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Cookbook nursing moms / Food from the liver

Boiled liver in sour cream sauce

Liver baked in foil

Liver stewed with potatoes

Liver with vegetables

Pancakes from the liver and eggs

Fried liver with fruit

Sautéed liver with rice

Boiled liver in sour cream sauce Need: 500 g of beef liver, 1/2 onions, a few slices of carrot, parsley, salt, pepper, 1-1,5 l of water. Sauce: 1 tbsp. margarine, 1 tbsp. flour, broth 4 tbsp sour cream, 2 pickled cucumber, dill. The method of preparation. Boil seasoning with spices for a few minutes, then put in the same utensils in one piece the liver and cook over low heat until soft. Remove the liver and cut into slices. Of broth to cook smetan hydrated sauce. Cucumbers cut into cubes, put into the sauce, add the liver slices and simmer for 10-15 minutes Serve with boiled potatoes, potato or vegetable puree, salad of raw vegetables.


Liver baked in foil Need: 400 g of liver, milk, salt. The method of preparation. Veal and sheep liver can be baked immediately, beef and pork liver, it is recommended for 1 h soak in milk. The liver, purified from the film, cut slices with thickness of 1 cm Slices rubbed with salt and wrap each slice individually in foil. Wrap carefully so eye-catching when baking juice flowed. Pieces of liver bake in the preheated oven for 8-10 minutes Baked liver to pass on to a plate, pour the juice from the foil. Serve immediately on the table. Garnish with fried onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, baked apples and other products.


Liver stewed with potatoes Need: 500 g of liver, 2 onions, 2 tbsp butter, salt, potatoes, 2.5 cups of broth or water, red pepper, parsley. The method of preparation. Cut liver slices and brown with onion rings. Pozo pouring. Liver and thick slices of potatoes put in a roaster layers. Pour food broth or water. Simmer, covered, until cooked. Season with chopped parsley. Serve in the same container. This dish is recommended salad with carrots and cranberries.


Liver with vegetables Required: 400-500 g liver, 100 g fat, 4-5 pieces of carrots, 1 small turnip, 1 onion, a few slices of celery, 3-4 tomatoes or a few pickles, 2 tbsp. flour, 100 g sour cream. The method of preparation. Purified liver cut into large cubes or cubes and brown in hot fat in the roaster. -Salt. There sauté the onion and warm flour. Put the diced vegetables and pour hot water to the vegetables were shipped in 3/4. Sprinkle with salt and simmer, covered. At the end of the extinguishing add tomatoes, pickles and sour cream. For garnish you can file a boiled potato.


Pancakes from the liver and eggs Required: 200 g liver, 100 g stale white bread, 1 small onion, 4 eggs, salt 5 tbsp. l.. flour 100 g butter or fat, lingonberry or cranberry jam. The method of preparation. Liver, soaked white bread and onion mince, add eggs, seasonings and flour. Cook like normal pancakes. B side dish of vegetables and cranberry jam.


Fried liver with fruit Need: 500 g of liver, 2 tbsp. flour, salt, 50 g fat, 3 onions, 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 tbsp. margarine, 3 tbsp cream, parsley. The method of preparation. Peeled from the film and lived the liver cut into slices, roll in flour and fry in hot fat on both sides until a light brown crust, then add salt. B hot margarine to put chopped onion, slices of Apple and orange, to enter the cream. The liver slices out onto a plate, on each piece put stewed fruit. Sprinkle with chopped herbs (dill, parsley). Garnish suitable mashed potatoes and a salad of raw vegetables.


Sautéed liver with rice You need: 1/2 Cup rice, 1/2 Cup water, 1 Cup milk, 400 g of liver, 1 small onion, 3 tbsp. of fat, salt, ginger and marjoram, 2 eggs. The method of preparation. Cook crisp rice porridge with milk and water. Liver and onions through a meat grinder, mix with the rice, add the egg, season and bake in a greased form at a temperature of 175 °C for 1 h Served on the table with sweet and sour salad of raw vegetables. Instead of sauce used heated butter.


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