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LEISURE / Photoshoot child: the idea of a photo shoot children
We offer to your attention original ideas photo shoots children. After reviewing the material submitted, you will be able to improve a photo shoot baby!
We invite photographers. Send your work to the email address tvoyrebenok[sobaka] with the theme "Ideas baby photo shoots"

To view photos click on it.

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The photograph accompanies all our lives, and cameras have become so affordable that they now have in many families. We strive to keep every important moment in our lives: marriage, birth of a child, his first step, smile... Family albums will give you pleasant memories of winter evenings. Looking at old pictures, you remember, like a holiday, a trip to the print shop.

Now becoming more popular photo session: thematic or family, about or without him. Thanks to the photo shoot you will receive a large number of quality photos taken by a professional photographer, different emotions, different costumes, different mood.

For the first time in preparation for a photo shoot with a baby, you receive a lot of questions.

What better time to schedule a photo shoot?
Time to choose, focusing solely on your child. So he slept and was in a good mood, not to hurt, and was cheerful.

How much time is needed for a photo shoot?
Work with a small child no more than 1 hour - he starts to get tired. If the child is more than 3 years, targeting on his character and temperament.

What clothes should I choose?
If you want a photo shoot of the whole family, it will be interesting to look clothes in one color.

The special issue will be the choice of photo shoot ideas. Let's consider some ways, perhaps they will lead you to the right idea.

  1. Balloons is a symbol of childhood and carefree joy. Prepare a bundle of balloons filled with helium. Color and quantity will depend on the age of the child, his suit, from the mood you want to convey. It will be a big bunch of colorful balloons or 10 - 15 one or two colors in the costume - you decide.
  2. Soap bubbles. Great will look pictures of the baby that is learning to walk, lopa, iridescent bubbles.
  3. Photo shoot outdoors. Bright summer sun, warm spring day, rainy or Golden autumn, winter fun - nature is so diverse that every day brings new opportunities for pictures. Pictures by the river or in the sandbox, on the green grass or yellow leaves, under an umbrella in the rain or in my grandmother's mittens in an embrace with the snowman...
  4. The attributes of the holiday. If you are planning a photo session on the eve of the birthday, funny caps, pipes and colored streamers will be just in time.
  5. Carnival costume. The new year brings a lot of positive emotions, why not get the suit from the top shelf for a photo shoot. Your child will be happy to pose for the photographer in the guise of a loved hero of the fairy or the little Prince, a beautiful lady in lush dress or pirate, little red riding hood with a basket of cakes or brave musketeer sword...
  6. Favorite hobby. Reflect favourite hobby family or child photo session. Skiing or tennis, embroidery or design models, drawing, dancing, - all that you can do well. Imagine what the images can fill your photo album, if you take out easel on the nature and colors to convey the mood.
  7. Interesting attributes. A minor detail in the pictures can convey the character of your child, notably to decorate a way to add accent to the frame. But this attribute can be anything - fruit (Apple, orange, lemon), Mama's beads, my laptop, a bouquet of flowers, candles, favorite toy.
  8. Bodyart, lighted Aqua make-up. Children from 3 years. The modern trend in the decoration of the body will help to cheer up your baby: spider-man, little witch, Batman, fairy colors - whatever your imagination wants

Think, do! Successful photo shoot! For help in preparation of materials, administration of the website "All children" thanks photographers: Anton Ovchinnikov, Alice Tan

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