipalities, cities of Tyumen region

June 1, annually celebrated international children's Day. In municipalities and towns in Tyumen oblast scheduled events dedicated to the celebration of this Day.

June 1, 2008 in the social rehabilitation center for minors, Tobolsk will be the celebratory program devoted to the Day of protection of children, "Childhood is me and you".

In the center of social service of the population of the Uvat district June 1, children will be able to take part in the entertainment program "glade merry tricks"playgrounds "Summer fun", the contest of drawings on asphalt "Fun pencil.

In the center of social service of the population of the Tobolsk district will host the workshop "Mom, dad and I - the creative family", in the centre jarkovskogo district will be organized campaign "give joy to children!", in the center of social service of the population of Malinskogo district for children from socially-disadvantaged families will host the event "Meet-the-fly".

In jurginskom area in the children's Day will be organized play program for children, a competition for young mums, rally prams, exhibition of arts and crafts "family fantasy".

The Social-rehabilitation center for minors "Consent" gesima for juveniles from families of socially unprotected categories will be a festive event "planet of joy".

2 June 2008 children's Day will be celebrated in the Complex center of social service gesima "Care". In the complex center of social service of population Sorokin district on this day will be organized pageant "We join the fun". And the social-rehabilitation center for minors, Tobolsk will be zonal event "a Celebration of childhood", in which the competitive game program, visit cafe "Tobolsk welcomes guests, viewing the movie. Until June 6, 2007 at schools, Tobolsk will work circles "Merry notes", "Skilful hands".

June 3, 2008 in the Tyumen region (Chernishevskoe municipality) will be a festive program "childhood is a good country". The Social-rehabilitation center for minors, Tobolsk on this day there will be a gala game program "Kaleidoscope of smiles".

In, Tyumen on the Day of children protection Department of social development of the Tyumen region and the Regional Family center is hosting a gala event on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: there will be a concert with the participation of talented children from orphanages will be summarized festival for children from foster families "Childhood is me and you" and regional radio contest families "Family hearth". With the participation of the initiative group "the Fiery heart" for families "will be opened Advocate's office, where they will be able to get free legal help. In addition, on 1 June on Tsvetnoy Boulevard because of LLC "Group of companies in the motor city", the children living in orphanages, can ride on cars, decorated with ribbons and balloons. 10 cars, including Jaguar, land Rover, Ford, Renault - preparsed opposite Tyumen Cum at 12.00 hours.

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