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The letter of the participant "Dad, we need you!"

Hello, dear members of the regional Family center.

I, Ivan, 12 years old, student of grade 7, I would like to take part in the regional action "Dad, we need you". First I would like to tell you about my family. Our family consists of mom, me and my sister. Our mother Svetlana, the English teacher. My sister Natasha, 6 years old, a student of class 2. With our dad we don't live together since 2005. Of course, we would very much like to see our dad was there, but it so happened that our mother is with us decided to live separately and now all the difficulties in raising us lay on the shoulders of our mother.

I, of course, as an adult I understand that my mother is very hard and so I try to help her as soon as you can. Our mother is a very proud man, and so she decided not to take any money with the father on our upbringing and we as adults understand that we need to live on one salary. This year I decided to participate in regional conferences, because this year for the victory awarded cash prizes. In environmental conference " Save our Earth blue and green" I took 2nd place and received $ 1,000.

I think the real help to our family. We live in the boarding school and certainly rendered together with her younger sister help, what depends on us. Mine, for example, the duties in the house - cleaning, shopping, taking out the trash. We also help and in summer in the garden. At the house we have no garden and so we plant it separately. In addition, I help my sister in the implementation of the lessons, T.,K. mom lessons a lot and she comes home from work very tired, and we try to her return to do everything.

Of course, things are not so rosy, as I have described. We have problems, but we try to solve them and to live by the principle: " Happiness - it's when you realize", Very often the mother says that she would like us to raise healthy, happy and, of course, educated. So that we could benefit our country. I have a dream to dedicate his life to the study of computer technology, because I believe that this is our future. And my mother and grandmother would have liked, so I became a soldier. Don't know what will be my fate, but one thing I know for sure that I will try never to let my mom and know she is proud of me.

I would like to tell you about that in our family a huge number of Hobbies - merit is also our mother. For example, my mother gathered a collection of icons, now it is my hobby, but our joint collection is stored in our school Museum and can see our students and guests.

Also we love to go camping and to be photographed. We have a collection of 16 great photo albums, among them my mother's with children, school and student years. And in the campaigns we admire our beautiful nature, relax, collect medicinal herbs. Last year we, for example, Hiking in the small villages of our region photographed beautifully decorated frames and gates. All that we have issued in the paper on the topic " Russian house" and took in the area at the conference " step into the future" 2nd place.

Another one of our fascination with songs. We sing at the concerts. And we do it together with my mother and sister Galya. And our mother is on all holidays at the club and at school.

I would like to write about what a member of our family we believe our grandmother Nina Ivanovna, she is a pensioner who lives in another area. She's the only person in our lives that never will not leave us in the lurch. If we have some problem we turn to her for help.

That's all I wanted you to write. In conclusion, I want to say that we love our mother and will try never to fail. Of course, I wish that we had a dad, but mom took this decision, I think we should learn to live so that we all was well, so as not to upset my mother and grandmother. And the challenges we can only solve together.

Thank you for read my letter, with respect Vanya So, 12 years. October, 2008


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