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FIRST YEAR / Indexes of physical development of the child

Development of the child up to 1 year

All parents worry if their baby is putting on weight and growing, not far behind, whether in physical and mental development in the first year of a child's life is particularly important. So you can evaluate the rates of physical and mental development of your child, here are some averages stages of development and growth of the baby in accordance with months of his life.

Every living organism is an individual, so your child does not need to grow and develop in full compliance with all calendar indicators. However, the lack of kid any skills and abilities the opportunity to consult with your doctor.

The newborn. Growth 50-51 see the Weight of 3,3-3,5 kg. Circumference: head - 34-36 cm, bust - 32-34 see He begins to see and hear. Manifest innate reflex: sucking, swallowing, blinking, grasp reflex, etc. Alone cannot change the position of his body. Lying on his stomach, his head does not lift, but always automatically turns it sideways. To hold the head in a vertical position the baby is not able.

1 month. Growth 53-54 see Weight 4,1-4,3 kg Circumference: head - 36,6-37,3 cm, chest - 36,0-36,3 see The baby is already a few seconds to hold the head in an upright position, trying to lift her, lying on his stomach. In response to stimulation (loud noise, sudden movement) reflex breeds pen in hand, and then presses them to himself, clenching fists (Moro reflex). Reflex crosses legs.

2 months. Growth 56-58 see Weight 5,0-5,3 kg head Circumference - 38,4-39,0 cm, chest - 38,1-39,0 see Baby good raises and holds the head in a vertical position within 1-1,5 minutes. Lying on your stomach, lift head and chest. Turns his head towards the speaker. Watching a moving bright objects, missing them all by hand and firmly hold.

3 months. Growth 59-61 see Weight 6,0-6,3 kg head Circumference - 40,0-40,9 cm, chest - 40,0-41,3 see The child holds the head in a vertical position for 5-6 minutes. Lying on his stomach, raised and based on the forearms and elbows. Roll over from his back to his side, changes the position of his body. But the movement of necoordinirovannami. Actively monitoring moving objects. Reaching for a toy, puts his fingers in his mouth, pulls the diaper. Like, if adults play with him. When emotional communication in the infant appears "revitalizing complex" motor excitation, smile, joy. Shorty long Gulet, turns his head at the familiar voice of an adult.

4 months. Growth 62-64 see Weight 6,5-6,9 kg Circumference: head - 41,0-41,9 cm, chest - 41,8-42,0 see Your baby can lift his head from prone position PA back. Supported in a vertical position firmly rests against the legs. Sits with support. Freely roll over from back to tummy. Lying on his stomach, lifted, relying on the palm, and follow the moving subject. Grabs and holds in the hands of small objects. Playing with hanging over the crib toys, taking them in his hands, feels, pulls into his mouth.

5 months. Growth 64-68 see Weight 7,4-7,8 kg Circumference: head - 42,2-43.2 cm, chest - 43,0-44,3 see With the support or with support, the child sits down, but keep the back straight still can't. With the support under the arms baby upright on legs. Trying to turn from belly to back. Long holds seized items. Well the mother knows and is not in the hands of strangers. Distinguish the tone of voice that can already be used for educational purposes. Captures the tone of the speech, not understanding the words.

6 months. Growth 66-70 see Weight 7,7-8,0 kg head Circumference - 43,2-44,2 cm; chest - 44,3-45,5 see The baby sits independently and sits smoothly without support. Freely turn over from belly to back. With the support of the hands or the chest rises and tries to cross the legs. Trying to crawl on all fours. Passes toys from one hand to the other, waving them, raises the fallen toy. He hands the pen so that it took up in his arms. Begins to pronounce the first syllable: "mA-mA, BA-BA", etc.

7 months. Growth 68-71 see the Weight of 8.3-8,9 kg head Circumference - 44,0-44.8 cm, chest - 45,0-46,4 see The baby climbs on all fours and freely creeps. Confidently sits. Sitting, bends and straightens the torso. When the pole gets down on his knees. With support for both hands evenly and well worth stepping legs. Stretches to his image in the mirror. Looking for the opinion and finds large objects, which he calls an adult.

8 months. Growth 70-72 see Weight 8,5-9,5 kg head Circumference - 44,3 of 45.4 cm, chest - 46,0-47,2 see Holding onto the crib, the baby stands up and sits down. Trying to clap ("God"), Gets up and tries to walk with support for hands. Becomes more diverse his facial expressions: see the interest and surprise at the sight of a new toy or unfamiliar faces. The child looks up to find the desired object and shows perseverance and the desire to get it. A lot of playing with toys: treats them beating one against the other, trying to throw down and so on

9 months. Growth 71-7 .3 see the Weight of 9.3 to 9.9 kg head Circumference - 45,3-46,3 cm, chest - 46,7-47,9 see The baby tries to stand without support. Walks alone, holding onto a support, arises from any position. When crawling on a flat surface climbs on the subject (cushion, bench, bag and so on). Performs a fairly complex movement: iterates over the blocks, collect small items. Performs a simple request: "Give me pen", "Wave to the handle - "goodbye" and other With toys prefers to play sitting down, remembers their names. Looking for fallen or hidden object. Knows his name, turns to the one who calls him. Understands the word "no". Captures not only the tone but also the meaning of the individual words ("give", "on", "throw", "go" and others). Distinguishes between size, color and shape of objects.

10 months. Growth 72-74 see the Weight of 9.5 to 10.4 kg Circumference: head - 45,6-46.6 cm, chest - 47,0-48,3 see Your baby rises and stands without support. Can walk holding hands or stroller. Small objects takes two fingers, not giving favourite toy. Well imitates the movements of adults. Consciously performs complex movements, for example, opens and closes the box, gives and takes the ball and hides it. Begins to pronounce simple words. Surrounding objects and animals calls separate syllables.

11 months. Growth 73-75 see the Weight of 9.8 to 10.5 kg Circumference: head - 46,0-46,9 cm, chest - 47,7-48,7 see Child well-versed in space (stands up, sits down, bends down, walks with support for arm). Knows the names of many objects and shows named toy, parts of his body, and so on, Performs many of the requirements, while denying shakes his head. Better coordination of movements of the fingers (holding toys, scrumples up and tearing paper).

12 months. Growth 74-76 see the Weight of 10.1 to 10.7 kg Circumference: head - 46,0-47,2 cm, chest - 47,7-49,0 see The child walks alone, is suitable if the name is. Crouches and stands upright without support. Bending down, can raise the subject. Give your request a toy. Perform relatively complex tasks: opens the door, brings individual items, toys. Trying to participate in dressing, washing. Vocabulary of about 10 words, Loves to watch the movement of people, animals. Reaching for moving objects, toys.


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