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Easter / Postcards for Easter
Cards for Easter, which you can download for free! Select any image, save it and print on the printer. Design Easter postcards will appeal to both adults and children!
Easter cards Download Easter cards free Easter cards
Easter cards Easter cards Easter cards
Easter cards


Additional materials:
The feast of the Passover in the world The feast of the Passover in the world

Article about how to celebrate Easter in different countries: Australia, Austria, England, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, the USA, etc...

The video greeting card for Easter The video greeting card for Easter

Beautiful video greeting card for visitors to the site All children" to the Easter.

Coloring pages for Easter Coloring pages for Easter

Coloring pages for kids for Easter.

Songs for Easter Songs for Easter

Songs for kids to the Easter.

Easter The feast of Easter in the traditional culture of the Russian people

The people have preserved many customs and rituals associated with the celebration of Easter. At Easter all go to each other's homes, christocrats congratulations, I wish the owners of happiness and prosperity, give each other painted eggs and Easter cakes. From the bright Resurrection of the holiday festivities begin, which previously lasted all Easter week. At Easter to everyone men are allowed to climb the bell tower and ring the bells.

Decorate the house for Easter Decorate the house for Easter

Easter is one of the most bright and long-awaited holidays. Preparation begins well in advance. For Easter, as a rule, many Housewives have already ends spring cleaning, so you just have to create a special atmosphere, festive atmosphere in the house. Flower decorations, ribbons, palm sprigs will create a particularly joyful atmosphere of the Bright Resurrection!

The idea of decorating eggs for Easter The idea of decorating eggs for Easter

In the ready the Passover sets often gold and silver paint. Use them to create your Golden egg.

The idea of decorating eggs for Easter Crafts from eggs for Easter

Use improvised means to create interesting crafts for Easter

Games for Easter Games for Easter

In these games for Easter , you can play everywhere. The older the children, the more complex options they can offer. You can play together, but with a large number of them are interesting.

Cards for Easter Cards for Easter

Greeting cards for Easter.

Poems for Easter Poems for Easter

Poems for kids on Easter.

Paint eggs Preparing for Easter. How to dye eggs?

Onion peel is the most famous and accessible way. Eggs can be painted in color from yellow to red-brown. The color depends on the concentration of the broth. Egg wash. To prepare a decoction of onion peel, let it brew. If you want the color was more intense peels need to take more, and cook it for about half an hour before in the broth, omit the eggs.

How to paint eggs How to paint eggs

In the old days the eggs are not just painted (eggs), and painted them with wax (Easter eggs). Today in the Arsenal of any woman, there are a variety of means of decorating eggs and making them original decorations for the holiday. Reveal some secrets.

The week before Easter The week before Easter

The celebration of Easter Sunday is preceded by lent. He prepares us for the last week before Easter. During this week, day after day, the Church helps us to relive those great events that happened in the last days of the earthly life of Jesus.

Cakes for Easter Bake the cakes for Easter

Useful tips for baking cakes for Easter. The dough for the cake should not be liquid (cakes rasplyvetsya and will be flat and should not be thick (the cakes will be too heavy and will quickly harden).

Scripts for Easter Scripts for Easter

Scripts for Easter and skits for Easter for children.

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