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HELP / How to choose shoes for your child?

How to choose baby shoesoddly enough, the children do not feel pain, if you go to tight shoes. This is due to the fact that in their footsteps is a sufficient amount of adipose tissue, which dulls the pain. But for growing feet is of great importance to the correct selection of shoes. Malformed arch of the foot is not only a cosmetic defect. In the future, it can cause serious health problems for the baby, because of incorrect posture, scoliosis often develops due to improper gait and flat feet. Uncomfortable Shoe, improper heel, material and many other errors very fraught. Let us consider the basic rules for choosing shoes for your baby.


The task is complicated by the fact that buying shoes is necessary quite often because the foot grows. Here the extremes are inappropriate: bought a size in the size of the shoes will quickly become small, the fingers have pressed. But taken with a large stock of shoes are also not an option - it foot will slide, the child will be difficult, uncomfortable, and increase the likelihood of injury. The articular cartilages in children is very weak, so if the shoes leg does not fix, when it falls easily happen sprains, subluxations and dislocations of the joints. Remember the rule - the stock should be about one and a half centimeters (for winter shoes a little more per toe).


It is convenient to have a "trace" of the baby - his leg, circled in the cardboard. With him, in principle, the shoes are pretty accurate, you can find even without a child. But even if the child is with you, it will reject many of the wrong choices without trying them on, that will save a good mood and time. During this fitting, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Is it comfortable to wear this pair
  • To measure shoes need on both feet
  • Look at the gait of the baby, did not change it


The foot must meet the following requirements: it must be flexible, corrugated and not slippery. Before there was actual leather sole, but the moment this sole almost never do, because it's pretty hard.

Depreciation function of the foot depends on the soles, because if it does not bend, the normal roll from heel to toe is impossible. Try to bend the sole hand, should turn out.

In the extreme case, if still hard sole, the toe should be strongly elevated, at least the sole and will not be able to repeat the movement of the foot, but roll with a sock on a foot is possible.


From the side of the heel, the sole should be higher on 1-1,5 cm.

A separate conversation about heels for little girls. Of course, understandable dream them look older, click heels. Moreover, in our time, there is no strict control over the quality of imported into the country of cheap baby products and you can often see beautiful little shoes with a pretty decent invalid heels.

Eyes small ladies light up, the mother is lost... it is Very important not to go on about the children's fantasies, to explain to the child, than it is dangerous in the future. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out the educational program at parent meetings in kindergartens and primary schools, to parents was unity, and the children did not take each other bad examples.


The material from which made shoes should be breathable and natural. This is important because the regulation of the autonomic nervous system is not yet established, the thermoregulation center too, and feet often sweat. But walk with wet feet are not only unpleasant but also dangerous for health. Also important ductility and stretchability of the material, which gives additional comfort, but also improves air circulation and provides moisture.


At the inner edge of the sole should be bump - supinator, which helps to shape the right arch of the foot, preventing the development of flatfoot. If Kosolapov (socks when walking is directed inwards) supinator contraindicated, can not be.


The backdrop is also important: it must be strong enough to hold the heel and not give an opportunity to wriggle her way. Try to squeeze in the back with your fingers, it should not come out easily.


Do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate of quality children's shoes. Buying shoes for your baby - this is not the case when it is possible for rates to sacrifice quality.


Not valid not only buying second-hand, but in one family, children shoes, inherited from older brothers and sisters. This is because even if a great external qualities, worn shoes is always individual deformation, and functions to retain the foot in the correct position the shoes at the proper level does not.

Well, gird our advice, and let the shoes your kids will be just right!

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