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"New Passage", Tyumen, street Soviet, 54

Supermarket "New Passage"

1st floor shopping center "New Passage", phone 49-41-88

For the little ones

The first years of life are the most important and difficult not only for baby, but also for young parents. Surrounding the child with love and affection, it is important not to forget about the proper care of a newborn. In the supermarket "New Passage" presents the clothing brand "Our mother". Mark "Our mother" was created taking into account all the peculiarities of life kids and needs that emerge daily from parents in the process of caring for a baby.

The heat exchange system in a young child is not functioning fully, the skin is very sensitive to adverse environmental conditions and requires additional protection. It is therefore very important to provide him the proper care of the skin, and the right choice of clothes, which could give maximum comfort.

For the production of children's clothing uses high-quality Jersey cotton, grown in environmentally friendly conditions. The soft surface of the knitted fabric does not irritate even the most delicate and sensitive skin, it is well ventilated and does not cause diaper rash. Special cut service allows you to easily change out the child, does not limit or restrict his movements. Were also taken into account such important factors as aesthetics, practicality and relatively low cost.

Clothing made of Jersey Italian production, which is not deformed and can withstand up to 200 washes at high temperature. When fabrics are used only high-quality German paint, thanks to which ready-to-wear does not fade. Many models are combined with each other, so it will not be difficult to find a set to suit any taste.

The toy Department In the toy Department of a supermarket, "New Passage" you can buy the best collection of educational kits for children's art: stained glass paints for painting stained glass and the manufacture of removable reusable decal sets for a chocolate sets to show tricks and much more. What could be better for a kid than an opportunity to create his own hands, when a child develops fine motor skills, imagination and creative thinking? Mass for modeling and ball clay have unusual properties : they do not stick to the hands, easy to mix, creating a huge number of colors and shades, and finished products turn out light and elastic. Kits for painting on ceramics and canvas will help young artists to feel the real masters. Set "Moidodyr" will give the opportunity to produce soap will be wrapped in the mystery, in addition, that's where the kids will be overwhelmed with a sense of joy and enthusiasm! The children's art kits will help to unlock the immense potential hidden in every child, giving the creative process of the little master as a lot of bright emotions and impressions!

In addition, you will find a large selection of toys for every taste for children from birth: a soft glowing toy Luminy (Luminue) baby easy to fall asleep, it's nice to Wake up and fun to play! A series of glowing toys to Luminy made from soft material that glows in the dark and works without batteries due to the photoluminescent plush fabric. Fabric absolute harmless, recharged in just a few seconds from the light bulb, the sun, or the light dims gradually, until the baby falls asleep.

A variety of soft toys, designers, dolls, clothes and accessories for dolls will impress both kids and parents!

Boutique baby clothes Orchestra

the 2nd floor of the shopping center "New Passage", phone 25-11-29

Orchestra - known and loved by many clothes for children from birth to 14 years. Bright, comfortable, high-quality, beautiful, umileasca - the advantages of this brand can be listed for a long time, but nobody knows about it as much as the kids themselves. In clothes Orchestra wants as long as possible to remain a child.



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