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Poems about a girl Cook for children from the author Elena album. In these verses the events seen through the eyes of a child-intellectual who understands the world around him with his children, but unmistakable in fact logic. Why not noisy skimmer? ("Skimmer") Why the sea is blue and Black? ("About the misunderstanding") And the main thing - is there Sallapadan? ("About Selaplana"). On many such issues, the heroine of the Cooking cycle finds unusual, but completely convincing answers. Light and cheerful style of these poems will appeal not only to children but also their parents.

Elena album

About the grinder

How loud in the kitchen buzzing coffee grinder!
Or maybe I hear the growl of a wolf?

And, the room seems to be wandering bear,
When the vacuum cleaner starts to roar.

But the mother said, "fear Not, silly!
Bears are not here, only Teddy bear!"

And I, incidentally, have no fear.
I'm just on the sidelines quietly sit

And mom do not argue - would be worse.
But just don't understand why

Will not take these adults understand:
And suddenly there is a VERY SMALL WOLF?

About opinion

Porridge oat groats
Cooking Mama constantly.
And, on my mother's opinion,
This cereal is yummy.
And Wainamu opinion,
Morning is better to eat biscuits.
And with patterns of cereal
Tablecloth ours will become more beautiful.

On the table are in order
A Very Important Book.
Them, according to his opinion,
Can't take without permission.
And Wainamu opinion,
The problem is the solution:
Just take notebooks have,
When dad's not around.

Only mum and dad
At its stand stubbornly
And I do not know, unfortunately,
What is with Vari opinion.

And have, so be it,
Learn to speak!

About glasses

What happened to the mother? I don't understand.
Mom absolutely I don't know.
Maybe the wicked witch, flying past,
Suddenly bewitched my mother?

My mother's gait, my mother's smile...
Jacket brushed me my mother's hand...
(I accidentally just by mistake -
Wiped jacket blade from the sand).

"You're going to get wet! Out of the puddles!"
It's just my mother's voice says.
The eyes were like saucers! Black too!
Oh, I am afraid of this terrible view!

Only it turned out that's not the point,
I shouldn't fright squeezed Cams:
Just for a walk with mommy wore
Fashionable-premade black glasses!

Pro shot

"Well, not a bit hurt!
As the gnats bite!"
This doctor about vaccination
I was working with a smile.

Mom smiled,
Only crooked, somehow sideways.
So, you see, doubted,
That "bite" you will go with me for the future.

And plastic animals
In the Cabinet on the window
Also, it seems, do not believe,
That will not hurt me.

And just Komar at the cottage
Bit me yesterday.
Oh, the more painful it will be, then:
The syringe after all, more of a mosquito!

Can't -- I can tell you right! -
To smile I'm the doctor.
But, as his mother
Upset I don't want

I'm not going to complain
Loud cry, to break...
Show him the language.
He is the same doctor. He was used to.

About pocket

There Varya dress.
The dress has a pocket.
In his pocket a picture
Pear, Apple, banana.

And in the pocket, meanwhile,
No Apple at all.
And the banana is not going to fit -
It is immediately clear to all.

So pictures to draw -
Just all confused knock.
If the banana will ask -
Where is the banana for her to take?

Though empty pocket,
All that is necessary, there is:
For example, here's this thread
Cooking cherishes.

Next - stone of the sea.
It is green, not simple,
And like fish very much.
Where you find this?

Maybe if you do a search,
And candy lay there.
Is it possible on the pocket
It's all to draw?

And paint the beauty
Necessarily wrong.
So it is better on your pocket
To do just EMPTINESS.

About the skimmer

At the door - bell.
He, of course, rings.
Here is the fridge.
He is cold.
But, if the subject is called a "skimmer",
Why he is not making the noise?

Asked my mom I once eighteen,
My grandmother - twenty, but hear in response,
What I don't have stuff to do,
And the sense, say, in the name of no.

Yes how is it? I certainly don't believe
And quietly the skimmer take from the table.
Carry it carefully to the kitchen door -
She will understand! I not so small!

But the snake out of his hands slipped skimmer
And fell on the floor, rattling and ringing.
Now that the name was cleverly hiding!
The questions now are no longer with me.

About politeness

The whole year was looking forward to this day I
And then, finally, he came, birthday!
And mom and dad, and little brother
Me, smiling, to greet a hurry.

We came to visit, birthday for
Two grandmothers, aunt, uncle,
A friend from work, cheerful neighbor,
Brought a bag of pounds of candy.

But best of all (I confess to you frankly)
In box elegant gift wonderful -
Building blocks of the whole set.
About it I dreamed long.

"You've become so big!
Let the cubes all show without interfering,
Because this set all guests will be surprised!
Be polite!", - my mother says.

"What a colourful!", - exclaimed the aunt.
"You dice better can not find anywhere else!
And adult to get would be happy!
What would you have built?" My little brother

Replied: "the Coop for the Chicken Ryaba!"
Uncle frowned: "I would
For trains built a new station!"
"The garage for the car!" the PAL said.

"For the Bunny house!", "A Palace for the Princess!", -
Added grandmother here with interest.
Approved their choice of fun neighbor,
Poured in a glass vase candy.

Dad has the last word.
He said aloud: "I would start with the simple.
Here, first of all, the important size.
I tower will be built now, for example.

Crowded around, looking for construction,
Two grandmothers, aunt, uncle,
A friend from work, cheerful neighbor,
Which came with pounds of candy.

Here is the tower becomes higher and higher...
I am the mother of a call - only mom can't hear.
After all, if the Pope did not falter hand,
The tower will reach the ceiling!

Anybody I find I now understand!
Suddenly the guests for a moment held his breath:
Because the tower swung - about to fall!
But again up dad cube puts...

This morning I changed all the same:
For the year grew older and vejlevej too.
Guests of course, I will not interfere.
I die only - bottom - take play.

About the misunderstanding

We stand by the sea
On the sandy edge.
Daddy Black sea
Calls loudly.
Only the color of the sea -
It's undoubtedly -
Whatever you say,
Still not black.
Blue plain
Without end...
No, something in the sea
I don't understand...

Here at horizon
Jumping dolphins,
Arching wet
Glossy back.
I scream: "Look,
How to fly fish!"
"No, a Dolphin is not a fish!"
Dad to me with a smile.
As this is not a fish?!
Better look!
You from fish
And no difference!
A flock of these fish
Above the water flies...
No, something in the fish
I don't understand...

In a sea of bright blue
Jumping dolphins.
I see clearly
This here picture.
Maybe the Pope
Eyesight bad?
Without glasses he sees
Anything else?
But my dad glasses
Just does not remove...
No, something in dad
I don't understand...

Pro-life shark

I am sitting on the question,
As the shark to live easy!

It really is difficult to live:
Eating it, I have.

As her mouth to make it cleaner?
Because of the teeth, it is more than a thousand!

Clean them in the morning begins,
And when you're done - don't know...

Spends three tube of toothpaste -
Means to buy it often.

And not every tooth brush
Make it:

It is necessary to take not less Shoe,
As usual-it - impossible!

And if that ill -
As the doctor is there to take care of?

In the mouth it every get afraid!
Where is she, poor thing, to be treated?

I went to sleep peacefully at night:
Well, that I am not a shark.

About a vacuum cleaner

I have an interesting question:
What's for dinner will have a vacuum cleaner?

In the kitchen woken bread crumbs -
So, will eat of the crumbs a little bit.
Something else to offer for lunch?
Candy wrappers, maybe he will eat from the candy?
After you will receive a reward for it
With the wrapper together a great candy.
Dust will get bored after three times a day!
Variety should be menu.

I admire his appetite:
Each mote now it flies.
It is a pity that so little of the picture around
Can hungry to stay my friend.

We vacuum cleaner go through the apartment.
Well, the work will begin, three or four!
Cleaned the bathroom, like, view
We will check that is bad!

Thread a piece of paper that fell brooch,
The coat that is on the chair left the cat;
That health was concerned he
I of vitamins will sift the bottle.

I tell him: "Eat carefully!
Pencil to choke you!
Think, man, your head!
Better try handkerchief,

Bones cherry and banana skin,
Eat a sock that lies under the sofa,
And for dessert you can eat it in two swallows
A handful of change out of your wallet!"

I finally switch off the vacuum cleaner
And at all do not understand:
All he picks up, whatever you find!
So why he is not growing?!

Pro gloves

The cooler weather started.
Jacket, hat, scarf, all right.
Mittens me mom pulled -
I choose gloves.

Here we finger each house.
Close it, mink similar.
But getting it finger-gnome
Only with my help.

Better not interfere with you I would!
It is indeed difficult!
Not to get your finger in the sky,
You know: don't hurry.

Very irritable mother:
In the garden I'm going to be late.
But the Middle finger is a drama!
In the house, he shouts, not fit!

Well, why are you so indignant!
Here are a permanent resident.
He used a little shy,
Even his name - Nameless...

Forever, something will happen!
To me, these problems are familiar.
As everyone will help to settle,
And going out with my mother out of the house.

And frost angrier and angrier...
I want to tell you honestly:
In mittens, of course, warmer.
But not so interesting.

About shoelaces

What invented sneakers?
So quickly across the yard has been run.
Why boots of rubber?
So as not to wet in the puddles in them took place.

Boots invented, of course,
So in the deeper snow was telesales,
Flip flops why? Clear:
To very quickly put on shoes.

What shoes with Velcro?
That Velcro with a Bang was hotgirls!
Why invented the SHOELACE?
That didn't work...

About Selaplana

Intricate lines tangle on the paper,
And close circles, scribbles and dots.
"Yes here it is impossible to understand!
So you draw, can you tell?"

And I do not understand - do not see here dad
Furry ear, clawed paw.
To the picture of my watch soon:
Fully on a piece of unknown animals!

Not just hooks here - fun flock
Fluffy, bouncy and nimble SATAEV,
And next each of mysterious countries
With a mysterious name SALLAPADAN!

"I tried, didn't understand a word.
Never have I seen such a beast!", -
Thinking a bit, me dad said.
"And children's books I've read:

I know Kamuca and know Kawata,
Dragons and Goblins, Baby Raccoon,
Snusmumriken any of Elves and winged,
And brave Knights, armor,

And Gamble overseas... and even ready
You describe I the Cheshire Cats.
There are many in the world of wonders and deceptions,
But the world is not usual SELAPLANA!"

My father and I do not argue - he's smart like that!
Daddy's computer is always at hand.
And, once there, do not write about SHALAMANOV,
It is clear: they are not. Even in fairy countries.

I silently at a table with a picture down.
In the computer, it means that they are not? Well, let.
But, if I go to bed today I early
In the dream exactly I will meet with SELAPLANA.

And to him will we laugh Pope in response:
After all, if I HAVE it, how NOT??
About this timid know SASAI,
But no one to share it impossible for them...

About jam

Cooking on Sunday morning
On the floor spilled jam.
Turned out the puddle.
Top fly spinning.

Will not return it back.
"How can you be sloppy!
Before you sit down,
Dad washed the kitchen floor,
And now this mountain -
On the floor of the sea jam!", -
Mother laments:
What is this called?"

Grandfather looked at this sea,
Asks the mother in conversation
He knows all the names!
"Just about the sea have questions,
It is no wonder I was a sailor.
It is quite clear to me:
This sea of Red!"

Here and grandmother joined:
"How did it turn out?
From black currant
The Black sea, no doubt!"

Bored Cooking soon.
To her misfortune,
The Pope, too, in this dispute
Took part.
"Here is a draught in the kitchen blowing -
This hurricane!
This fly - Petrel!
This puddle - the ocean!"

At the table the family Assembly.
Under the table jam sea.
Cooking listens sits,
And then says,
To put the point in dispute:

About the loud buzzing of the flies

What noise? What a DIN?
Bumped flies to us
And buzzing, like helicopters,
And circling here and there.

I, in General, I'm not afraid
But sit aside and gathered round
And call on the help of mother:
Flies she will chase may!

"Fly a lot these days!
But take a closer look:
And they're afraid!
You're bigger than they are!"

Here I am the mother will object:
I fly not buzzing!
I have not Alatau -
Quietly with books sitting!

So I will ask aloud
Here flies
Between them buzzing quieter!
(If you are there more than two).

About the globe

We today with dad
Got on the bus,
In the store I went,
To buy the globe.

But, when the box
At home we opened,
Was covered in our globe
A thick layer of dust.

Darkened icebergs
Beyond the Arctic circle:
There is now walking
Dust Blizzard.

The bears in the Arctic
Dusty skin.
Were bears white
Turned into brown.

Yes and the South pole
Not much cleaner -
Just snow white
There now will not find!

Dusty Russia,
Dusty Canada...
In General, this globe
Wipe would be necessary.

We, of course, immediately
Picked up a rag,
So on the planet
Everything was in order.

And now the dust
You will find hardly!
We today with dad
The earth has been wiped.

About OSA and tiramisu

From fashion confectionery shops are
In a fancy box of TIRAMISU.
Funny name aloud again,
Free hand waving at ASU.

And not just flying wasp!
She apparently liked TIRAMISU.
The smell of the sweet bright box
Ready to fly at least four hours!

Not that I want to share with wasp
Such a wonderful TIRAMISU.
Rather run from it I am skipping,
But suddenly stumble and fall!.. Oh!

Delicious dessert lies on the asphalt.
OCA me angrily turns.
What kind of attention my draws
And Italian me something buzzing.

Carefully listen to lying ASU.
She repeats to me, TIRA MI SU!
And to explain what was happening, paparata,
To get wants on the nose.

Wasp says: "Why do all
Name it meets only laughter.
And in Italian it means
Simple words: LIFT ME UP!"

Myself lifting and TIRAMISU,
I want the lesson to treat I ASU.
But as you get, finally, to the house,
So the new knowledge will shake all!

Now it is easy to understand
(And the rule is always to apply!),
In Russian this word cannot bow!

© Elena Album

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