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Patriotic upbringing of the children / Baby poems for Victory Day

And with the Victory Day, grandpa dear!
Irina Samarin-Maze

My grandfather, let me disclose
The feelings that always live in me.
You're my hero of the best tales...
And in the past - was a hero in the war...

These people left of the unit.
Now went the wrong people...
But will, believe, and great-grandchildren to be proud of
A victory that will celebrate now...

In the fifteen years of its own, with no regrets,
For his Homeland under fire was...
With such strength of mind, without a doubt,
And the Homeland, and heart well...

You know, I appreciate and respect
The boys that the fire of war were...
And your gray hair do not notice.
You are the ones who us the victory brought...

Your soul is blooming, grandpa!!!
In her youth and campfire songs...
And even in the distant past startled bullet
From your triumphant "Yes!"

All veterans wish:
The disease may avoid...
You are strong nuts, just know...
And with the Victory Day, grandpa dear!

At the memorial

Lydia Slutskaya

Quieter. Don't make a noise.
The sound of stamping feet.
Fallen in granite.
Hearts sigh.
Gorby icicle.
In sorrow spruce.
A fiery stream
On the forehead.
Quieter. Crying music.
Not to appease.
In the gray twilight
Looking Mother.


Lydia Slutskaya

Memory. Memory. Memory.
Dented even a trace,
Where the trail ran.
And other traces
Pulled back.
One - cross over the grass,
Another expanse of the pedestal.
Memory. Memory. Memory.

I'm soldiers play

Tatyana Shapiro I have a gun.
There is the saber.
There and tanks.
I'm big and I'm 5 years old!
I'm soldiers play.
This is a children's game.
But I know that for sure-
Created our World for the Good!
So the war did not know the children.
That was a peaceful sky.
And left that toy
Forever infantry platoon!!!

There was a war...

Tatyana Shapiro

There was a war.
And people were killed.
And went for the Motherland soldiers.
He fought.
And he was brave.
And beat the Nazis all in a row.
And so he went to Berlin.
Four years fought.
So I'm on my grandmother's dad
All Victory Day

Victory Day!

Tatyana Shapiro

Victory Day!
Victory Day!
At the parade we all go.
Victory Day!
Victory Day!
Red flags are.
Victory Day!
Victory Day
Marks the whole country!
Victory Day!
Victory Day!
Because she have one!
We are the boxes with flowers.
In the most peaceful day of the year.
Never know, children,
About the war and about the trouble!


O. Vysotskaya

Hurry, hurry to get dressed!
Hurry to call guys!
In honor of Victory day
Guns firing.
Everything was quiet,
And suddenly - cheers! Cheers!
Rocket in the sky erupted
And there and then!
Above the square,
Above the roofs,
Over the festive Moscow
Soaring above all
The lights of the fountain of the living!
On the street, on street
All happily running,
Shouting "YPP"!
On holiday

Victory Day

So Belozerov

The may holiday
Victory Day
Marks the whole country.
Wear our grandfathers
Combat orders.
Their morning calls road
On parade,
And thoughtfully with threshold
After them
Grandmother looking.
Let there be peace
N. Naidenov
Let the guns are not written,
Guns and menacing silence,
Let the sky swirls the smoke,
Let the sky be blue,
Let the bombers on it
Not come to anyone,
People don't die, cities...
Need peace on earth forever!

Victory Day!

So Maralova

The Victory day is a holiday of spring,
Day of defeat brutal war,
Day of defeat violence and evil,
The day of the resurrection of love and kindness.
Memories of those myself
The goal was to continue this day
A symbol of all the efforts of the people -
Peace and happiness to raise kids.

World children

1. In a small pen flowers at the boys.
It is this bunch at the marble will believe.
Nor can the war to remember this baby,
But forget it, too, can not.
How to forget, if the world gave
Those for whom he brought her bouquet.
Flowers laid the boy to a common grave
People, planet saved from harm.
Chorus: Children - happiness, children - the joy of life,
The children give the youth of our planet...
Will estupidas, clouds! The sun, brighter Britni!
Clear skies to you, our children!
2. For the fact that sported, for the fact that played,
Peaceful dreams to see could.
For the children of war is not seen,
To fight owe the people of the earth.
The Chechen issue, and the problem is still the same!
Remember, the people that we are all in response
For the peaceful sky, for our future,
And the future of our in - our children!
Chorus: Children - happiness, children - the joy of life,
The children give the youth of our planet...
Will estupidas, clouds! The sun, brighter Britni!
Clear skies to you, our children!


S. Mikhalkov

Eugene celebrates the birth - Anniversary-eight years!
Gave guests to his Wife:
Gun, tank and gun.
And, just like the real
As y soldiers -
Black, new, brilliant.
With a round disk machine.
Guests ate cheesecake,
Jack in the room played -
He military toys
The particles were analyzed.
- What have you done, Eugene?!
All broke? What a nightmare!..
I have a disarmament! -
Shouted the hero of the day.

Victory day!


The may holiday
Victory Day
Marks the whole country.
Wear our grandfathers
Combat orders.
Their morning calls road
On parade.
And thoughtfully with threshold
After they grannies looking.

Congratulations to may 9

Congratulations grandpa, may 9,

Congratulations grandpa
With the Victory.
It's even good,
That he was not.
It was then that I am now
Small in stature.
Though not seen it enemy -
Hated easy!
He worked as the great.
For a crust of bread,
Brought Victory day
Though the fighter was not.
Firmly all the prison was demolished,
Back childhood
For the world to live and grow
His grandson wonderful.
So in prosperity and love
She enjoyed life,
So I could not see war,
My grandfather saved the Fatherland.

Congratulations grandmother to 9 may

The gray-haired grandmother,my
Though you cheerful
And the younger your soul,
Touched thee war.
The little girl was,
When they raided it.
Deprived of his grandfather and father
You damned war.
I play against you all,
Not taking only a game,
The pain till then shall be, -
Do you not want to play war.
And only on the Day of Victory, I
Suddenly you understand why,
Always cheerful - sad:
Do you remember that war.
Sorry grandma, that could not
To understand I used your sadness!
I see, the heart has not grown,
Asking you to play in the war.
And Victory Day every year
Now I hasten to congratulate
All me friends of the elderly,
But before his grandmother.

Congratulations to the young soldier

Even though you're young, on Victory Day
You will congratulate I don't suddenly:
For happiness was killed grandparents,
And defended there's another one!
Life smacked in the face by a hurricane,
But you start to list:
Fathers were gray Afghanistan,
And you roads of Chechnya.
And there were also death, misfortune,
But not interrupted fame thread :
On generation - Victory Day,
On the part of Russia not to share!!!

Let the war dragged on very long,
Let quickly raced peaceful year.
Victory near Moscow, at Kursk and on the Volga
History will remember forever.
May You now fathers and grandfathers,
Whiskey was silvered gray.
Forever You don't forget the spring of Victory,
The day when the war ended.
May many today are not in the ranks,
We remember all that was done then
And we promise your Home
To save to the cause of peace and labor.
Let Your palate will be clean,
Does not go out of the joys star.
And the rumble of tanks and guns
Leave life forever.
The years not Prasolova,
We wish You with all my soul
Health and more health
And life is good and great!

I understand what it means to Win
For veterans who experienced all the troubles
Terrible war, the survivors hope,
What a Day of Victory will come inevitably.
We are about the war only in the books I was reading.
Movies watched - and then froze
In horror, the anger and pain of the heart.
You are not a movie, but in a battle to the end.
Death stood for his
Home, the city of his home and family.
All that is dear to you, neatly and Holy,
What was in the heart of every soldier.
Thank we could b relentlessly.
Isn heals past wounds?
Waiting is not laudatory speeches veterans,
And that memory was constant.
Remember and appreciate. For us, you are like the stars,
Peace on Earth your good deeds created.
To congratulate you on the Victory Day ready
During the holidays, weekdays, time and time again!
Chestwhen dead and alive,
Those who fell defending the Motherland,
Names will forever remember them
The life they life for us gave.
Every year more and shorter range
Eyewitnesses those bloody battles,
Let the explosions no longer rattle,
Do not disturb pastorelas wounds.
Your heroic feat not to forget,
Let the year run inexorably,
But lilac velvet brush
In your honor blossoms burning

You, veterans, now grandparents -

In the battle was your finest hour...
Congratulations on the Day of the Holy Victory
Excuse me, dear, you!
The enemy of your part of the projectile vomited,
The enemy was not sorry you lead...
Thank you, what else you near
Defender of the Motherland, the fighter
Man. The grandfather. Father.
You are not young - Oh, Seda,
But more slender, youthful...
My dear grandparents-
The property of the whole nation!
On your shoulders so many troubles.
Camps and executions Chapter
But bear and a hundred victories
You in the rays of the gilded glory.
As for the stairs, heart pounding,
Crutches and physicians to mind...
You will replace the shelves grandchildren
And the country will not give offense to!

Congratulations on the Victory Day

War Veteran Those who say so,
don't believe:
"Went, because there was an order"...
Stood two steps away from death
By the will of the heart, and not once!
Not waiting for God or Messiah,
And took guns and bayonets
And defended you Russia
Our dear old!
A day joyful, bright -
The Day of your Victory
Will let go of life
Sickness and trouble!!!

Congratulations on the Victory Day

War Veterans
You are not young - Oh, Seda,
But more slender, youthful...
My dear grandparents -
The property of the whole nation!
On your shoulders so many troubles,
Camps and executions Chapter!
But bear and a hundred Victories
You in the gilded rays of glory!
As for the stairs, heart pounding,
Crutches and physicians to mind
You will replace the shelves grandchildren
And the country will not give offense to!
Be with us. Everywhere and always
All let your burning star!!!

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