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Under a Christmas tale for children you will find the most famous fairy tales by various authors. Winter tales will help you in writing a script for a festive celebration, to create a Christmas mood, to teach kids hard work.
Frost Ivanovich Frost Ivanovich

To us freely, without labor nothing is given, no wonder the old saying is. In one house lived two girls Needlewoman Yes Lenvica, and when they nurse. The needlewoman was a smart girl: get up early, itself, without a nurse, dressed and getting out of bed, for it was taken: the stove stoked, loaves kneaded, hut chalk, cock nursed, and then to draw water went.

Silver hoof Silver hoof

Lived in our factory the old one, nicknamed Carovana. Family of Kokomani left, he decided to take in the orphan children. Asked the neighbors, I don't know what one is, and neighbors and say, Recently Glinka Aerotel family Gregory Potopaeva. Senior-girls salesman told in a lordly rukodelie to take, and one little girl in the sixth year nobody needs. So you take it.

The snow Queen The snow Queen

Well, let's start! Having reached the end of our history, we will know even more than now. Now, there was a Troll, didn prelude; it was the devil himself. Once he was in a particularly good mood: he made such a mirror in which all the good and wonderful decreased utterly still bad and the ugly, on the contrary, were even brighter, it seemed even worse.

Two of Frost Two Frost

Walked through the net field two Frost, two brothers, with one foot positevely, hand in hand even beat her. Says one frost other: - Brother frost - Red nose! How would we fun - people amorosity? Answers the other:
- Brother frost Blue nose! Kohl people to freeze - not net us a field to walk. The snow had drifted, all passable roads were covered: none shall pass, pass. Will run better to clean the Bor!
Though less space, but will be more fun. No, no, Yes, someone will meet along the way.

Twelve months Twelve months

January, February, March, April, may, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Only the end of one month immediately starts another. And never ever been so February came earlier than it will take January and may, ahead of the April. Months go by and never meet. But people tell us that in the mountain country of Bohemia was the girl who saw all twelve months immediately. How did it happen? And here is how.

Story of the year The story of the year

It was at the end of January; raged a terrible snow; the whirling snow rushed through the streets and lanes; the snow had covered the Windows of the houses, toppled from the roof lumps, and the wind and hurried passers-by. They fled, flew fast, until they got each other's arms and didn't stop for a minute, tightly holding on to one another. Carriages and horses were just powdered; footmen stood the carriage back to the crew and to the wind, and pedestrians tried to keep the wind under the guise of coaches, barely tshivhase in deep snow.

Christmas story Christmas story

As mentioned in one of the famous ancient legend, once in the beautiful groves of Lebanon were born three cedar. The cedars, as we all know, grow very slowly, so our three trees had spent centuries in thinking about life and death, nature and humanity.

The snow maiden The snow maiden

There was an elderly couple. Lived well, together. All is good, but one grief - children they never had. Here come winter snow, drifts of snow up to his waist, poured out the kids outside to play, and the old man with the old woman on them from the window looking Yes think about my troubles.

Morozko Morozko

Supporting-used - grandfather lived with another wife. My grandfather had a daughter, and the old woman had a daughter. Everyone knows how for the stepmother to live: capsize - bit and neverness bits. As a native daughter whatever you do - all iron on head: clever.

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Cards for Christmas Cards for Christmas

Cards for Christmas from the designer's site, "All children"!

Wall papers and posters for the New Year Wall papers and posters for the New Year

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Poems for Christmas Poems for Christmas

Poems for Christmas from children's authors of the original editor's pick for readers of the site "All children"!

A Christmas tale A Christmas tale

Under a Christmas tale for children you will find the most famous fairy tales by various authors. Winter tales will help you in writing a script for a festive celebration, to create a Christmas mood, to teach kids hard work.

Christmas songs Christmas songs

Lyrics popular Christmas songs for Your children.

Decorate the house for the New year Decorate the house for the New year

The child in the house again helps to feel the holiday and wait for the miracle of new year's eve. For the kid wants to dress up the most beautiful Christmas tree and to prove to him - Santa Claus exists. And we all sit down to write a letter with the wish of the unseen, decorate the Christmas tree, put on a festive buffet candy and tangerines. And we all try to decorate the house to negodnim holidays, Christmas. We offer you a few ideas for the new year, how to decorate your home for the holiday.

Gingerbread house Gingerbread house in the New year!

Gingerbread house is an original decoration for your holiday table, as well as exquisite sweetness for children. Try to make a gingerbread house with your child. The process of decorating the house will take the whole family, this prekrasny way to spend Christmas eve.

Letter from Santa Claus Letter from Santa Claus for Your child!

Write a letter from Santa Claus ready form for Your baby! Christmas letter for a child can be invested in a postcard from Santa Claus, You can also find in this section.

Write a letter to Santa Claus Write a letter to Santa Claus!

Write a letter to Santa Claus at the beautifully decorated sheet! In this section of our website You can download forms to write letters to Santa Claus from boys and from girls.

The history of the Christmas snowman The history of the Christmas snowman

Snowman (snow woman) is a simple snow sculpture created from snow in the winter - mostly children. Sculpting snowmen - come down to us from ancient times children's winter game.

Christmas cards Christmas cards

Original postcards from the designer's site, "All children".

Animated Christmas cards Animated Christmas cards

Animated Christmas cards from designer website "All children".

A Christmas poem A Christmas poem

A selection of poems devoted to the New year.

Christmas costumes Christmas costumes for children and adults

Original costumes for adults and children (photo) to create an original Christmas image.

Carnival costumes for children Christmas costumes for children

A selection of photos of the Christmas carnival costumes for children. Treat your child with an original carnival costume!

Set scraps New year scraps

Dear friends! We offer You to download a set of scraps for making Christmas frames, collages, postcards, greeting sheets. Justwrite true creators!

Santas different countries Santas of different countries

A selection of articles about colleagues of the Russian Santa Claus in different countries of the world.

Christmas recipes for children Christmas recipes for kids

Beautiful and delicious, without a doubt enjoy Your baby!

Christmas card with his hands Christmas card with his hands

Each of us has a lot of postcards. These cards can be used in children's art: carving out their favourite images and creating new scenes postcards.

Snowflake Make Christmas snowflake out of paper

Make a beautiful Christmas snowflake out of paper!

New year pictures Christmas pictures - coloring pages!

Author's Christmas drawings - coloring for You and Your baby in a special section of the site, "Your baby"!

Santa Claus with his hands! Make a new year's panels

Make a new year's panels from scrap materials.

The symbol of the New year The symbol of the New year with your own hands!

If you make friends with clay or plastic to warm him warm their hands (and in the case of plastic, the heat of the oven), you can make him interesting and fun crafts. Including gifts for the new year. And since next year is the year of the cow, the souvenir in the form of cows will be most welcome.

The history of the New year The history of the New year

Celebrating the New year with old people usually coincided with the rebirth of nature and was mainly confined to the March month. The decision to consider the New year with the month of Aviv (i.e. spikes)which corresponds to our March and April found in the law of Moses. March was considered the year and the Romans, before converting calendar in 45 BC by Julius Cesareans in this day sacrificed and Janus started with a major event, considering it a good day.

Christmas games for kids Christmas games for kids

On a large sheet of paper draw a Santa Claus without a nose and hung on the wall. Nose sculpt from clay, and the children take turns with a blindfold trying to attach the nose into place. The company toddler behavior conductive usually causes wild joyous laughter.

Poems for the New year Poems for the New year

"What the New year? - It is noisy dance - sang brother in childhood, master Christmas crafts. "What the New year? Is the drain compote" - echoed our parents, decorating the room with tinsel and lights of the foil.

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