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Easter / Songs for Easter
Beautiful and lyrical songs for Easter for kids website All children. We offer to your attention the lyrics and notes.

Song for Easter "Christ is Risen"

Easter songsEverywhere the bells are ringing buzzing;
Of all the churches of the people knocks;
Dawn looks out of the skies...
Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!

With fields already cleared the snow has melted,
And rivers burst out of their
And green the middle of the forest...
Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!

Now wakes the earth
And dress up field...
Spring is full of wonders!
Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!

Download sheet music for the song Christ is Risen

Song of the spring

Zvonko drip drops
Near our window.
Birds cheerfully singing:
"Easter! Easter!
Came to us!"

Yesterday we found snowdrop
On Protamine in the forest.
Blue flower gentle
Met Easter and spring.

Download sheet music for the song

Ding-Dong (song for Easter)

Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!
Hear the bells, the bells!
It from all sides, ringing!
In the Church all he asks!

Go, hurry, cost hallow,
In the Church gather, the miracle't be surprised.
Christ Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen!
Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Ringing!

Download sheet music for the song Ding Dong

High Holy day has come

High Holy day has come.
Christ Is Risen, The Son Of God!
What glories from the tomb began to Shine.*
Christ the Lord is our eternal light.
Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Risen!

By early morning the Wife went
And the body in the grave was never found.
Heavenly angel the door opened.
Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Risen!

As the angels in heaven
All rejoice on earth
And everywhere is heard from heaven:
Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Risen!

*After each line is executed chorus:
Christ Is Risen, The Son Of God!

Easter gladly meet

Words Century. Kuzmenkova

1. Easter gladly meet
And sing: "Christ is risen!"
We all together say:
"He is risen indeed!"

He is risen! He is risen!
He is risen indeed!
He is risen! He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

2. Everywhere the joy and hugs.
Brother, sister: "Christ is risen!"
Hell destroyed, no curse,
He is risen indeed.

He is risen! He is risen!
He is risen indeed!
He is risen! He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Easter song

Words And. Of Ruthenia

Settled birds in nests,
The snow had melted like a candle.
Smells of sweet spirit of the air,
Golden cake.
The rain sprinkled solar
In this day saints, miracles,
And me kissing, mom
Says: "Christ is risen!"
He is risen indeed!

The myrrh-bearers

Words Century. Gorodetsky

Music FR. Igor Lepeshinskaya

1. The sun sailed from morning of the earth,
The myrrh-bearers to the tomb quietly walked
Sorrow seemed to breathe their cloud gray.
Who is at the entrance of the grave stone will move them?

2. The flavors held in trembling hands.
Comes up the sun in a slow rays.
Illuminates the sun dark, low entrance.
Stone no! The stone is rolled away. Angel waits.

3. Angel white above the tomb of God stood,
The myrrh-bearing women frightened said:
- Do not look for Jesus: for He is risen.
He is in heaven and will come down again from heaven.

4. Quiet horror, sweet thrill and delight
Bulletin of the miracle of hearts two wives brought.
Lobaset tissue idle sheets.
The sun has surfaced. In the sky the bright, eternal ring.

Miracle above all miracles

Words And. Language

Music Yu Pasternak

1. Miracle above all miracles - Christ is risen!
Death is gone, and the fear is gone, Christ is risen!
Choirs of angels from heaven glorify God on the Cross.
Christ is risen! - He is risen indeed! (2 times)

2. Among the dead no, " Christ is risen!
Shone over the world light - Christ is risen!
See, His tomb is empty, Jesus Christ is alive!
Christ is risen! - He is risen indeed! (2 times)

3. Our Lord has rescued from death - Christ is risen!
The Kingdom of God among us - Christ is risen!
Be merry and lavoslav, - now love reigns.
Christ is risen! - He is risen indeed! (2 times)

Song about Easter

(to the tune of the song "Golden wedding")

1. The holiday! The holiday! We celebrate with you
The best, most expensive,
Easter! Easter! Finally you!
We couldn Easter day not to come!

We celebrate every year,
Celebrate Easter together.
Glad resurrected soul,
And all sing this song!

2. Come to You we all of Lent,
Post for us - it's just a bridge,
In order to achieve the Easter purity,
Repentance brought you and I are.


3. And now we all celebrate
A celebration of life among evil and darkness,
Eliminate Christ and our death,
If we do not decay, and consumed!


Easter song

Words K. Fofanova

Music And. Kosmidou

1. Under chant prayers Easter
And under the bells.
We are flying spring from far,
From midday edges.
In green dress
Glory dark forest,
The sky shines like the sea
The sea is just heaven.

2. Pine in green velvet,
And olibanum
On scaly columns
Ambers flowed.
And in the garden we have today
I noticed secretly
He pojistovna Lily of the valley
With white-winged moth.

Sunday came

Sunday Came -
Mankind salvation.
Went down angels from heaven,
To sing with people: "Christ is risen!"

Birds fly across the sky,
The feast of wondrous praise.
The Cockerel on the pole got
And sings: "Christ is risen!"

Everyone in the neighborhood comes to life
All congratulate each other,
Leafs spring forest
And sings: "Christ is risen!"

Echoed to them from all sides
Bell spring ring,
The world is full of joys, wonders:
"Indeed he is risen!
He is risen indeed!"

The Resurrection Of Christ

1. See spruce and birch trees
On the side of the road
Dropped a drop of tears
The bright joy of God.

Hear the stream crystal,
That gurgling in the grass again,
Praising the song crystal
The Resurrection Of Christ!

2. See how the river trembles,
In the glow of glittering gold,
And wave rings and splashing
The Risen remembering.

Hear: there in blue spring,
Where shines the beam chaste,
Birds choir always sinless
God hymn sings happy.

3. Heart wounded by misery,
But now it's ready
Praise external nature
The Resurrection Of Christ!

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