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Easter / Easter in the world as they celebrate the holiday in different countries

Easter in the worldEaster in different countries combines universal love and joy. Each country has its own historical traditions. After reading this article you will learn how to celebrate Easter in Australia, Austria, England, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, the USA and some other countries of the world.

Easter is one of the main and favorite holidays of the Christians: it is a symbol of the victory of life over death, light over darkness. Of particular importance this holiday gives spring, a time when nature wakes up from spnego sleep, appears first green, and first flowers.

Each family, regardless of the country in which she lives, trying to decorate their homes - homes appear bouquets of spring flowers, ribbons, colorful garlands, figurines that symbolize the holiday.

Children in different countries celebrate Easter with a special fun and joy that can only be compared to Christmas. They come up with different games and activities for themselves in these spring holidays.

Easter in Australia

To celebrate Easter in Australia taken with the Easter eggs made of chocolate or sugar - very Krupnyj and smaller. Still here Easter eggs like to do in the shape of a rabbit or rare native animal of the Australian continent - bilby. This animal may soon become an Easter symbol of Australia. Scientists thus hoping to prevent the extinction of this species, attracting public attention to a serious environmental problem. Traditionally Easter menu Australians consists of roast lamb, beef or chicken with grilled vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, beans, peas or broccoli. For dessert, serve a traditional sweet Australian Easter dish - "Pavlova", this cake meringue, decorated with fruit, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and tangerines. A very popular sweet muffins that Australians eat for Breakfast on Easter morning before Church. Easter in Australia is a time when many families go to the nature, because at this time there summer ends and autumn begins.

Easter in Austria

In Austria preceding Easter palm Sunday is especially important for children. They have the Church decorated with ribbons with pretzels and apples structure of palm fronds.

Easter in England

In the UK Easter is considered the "Queen of festivals". On Good Friday the Church bells fall silent and start again the chime only on Easter Sunday. Children play in the "Egg-shackling": raw eggs to spell the child's name, and then throw eggs in the sieve. Winner is the child whose egg longest will not be broken. In this country the holiday is very loved by the fashion - after all, Easter is customary to dress up, and sure to wear at least one new thing.

Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. On Easter Sunday, at dawn, in the churches held services and concerts of organ music.

On Easter day to give children on the streets of candy and toys. For Sunday lunch, the whole family. Often baked lamb with lots of vegetables, cooked Easter cake. The buffet is usually decorated with chocolate nests for eggs, chocolate eggs and rabbits from the test. Sunday morning tea is served with cross buns. Friends and relatives give chocolate eggs, in which the hidden sweets.

In the UK at Easter is not only used chicken eggs, as in all other countries, but goose and even ostrich. Night a carnival with a huge number of brightly-dressed participants. Lots of fun and dancing lasted until dawn.

In England a Great Thursday called Thursday alms. In this day alms giving monarch. A gold coin as a gift get as many people as years August personage. This tradition about five hundred years, although in the past handing out clothes. In an odd-numbered year, the ceremony is held in Westminster Abbey, even in one of the cathedrals of the country.

On Holy Friday in memory of the Passion of Christ, eat specially baked bread with a cross on it.

The modern tradition of celebrating Easter in England very fun, bright, colorful and joyful. The children eagerly await the resurrection, when they will Wake up and see what the Easter Bunny left for them baskets with sweets and hid eggs, which they were painted last week. Children around the house looking for eggs.

In the morning on Easter guys rolls eggs from the mountain. This is an old game. The hill down hard-boiled eggs, and the winner is the one whose egg sunk to the bottom of the hill first. The British brought this tradition to America.

Easter in Belgium

On Easter for young Belgians organize competitions to find the eggs. Of course, with their baskets children run not in the shops and not in the coop. Parents in advance hide eggs in the garden near the house. Who has more "harvest" - and he won.

Easter in Bermuda (Caribbean)

The symbol of Easter in Bermuda is Lily. She was a symbol of purity in the era of early Christianity. In 1900, white lilies, known as "Easter Lilies" were brought to the USA from Bermuda, and quickly became popular in the Easter decorations.

Easter in Bulgaria

According to Bulgarian tradition at Easter many colored eggs spread around a large Easter bread. As in Russia, Bulgarians "clink" Easter eggs up until one of them there is a crack, and wish each other luck. The luckiest is he who has the longest Easter egg will remain intact.

Easter in Germany

Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Germany - the official weekend. On Easter morning the head of the family hides in the house of Easter gifts, which brought the Easter Bunny. Often the gifts are hidden in baskets and covered with grass, and all family members are to look for them. This is a very interesting and fun tradition. After that, the whole family sits down for a celebratory Breakfast.

The main dish at the Easter table is baked fish, and for dessert, served with biscuits of various shapes. On the table in the Passover must be present a bouquet of daffodils, as in Germany, these flowers are called Easter bells and they are one of the main symbols of Easter.

After lunch in Germany decided to go visiting each other, congratulating everyone on the holiday. Guests are taken to treat with tea and chocolate biscuits. There is a saying that people who have met you that day on the way, will remain your loyal friends for life. To argue, on the contrary, anyone's impossible not to buy eternal enemy.

The breeding of a large fire, which symbolizes the arrival of the warm and long-awaited spring and skiing the slopes of Easter eggs - basic fun Easter fun, appealing both to children and adults. In the land of make two grooves, and egg roll towards each other. Who turns out to be a very good egg, he is the winner in this game. Youth goes home with songs and greetings that gets sweets.

Easter in Iceland

In Iceland, Easter is celebrated a lot of fun. The main Easter gift, of course, is the egg, hand painted special brushes and paints or paint the onion skins and arrange on the head with a toy chicken that serves as a symbol of the new, bright life. All the friends we give out cards or postcards with wishes and wise sayings that are designed to help further this man. The main dish for Easter is the lamb, baked with vegetables and rice. For dessert, served two-tone cookies.

Easter in Italy

Temperamental Italians are extremely sensitive to the purity of their own homes and Easter is an occasion for great cleaning. On Easter Sunday the main square of Rome, thousands of people gather to hear the greetings of the Pope. For centuries in Italy at Easter was made to eat the lamb with fried artichokes, salad peppers, olives and tomatoes and savory pie with eggs and cheese. Mandatory attributes of Easter is Colomba, something like the Russian Easter, but with a bright lemon flavor. Often it is covered with almonds and almond glaze. The day after Easter, the Italians decided to go on picnics with neighbors and family friends.

Easter in the worldEaster in Poland

In Poland, Easter Sunday on the table there are cold meats and sausages, among them the famous white sausage made of pork, seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, garlic and marjoram. It is usually served with a horseradish with beets. This dish is called "Civile". Festive feast, of course, not without homemade cakes and sweets. On Easter Saturday was arranged funeral vegetable soup - "Jura, and herring, which was also the main component of vegetable food, and hung them on the tree. The clergy in the churches sprinkled with Holy water pies, eggs, horseradish, sausage, ham, salt, pepper, fire and water, which are then used for different kinds of actions.

To a very ancient tradition of celebrating Easter is the so-called "smigus-dyngus" - comic tradition of pouring water on each other during holiday Monday is the second day of the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord. It originates in two different ways. Dinguses was called donations (eggs, sausage and other products)that the hostess gave the children who went home in order to escape from worries and ensure home safety. Seguam also called the light hit ("happiness") palm twig with buds on palm Sunday. Smigus-dyngus has survived as a custom splash each other with water. On this day, girls weave wreaths of flowers and herbs that go with them from house to house and sing a song. In Polish tradition until recently it was the custom of celebrating the fifth day after Easter - Spring grandfathers". On this day people visit the cemetery, where he arranged a meal on the graves of their loved ones, symbolically sharing with them the remnants of the great feasts and festive food.

Easter Sunday morning at a beautifully laid table appear different sausages and dishes of cold meat, pies, "Baba", pies, fruit, poppy strudel, and in the middle, baked from flour or made of melted sugar lamb in memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And only on this day, you may receive the special bread - Easter. It is made from rye flour, partially on the yeast and yeast, while adhering to a specific ritual. On top of it smeared with lard and decorated with a cross of dough. The week before palm Sunday, the hostess was not baked bread from fear to bake them all year round bread is not Plesneva. For the cakes, they were taken only in Holy week. "Easter" should be ready by Saturday. In addition to cross from the test, they were decorated, sample wedding cake, flowers, birds... on Easter Saturday "Easter" was carried along with "Easter eggs" - colored eggs, meat and horseradish in the Church for the consecration. Sunday every household and Pets (except cats) had a piece of consecrated bread. Anointed hell, he had to protect from diseases of the throat, same animals from various diseases and ailments.

On the second day of Passover taken to spraying with water. The very same Easter usually meet in the parental home.

Easter in Slovenia

The main "hero" Easter is a chick, so he accompanies all Easter gifts. Various colored cards with chicken, stuffed chicken, souvenir candles in the form of chicken, and detaching love chocolate Chicks.

Easter in USA

On Easter Sunday American family attend Church. The service is accompanied by the collective singing. Traditional American Easter dinner includes ham with pineapple, potatoes, fruit salad and vegetables. Children receive a basket from the Easter Bunny", which is still early in the morning, fill them with colored Easter eggs and lots of chocolate and sweets. In America a very popular Easter game: skating eggs on a sloping lawn. Children compete to see who continue without stopping will be able to roll his egg. The biggest competition happens on Easter Sunday on the lawn near the White House in Washington. Hundreds of children come with their Easter baskets filled with brightly colored eggs, and roll them down the lawn near the presidential Palace.

Easter in the Philippines

Every good Friday, the adherents of the Roman Catholic Church in the village of San Pedro Cutud in the Philippines, conduct the ritual crucifixion of Jesus Christ, beating participants to wooden crosses. Also many who want to atone for their sins under the rods. The official Catholic Church condemns the crucifixion and flagellation, but the ritual has become a landmark of the Philippines and attracts large number of tourists. Also is a colorful event: huge paper flower petals, which mechanically opens a giant toy birds. When Easter morning ringing Church bells, parents highly raise young children over the head. They hope it will bring happiness to kids.

Easter in Finland

In Finland, on palm Sunday residents beat lightly friends of birch twigs. This should bring happiness and reminds me of palm branches, with whom Jesus met two thousand years ago in Jerusalem.

Easter in France

In France, as in Russia, Easter is a family holiday. Settles family feast with traditional prayers and gifts. The main meal is fried chicken. For dessert, usually served cake with chocolate filling.

In the Passover all the French we always go to Church. On Sunday morning the parents hide in nurseries chocolate eggs, and the children have to find them. This is a very long and lively tradition, passed from generation to generation.

In France, on Monday, the wife can beat men, and those responding to them on Tuesday.

Home of the French decorated with red ribbons and colorful garlands. The main symbol of Easter is the bell. In this day its bells can be heard everywhere, it symbolizes the continuation of life and fun.

Favorite Easter fun is French picnics. Family and friends gather in the gardens near the house and prepare a variety of omelets. This is the day to give each other red eggs, which then organize a variety of games. On the second day of Easter kids looking for Easter eggs and sweets. From good Friday until the second day of Easter, the Church bells are silent as a sign of mourning for the crucified Jesus.

Easter in the Czech Republic

Easter in the Czech Republic girls, as in Poland, run the risk of being beaten down by the willow twigs. Of course, it's only a game, and whip will be purely symbolic. It is believed that young girls after this procedure bloom and extremely prettier.

While women paint eggs, men have completely different concerns. They are searching rods for lashes. The whip is decorated with multicolored ribbons. On Easter Monday men singing carols. These traditions breaking of the houses are observed, especially in villages, where people knows each other well. In big cities caroling guys, courting house girls. These lashes guys beat the girls, so they were even more beautiful, and as a reward get them painted eggs.

Easter in Sweden

The Swedes decorate for Easter their home Easter flowers - yellow, green and white, and in homes everywhere set yellow chick framed colored fancy feathers. This is because in the celebration of Easter they also celebrated the arrival of spring.

Easter eggs Swedes made of cardboard, and inside each egg put on a big beautiful candy. Meals at the Easter table is almost the same as for Christmas, but more candy and various sweets.

In Sweden it is believed that the Easter holiday is out on the streets exorcised, so the main tradition of the Swedes is the fire is designed to scare away all evil spirits. Arranged even competition, whose fire is bigger and brighter. Children in holiday dress up in costumes of witches and wizards and go home, demanding sweets.

In Sweden, Easter is not such a big holiday like Christmas, but in schools it begin to celebrate another week before. Children and teachers remember and talk about the fact that Jesus died and then rose from the dead. The Swedes decorate for Easter their home Easter flowers yellow, green and white. In their homes the inhabitants of Sweden set yellow chick framed colored fancy feathers. The Swedes eat at Easter is almost the same food that they prefer for Christmas, but this time much more give attention to candy and other sweets. Easter eggs are made from cardboard, and inside each egg put on a big beautiful candy.


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