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Kindergarten / Gift-graduation in kindergarten

How to make a gift to the prom in kindergarten? Topical issue for many parents. And trebovaniya everyone has different budgets. The gift should remind the child in kindergarten, should be useful to the child, should come in handy at school... the List goes on. Let's divide the possible gifts into several categories:

1. Cognitive gifts will Take not only a lot of fun for the child, but also help to acquire new knowledge. Such gifts can be: globe, microscope, wall map (with additional information about the cities, with photos or with animals)

2. Books: this is a classic gift. The book never hurts, every book interesting, it is always possible to pick a character, graduate, under his hobby. Such books can be: an encyclopedia (boys about technology, dinosaurs, girls - the history of fashion, hairstyles, needlework, universal encyclopedia in anatomy or fauna), as well as children's works of Russian classics, collections of fairy tales. The book should be suitable for independent readings (obligatory pictures and large font)

3. School supplies: the gift is a symbol of a new stage. An example of such a gift can be set pervoklasnika, a set of stationery (now there is a very interesting baby kits), filled canisters. Do not forget to inquire the formulations, different schools, they can be different.

4. Baby gifts: future pervoklassnik is still a child and he would surely be happy to receive a gift of a toy or any object. reminiscent of the carefree time: toy, scooter, roller skates, table games.

5. Sports gifts: caring for the health of preschoolers you can also consider sports gifts. Visit the Pro shop and you consider the many options: fit-balls, kits for the pool...

6. Adult gifts: children always appreciate relationships "on equal terms". Consider gifts that can be useful maturing the first form: wrist watch, umbrella, alarm clocks (e.g., flying), boy's ties.

7. Gifts for a hobby: it is always interesting to learn new Hobbies: creative kits, stained glass paints, embroidery kits for girls, kits for collection of models (ships, military equipment) - for a boy.

8. Gifts, reminiscent of kindergarten. Photo albums - gift banal and surely have each of the groups. Interesting gift will be the t-shirt with band photo or baseball cap (graduate 2010).

Expensive, troublesome, but interesting gift can become a video about life in kindergarten.

1. it is necessary to consider the scenario;

2. to invite the operator (it will take one day to reflect all aspects of life in the kindergarten)

3. wait for the movie (not less than 2 weeks)

4. to prepare the disks (this can also order the operator), to write to them movie

So gifts can be gift certificates from the children's store (just don't tell the child what to buy) or prepared in advance by each parent gifts (different) and Packed in the same package.

Good luck in search of a gift!

Material prepared specially for the website "Your child", when copying the link!

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