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Easter / Baby poems for Easter

We present our poems for Easter, which will help to decorate this Christian holiday!

Poems for EasterEASTER SONG
"Who built this house?"
E. Queen

The children read alternately, sit around the globe.

Here's what a wonderful house!
Many neighbors in it.
Only who built it?
Who order it staged?

Who sowed moss, flowers?
Who the trees gave the leaves?

In river water who poured?
Who fishes settled?

For spring he sent to us the summer?
Who is, who invented it?
Who are all so arranged could?
Of course, it's God.

God it is impossible to see.
Only things you can see
Those that does for us
Each day, each hour.

Here's what and why
Grateful we are to Him.

In order not to upset,
The soul must sanctify,
Evil not to do to anyone
And to be obedient to Him.

From a country far swallows fly,
Merrily chirping, people say:
"People, Wake up! You spring is coming,
And with spring and Easter joy to you bears.
The joy that from the tomb of our Savior has risen!
The children and adults the deliverance gave!"
"He is risen from the dead!- the whole earth sings.-
And again on the earth soon He will come."
Chant, "Our Christ is risen!"
There is the salvation of the people, and there is hope!


The POEM "Easter bells"
S. Esenin

Bell dozing woke field,
Smiled the sun sleepy land.
Rushed strikes to blue heaven,
A loud voice is heard on forests.
Disappeared over the river white moon
Zvonko ran playful wave. T
the yihai valley drives away sleep,
Somewhere on the road stops ringing.


The POEM "the Bells"
Century Shamonina

Well the bell tower
To ring bells
So the holiday was Razdolnoye,
That the soul could sing.
Like angels singing,
This wondrous chime
Bright hymn of the Resurrection
Sounded from all sides.


Wake up, mountains, valleys, rivers!
Praise the Lord from the heavens!
Conquered death forever,
Wake up and you, green forest.
Snowdrop, Lily of the valley silver,
Violet, flower again
And therefore glory anthem sweet
Those Whose commandment is love!


The grass turns green, the sun shines,
Swallow with spring in the canopy flies to us.
With her beautiful sun, and spring mile,
ProSelect road with us Hello soon!


The POEM "Resurrection of Christ"
Prince N. Gorchakov

I woke up and I hear
Spring is knocking on the window!
Drops rushes from the roof,
Everywhere light a light!
And it seems - not birds,
And the Angels fly.
About that soon Easter,
They tell us.


In Russia, as the snow melts,
And in nature - silence,
The first willow comes alive,
Artless and tender.
Before Easter Sunday,
In the Church verbickas go,
After the water blessing
Sprinkle carry it.
And laudatory praise,
With the sanctuary in the hands of
Pray for the blessing
With repentance in the hearts.


Willow, willow, our Palma
You look so simple!
But we meet thee
To us of the coming of Christ.
Therefore we give
Every year, in the spring, again
White willow our tenderness,
Our affection and love.


Boys Yes girls
suchecki Yes pussy willows (palms took home.
Lights glow
passers-by are baptized, smells of spring.
Breeze intense, the rain,
the rain is small, do not blow out the fire!
In palm Sunday tomorrow
get up first I for the Holy days!

On Easter
Bell ringing.
Soul out in the open!
Blows celebration
The Coming Of Easter.
Open the altar
The end of the week -
The Heavenly King
With us the joy divides.
In the temple to pray
And go, utexas.
Gush in my breast,
The freshness of the morning.
Young ledcom
Delayed puddles.
Soul - easy
From Easter service!
Alexey Korovin


I know for sure - He is risen!
And I know firsthand.
I read in one wonderful book,
In which there are many miracles.
But this miracle, you say,
Under the power of God alone.
Because only God Jesus Christ
He suffered for us and death suffered.
But showing love to the doctrine,
Christ is risen! And Sunday
This is the miracle of miracles.
I know, He is risen!
Tionin Sergey


Listen, all the people
The story of one
On Sunday God.
Praise him forever!
Because He rose from the dead
And with us It always.
Will not be crucified
He never again.
Rose great is our God
From the grave He arose,
The hope of the resurrection
Us all He has given.

Tionin Sergey


Christ Is Risen! Again the Holy
It Was Easter. And Golden
The head of the capital began to Shine,
And the soul is dearer became:
Today the sun shining brighter
The stronger the wind is beating through the window
And the Creek is rushing to the heavens:
Christ is Risen indeed!
Jeanne Kosinova


The earth and the sun,
Field and forest
All glory to God:
Christ is risen!

Smiling blue
Live heaven
All the same joy:
Christ is risen!

The hostility was gone,
And the fear is gone.
No more anger -
Christ is risen!

How marvelous sounds
Holy words,
Where heard:
Christ is risen!

The earth and the sun,
Field and forest
All glory to God:
Christ is risen!


The fields are black and flat,
Again I am God and no one's!
Tomorrow is Easter, the smell of wax,
The smell of warm cakes.

Before my life was flowing so
Light change the exact days,
And now one residue
Once more happily.

After all, winter, spring and summer,
Easter, lent and Christmas,
If you can get into it,
In the small drop - Deity.

Albeit small, even silly,
May we will proud
But in the throat of mushroom soup
The joy of the same series.

I remember sweet heart,
That oblivion does not dishonor.
Sweeter to us by post sad
Sweet poison spring dawns.

Will be anxious and watchful
Run pairs in the dew
And red, red hill
Will be married like everyone else.

Cakes for birthday,
Children of the sun... to live peacefully,
To Board domovini
Body cute fold.

In this life God's caress
If embroidery is visible,
And now you, Easter, Easter,
We austalasia one.

I will not forget,
As you're not mudri.
Heart warm chills -
Warm up the ringers.

And sing, bright, not strict:
Dili-BOM, Dili-BOM BOM!
You are confused on the road,
So come back darling house.
M. Kuzmin


This morning I got up early,
To Church with my grandmother came.
Because the feast in the Church,
And me too well.
Pastor all in a hurry to congratulate,
Brothers songs to sing I want.
All rejoice and Shine,
And me too well.
That was all clear,
Why are gathered here,
So let's say in rhyme:
Tionin Sergey


In the morning at dawn.

In the morning at dawn
Jesus is risen,
Praise, children,
The Lord of heavens!
There is no Christ in the tomb,
Broken seal,
And chirping birds,-
How can we be silent?!
The conqueror of death
The joy they brought us.
Praise God, children,
Alive Jesus Christ!


I love this day of the spring
April a wonderful day.
Christ Jesus the resurrection
I keep the feast, not laziness.
He, destroying all obstacles,
Rose for me!
Jesus will be eternally glad I
And my whole family.

Tionin Sergey



The pre-dawn haze,
The sun will rise now,
And in the cold Dewdrop
Reflected the sky.

Blood from sorrow run cold,
The weight of who will facilitate?
Heart Of The Son Of God
The third day is not knocking.

The world is shrouded in sadness
From extinct Dawn.
A heavy stone printing
The entrance to the Messiah was closed.

Suddenly a radiant glow
The illumined tomb and garden,
And up-and-amethyst
The leaves dew.

And Savior weasel
Again encompasses the entire world...
No poetry paints
To describe this moment.

May the words of angular
And embarrassed standing,
But the story of the Crucified,
As in the soul will conceal?


Through hills and valleys,
Remembering the will of heaven,
Hurry with Magdalene
To proclaim: "He is risen!"
What a joyful miracle
Ushers me my brother.
Can I gift will buy?
Maybe something will be awarded?
This miracle is not easy,
It is impossible to perceive.
But, about this miracle can
In our Church to tell.
Early in the morning at dawn
Jesus Christ Is Risen!
Praise, adults and children
Praise the angels from heaven!
Praise, all the fields and mountains,
Oceans and seas!
All today glorify
The resurrection of the king!

Tionin Sergey


It was a miracle of miracles, prophecy from heaven-
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!
And the bells brings glad tidings:
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!
The people rejoice and sing, and hear to the heavens:
"Christ is risen, Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!"
Polina Dovzhenko


"Happy holidays!" - heard in the singing bird,
And in the vastness of the universe rushing
Hymns saved about God's greatness,
Hymns of glorious victory of Jesus!

Bright angels in the garden flew
In the spring morning with news of Easter:
"Alive!" and in the congregation of the Holy in Galilee
No place for funeral speeches.

"Peace be with you!" Christ says, as in the past,
Faith in the hearts and love arguing,
The encounter with the living Jesus possible,
Easter at the meeting with Christ invites.

The cross and the betrayal of all that was
He is the resurrection went through Calvary,
To triumphantly risen from the grave,
The tree of life to show us the way!



Fields, hills, gardens and forest
All around oglasilo
Beautiful song of jubilation.
He made the excuse
All sinners, no more tears:
From the tomb in the morning got up Christ!
He conquered all the forces of corruption
His miraculous resurrection
Let the human race will rise up whole:
Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!
Christ Is Risen Indeed!

Lugovskaya NN.


Morning, Easter morning, wonderful,
The victorious morning, Sunday morning.
Now our Savior rose from the grave
Sing this song to you again and again
And tell her all of you today
How great is the mercy of the Lord!

Lugovskaya NN.



An angel appeared in the morning wives:
"Jesus no, some veil
Remained here, He has risen!" -
So the angel said happily.
Raised from the dead, He is forever.
Death is not terrible for a person.
He won Them the ashes.
He sky gave us all instead.
And the Angels singing from heaven;
Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!

Lugovskaya NN.



The sun has come up
In the fields beyond the river.
The morning
Already blue.
Birds chirp,
In a rapture
Praise Christ
Its Sunday!
Children, you also
Praise Jesus.
That morning He broke
Mortal ties!

Lugovskaya NN.



Circle dark
The accumulation of clouds.
In my window broke the beam.
And I sing:
Christ is risen.
In the Holy Paradise
A place for me there.
I was alive in Him,
He is my Shepherd.
I am a bright day
Go home.



Easter gladly meet
And sing: "Christ is risen!"
We all together say:
"He is in truth he is risen!"
A succession of years pass
Under emerald heaven.
And sing everywhere people:
"He is risen indeed!"
Everywhere the joy and oblata:
"Brother, sister, Christ is risen!
Hell destroyed, no curse:
He is risen indeed!"




Us through the Gospel
Close the era far:
Maria together we hear
The Easter greeting.

Was time for weeping,
It is time singing
- Pledge of justification
Us is the Resurrection!

Life without Christ - confusion
On a noisy rozdorizhakh.
Easter day - confidence
In the promises of God.

Outside of God there is no salvation,
Only darkness and everlasting punishment.
Resurrection of Christ
The hope of humanity!

Shining in the clouds and a rainbow...
So, even in times of disaster,
Us and invigorates and delights
Easter greeting!



Easter day - the revelation of Jesus Living
Not only Mary in the garden among olive
- All hungry for the truth and seeking God,
Living at different latitudes of the earth.

Easter day brings wonderful news.
In his Easter address - joy cry.
The Savior has risen! And gives the opportunity
For mortals to achieve immortality.

And if we even grieving about the loss,
Goodbye, standing at the grave fences,
Then Easter, as the word of the Savior to Martha,
Gives hope: "I will Raise up your brother!"

Rejecting, as filth, Vice, leaven,
Opening for Easter tunes mouth
We will solemnly celebrate
Easter, Showing unto the world of the Living Christ!



Everything is in bloom, lives, smells,
Grass roots break the sidewalk,
Buds on the trees swell,
Over fields of winds light steam.

About spring a little light broadcast birds,
About spring is singing in the stream water...
And again I am reminded of the tomb,
That empty forever.

I remembered I rolled away the stone,
Angel bright with flaming face
And the words "he is Risen He is!", what centuries
Had a relationship with a loving Father.

He is risen! Christ lives today!
The death of Christ forever vanquished!
The power of the resurrection of the Lord
Believers anyone ever given.

About spring the birds sang.
About spring sings my soul.
Revived again land in April,
Alive with Christ forever I am.


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