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Oleg Bondar

The website "Your baby" offers You to get acquainted with the work of the children's poet Oleg Bundoora.

I was born on 14 November 1947 in Donbass (, Makeyevka). In 1965 he completed the 11th grade, in the same year he entered the Leningrad medical Institute, graduating in 1971, he worked as a doctor in the Vladimir region From 1972 to 1973, the year he served in the army - specwise MIA (Leningrad)in the Ministry of internal Affairs and remained until 1981. Was discharged a captain in the same year appeared in Kandalaksha, where and now work as a psychotherapist and psychiatrist.

Poems to write parents, fortunately, did not force himself to this came in the seventh grade. Books loved with Malysheva and already in the first class uncivil from Breakfast to Sunday gathered some money and went to the bookstore to buy books. I still decent library. Proud dictionary section (about 40 volumes of different dictionaries of the Russian language, including the "Dictionary of Russian language" of the XI-XVII centuries

As a literary experience is considered the first official publication (1965 - Leningrad), he is already forty years. Particularly happy in literary terms were the eighties: he published several books of poems for children. Published almost all children's magazines and Newspapers, even in the magazine "Crocodile".

In the 90-ies of my literary star is not set, but flared up: there were a few articles. 1994 in Latvia "Tutorial for first class", in Swedish Newspapers. Since 2005 again began to be published in the magazines "Funny pictures", "Cucumber", "Lamp" (the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow), "Siskin and the Hedgehog" (St. Petersburg), "Poznaika" (Kiev), "the Fountain" (Odessa), electronic journal for professional writers "Pampas". To date (March 2011) has published 20 books of poetry and prose."

Dear mother and dear father! Feedback You can send me e-mail:

Personal website of the author:

Verses Acting Bundoora about family and family values...

Verses Acting Bundoora about my mother...


The snow under the Pope
The bass sings:
- At the factory!
At the factory!
Under me
Snowflakes peep:
- In kindergarten!
In kindergarten!


Was walking down a street soldier
Polished buckle,
Great step,
Merry glance,
With cockade cap.
Soldiers Chagall, Chagall, Chagall
And in tact waved,
Soldiers tired,
The soldiers said:
- I want on the pens to mom!


Dad firmly holding the umbrella,
Under the umbrella me dry,
But I can't see the horizon
See Pope's ear.

This echo just Shine!
Before that, native,
What immediately climbed
Kiss its me!


With Svetkey-neighbor
I will not be,
She laughs,
It cries,
The angry,
But the mother said,
That is no good,
That girl need
To be able to make friends,
What with dad they
Even childhood friends
And played together,
And the fish was utili...
So girl,
As my mother,
Of course, I could
To make friends and I!


As time stretches
And for a long time, and sadly,
And in the house without mom
And quiet, and empty.

I guess, and my mom
Lonely without us,
I guess, and my mom
Can't sleep now

And mom thinks:
"Well, how are they?
Now for anything
Will not leave alone."

We also can't sleep:
" Well, what is it?
Now for anything
Don't go alone."


I know the tale by heart
From the words and to the words,
But let says,
I'm going to listen again.
And I want only one thing:
Let longer tale lasts.
While I'm with my dad,
Bad will not happen.
And dad, I ask again
The first tale to tell.


I really wanted
I really wanted -
And I flew,
And I flew!
Below floated
Trees and roofs,
And the bird yelled:
- Higher, higher!
And the air smelled
And the sea, and in the summer,
But that's not it,
But that's not it,
But that was flying
Me in the sky
My dad!
My dad,
Not believing me!


Dad mustache grow -
All mustache dream!
And I certainly grow
With dad at the same time.
Imagine the following scene:
Dad had his mustache,
My moustache
From this beauty
Raise our noses
With a mustache
In The "Supermarket"
Buy the gift for your mom.

I guess it hurt,
That has no mustache!


Looking through binoculars: all around
So unfamiliar was suddenly
Some tiny sofa,
And I like the giant!

Wonderful things-full,
I've done the whole house:
Here is the table here is the door, but the window
And dad outside the window.

He waves off by hand:
"Come here soon! -
It costs a little,
I feel sorry for him...


I'm in the woods this came first,
I heard somewhere a wolf howled,
And the forest so long did not stop,
I walked and walked, and he rocked
And leaned towards me,
And between the trees crept evening,
And every Bush in the darkness trembled,
But I was not scared:
I dad a hand held!


It was raining and the wind from the legs down,
Tired mom, I'm tired,
It seemed that no more force
But then daddy overshadowed
And we behind my father's back,
Like a stone wall!
Just a little bit and our threshold,
Now to go more reliable,
Already the wind - wind,
Not rain, and the rain!


Dad complains:
Something Tired from work...
Mother: - Tired,
Feet barely stand....
I take my dad broom _
I'm not a bum,
After dinner ware
He will wash, do not forget -
Dad mom shore,
I'm a strong,
I can!


Rotation of the vane about the axis
Shows the wind.

Orbits the sun around the Earth -
Warms Up The Earth.

Rotates dad around moms -
Probably did something wrong.


Dad in the morning he would stand,
To go eat,
Not dropped, imagine Cup,
Never tore shirts
And I didn't run barefoot,
And not clicked his tongue,
And pooch were not friends
Very bored dad he lived!


Dad for mom
Had a long walk,
In cinemas
The mother had taken,
Instead of the screen
Mom looked
And excitement
I was shaking and sweating,
From school to home
It was seen off,
Timidly the handle
The mother was holding.
So ten years
Around mother circled
And hand and heart
Then he offered.
But it was clear
That mother hadn agree!


Me on the butt dad gave -
Dad hit!
For a very long time there was ill,
A little lower back,
But the question is not the use case,
For guilt or no guilt,
I'm on pain waved his hand,
It is interesting to me more:
I would like to know:
The colleague at work
Could the Pope the Pope to give?


Mom looks at dad,
Daddy, mommy looks,
And day of the week,
Not the resurrection,
And behind the window - not the sun,
And Blizzard,
Just so they
They just
Very fond of each other.
From this love
It is easy and light.
Me with dad and mom
So lucky!


When walking down the street
In the new dress mom,
The whole street is worried:
- What kind of lady!

When walking down the street
Under the pen with mom dad
The whole street admires:
- What a pair!

When we go on the street Dad, me and mom
The whole street frown:
Children-there is little...


Go daddy under Windows,
Go daddy,
'm nervous,
For no apparent reason
For no apparent reason
Suddenly kiss.

They become immediately
And wipe noses
And outside the window
Moms happy
On his hands with his sons
And daughters.

The sun is shining
Gently - gently,
At the porch, my dad
With a stroller,
I am ready in all throat to shout:
We are the little brother came to get!


Products were scored
Probably a ton!

And by the way talking

And bags we are
Easily, without straining,
No wonder my dad
With dumbbells friends.

And mom dragged them
Barely -
It in the morning
Not suitable for dumbbells.

Why did she
Iron these friends,
When there mom
And dad and I!


And somehow I don't believe,
What the Pope a hundred years ago
Could not open these doors,
Went in the morning in kindergarten.

Still did not know our mother
And nose wiped,
Could not stand semolina
And, not to eat, running away,

That climbed into the eyes of he soap
And it is not in their lez case...
And dad: Yes it was
And mom was snotty!


Collecting my backpack,
Reflects dad:
- Lucky today with the coolest,
So, I'll catch
So, I will be with luck.
Mom thinks otherwise:
- Lucky him with the catch,
I'm at the sink again
Will the whole evening
The scales on the shoulders!


Grandpa waving at the window,
My grandmother tears from eyes:
"Stay just a little more,
Don't go now...

They remained on the platform
And Sunny day hung...
So many people in the car,
So empty in the car without them.


Only worth it on the train to sit,
Immediately want me there,
Though I cutlets
't seen for ages!
And chicken leg
Became very dear to...
Suddenly I dad says:
- Yes, normal appetite!
You can of course eat
Everything in our bags there,
Even the bags can
And the car in the bargain too,
But I ask you seriously:
On the go, thou shalt not eat of wheels,
When the movement cannot -
You can fall out of their chewing!


Mum and dad were asleep,
I stubbornly don't sleep -
As a soldier in the guard
At the window I stand.

Keep the peace of their
In the darkness, in the silence -
It is very
The thing I need!

So parents knew
Why their sons:
So parents slept,
To see dreams.

And when I in the morning
Tomorrow they will Wake up...
But look: for some reason
Himself in bed on...

Dad happily goes -
He has already raised:
- Strong as they are today,
I never slept!


If you want to Wake up -
I'm easy, no questions!
Only I will stumble
On the couch and on the sideboard,

The brush I will clean the ears,
Soap I will climb into the nose...
Dear mother, listen,
Now the question arose:

I need you Spruance?
With me, this take?
So why Wake the child?
Let the boy sleep!


"Good morning!" -
Tell someone
And he will be
Very good morning,
And the day will be good,
And good meetings,
And good, of course,
Evening falls.
As important and necessary,
So immediately in the morning
You wished good.


When going out
For groceries you need -
Go if you can I
Take chocolate.

Dad runs to the supermarket
If the award
The promised beer.

Mom or gram
Don't eat chocolate
And beer, of course,
Mom doesn't drink,

But, if you go for groceries
It is necessary,
Without conditions,
Imagine coming!


On Saturdays spirits
Smells like my mother's outfit,

So they go to the mother
And spirits, and theatre.

Sunday pancakes,
Breakfast - here it is, ready!
So it fits to my mother,
The smell of pancakes.

Monday - Affairs
Immediately our house smelled,
So it fits the mother
The smell of securities.

But I will say, between us,
I shall tell a secret:
I mother my mother
Most of all fit!


When he puts on the mother attire,
In the cupboard under the cover hanging,
Dad is very happy:
"You're just gorgeous woman!

When wearing mom's Bathrobe
And something in the pan pomeshivaem,
Dad comes and again happy:
"You're a very nice woman!

When we're at the beach and my mom goes
Along the sea pebbles coastal,
Dad stares, mouth Agape:
"You're just a goddess, not a woman!

It seems to me: a mother-at least in the jacket dress
With some paint smell,
Dad will be watching every day
And cheer again!


Finally, I became an adult,
Finally, wear a mustache
And girls - these are just
The ground - clap! from their beauty,

And the boys, to touch,
At the door call in the morning,
Says grandma strictly,
That it's time for me to marry.

I mustache and do
And dine them go,
And that night was straight,
Under their pillow lay.


Every morning
I'm scared now for some reason:
All seems bad can happen
And good may fail.

Winter - look - rainy became,
While the storm walking on the fly,
Somewhere pooch trudges wearily,
And the Pope anxiously reading the newspaper.

Disturbing night TV show
And a lot of it is unclear and difficult
But as well that there are dad and mom,
And I between them,
And it is safe!


What is comfort,
So filled the house? -
It's when you sing
Song before going to sleep.

What is comfort? -
This pie, milk,
This is when you get
Happily and easily.

What is comfort? -
This scattered light,
It's when you get tired.
If anyone is there.

What is comfort? -
This is when family,
This is when live
Dad, mom and me.


Mom and dad at dinner
Conversation this led,
What ever leave,
I will live alone away.

I thought: not bad
Somewhere to live, not here
Me will not groan,
Force will not be there.

Mom and dad get old
And they'll write me:
- Come on, Sonny, rather,
I can't wait counting the days...-

Here I will throw things
And will come, will come.
Mom would say, " My good...-
Dad slams on the shoulder.

To sleep in my bed lay,
Will dreams again circling.
Will not go away... it is impossible...
Without each other not to live!

© Copyright: Oleg Bondar

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