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NUTRITION / food Pyramid

Pyramid healthy nutrition

The food pyramid or food pyramid is a schematic illustration of the principles of a healthy diet designed by nutritionists. Products make up the base of the pyramid should be eaten as often as possible, at the same time, as being at the top of the pyramid products should be avoided or consumed in limited quantities.

The first food pyramid was published by the Ministry of agriculture of the USA in 1992, then it was recycled several times with in light of new knowledge nutritionists. Russia has not yet developed its own food pyramid, however, specialists of the research Institute of nutrition approve American project MyPyramid taking into account national peculiarities

In the base of the pyramid is the bread, cereal, rice and pasta. This made from cereal food forms the base of the pyramid. Most of the dishes every day you need to prepare from these products.

INTERESTING! It is considered that starchy foods gain weight. However, the danger is not in them, but normal for these dishes supplements which contain large amounts of fat - butter on the sandwich, sauce for pasta. Try to eliminate from your diet food that contains a lot of butter and sugar, and hence a large surplus of carbohydrates - bread rolls, croissants, bars with muesli. Prefer bread with bran - it is rich in natural plant fibers.

The next stage is fruits and vegetables, plant foods. They are important not only vitamins and minerals, and vegetable fibers - fiber.

Meat and dairy products. At this level of the pyramid most animal products - meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and the nuts. Meat, poultry and fish are rich in proteins, vitamin b, iron and zinc. Dry beans, eggs and nuts contain proteins together with other with vitamins and minerals. Dairy products - milk, yogurt and cheese provide the body with protein, calcium builds bones, and other nutrient. As a rule, products of animal origin fatter than vegetable products, but exclude all meat and dairy products from the diet is not worth it. You can enable the menu low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry without skin. They give the same amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as their higher fat counterparts.

On the top of the pyramid is fats, oils and sweets, all kinds of creams, butter, margarine, sugar, drinks, sweets and the desserts. If you want to have a healthy weight, eat them moderately.

Some of the principles of a healthy diet that you can follow

  • In order to gather necessary for your body of calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber (cellulose),
  • look for variety in the diet, healthy foods.
  • Uravnoveshivaya write eaten physical activity that will help you always maintain the desired weight.
  • Choose food with low fat and cholesterol.
  • Give the choice of food with a large number of vegetables, fruits and cereals (you will be satisfied and healthy).
  • Eat less sugar, salt and alcoholate possible, eat mostly fish and white meat, but less red meat.
The food pyramid

Pyramid power - illustrative range of products on any given day. This does not mean that you impose on the hard list. Food the pyramid allows you to elect from a huge diversity of products those that are in view of a healthy and balanced diet, appropriate .


The main complaint nutritionists have to the top of the pyramid is the high calorie content with very low content of other nutrients substances. This so-called "empty" calories. A small portion of the products of this group are necessary and indispensable for human (vegetable oil). Most of them can be excluded from the menu without any negative health effects. Fats, sweets and alcohol should be within the dose 100-300 calories per day.

  • Choose lean cuts of meat and trim visible fat before cooking. Remove skin from poultry before or after gotovyat meat fillet
  • a pan with a grate, to let fat drip into the pan.
  • Cool soups and stews during the night, to make it easier to remove and discard the hardened fat.
  • When cooking, try to eat less fat.
  • For use frying pans with non-stick coating, or cook the product in a small amount of broth or water. Pour
  • vegetable oil in the pan, it's easy to pour. Use a paintbrush to cover the pan with a thin layer of oil.
  • Try to use skim milk, low-fat sour cream, cheese and yogurt. In them the same amount of calcium and protein, as in fatty products, but
  • less fat.
  • Use fresh herbs and hot spices to add taste to the dish, cooked without fat.


  • Use plain yogurt in the sauce instead of sour cream.
  • Replace the bacon, lean ham, and for each 30 grams, you will save 115 calories.
  • Replace ground beef, chicken or Turkey breast. If bird or chicken meat with skin, the fat in them is the same as the
  • minced beef.
  • Replace the meat in the stew to finish legumes, such as beans and lentils.
  • Replace cream in soups or sauces on the evaporated skim milk.
  • To reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol, use 1 whole egg 2 egg whites.
  • In pastry recipes sour cream can be substituted for buttermilk or yogurt.

Proverbs about food

  1. Without salt is tasteless, and without bread nesite.
  2. Without dinner cushion in the heads spinning.
  3. Without bread not work without wine not to dance.
  4. Most syt belly hurts.
  5. Plug that milk yield and spoon that net.
  6. Hunger is not the aunt (not the mother-in-law, not Kuma), Patty can't give it.
  7. Buckwheat porridge - our mother, and the rye bread is the father of our own.
  8. Will give the loaf, will give and businessman.
  9. What is bread, so is the case.
  10. Onions seven cures ailments.
  11. Butter eat to your health.
  12. So the sun spruce (up in the tree), and we still didn't eat.
  13. Bread the priest, the water mother.
  14. The bread is good everywhere, and the us and overseas.


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The food pyramid Pyramid power

The food pyramid or food pyramid is a schematic illustration of the principles of a healthy diet designed by nutritionists. The products that make up the base of the pyramid should be eaten as often as possible, at the same time, as being at the top of the pyramid products should be avoided or consumed in limited quantities.

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