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The website "Your child" presents to Your attention the work of contemporary children's authors. The section presents poems and tales for children. Good reading!

Lydia Slutskaya Lydia Slutskaya - author of children's poems

I write poems, including children, translating poetry from English and Hebrew, is the author of two poetry collections, "the Sun on the roof" and "Winter in Jerusalem, as well as child coloring books "Thoughts of her son". My early poems were published in the online journals "Sun", "the picture in the web", "Read", "Bricbrac", "Storyteller", "I", "Your baby" and others, as well as in printed collections "I'll stay" and "Fun walk" (Publishing house Gutenberg), "Bobby and all-all-all" and "Writers for children" (published by, "anthology "Adults don't understand"" (published ERA). Won in an online contest for the best poem for children. The winner of the contest "Golden pen of Russia -2010". Worked at school as a teacher of Russian language and literature, led a literary circle. I have three children. Former Muscovite, now living in Jerusalem.

Read children's poems Lydia Slutsk...

Cyril Avdeenko Cyril Avdeenko - author of children's poems

Born April 3, 1977, in Leninsk, Kzyl-Orda oblast (Baikonur cosmodrome) in the family of a serviceman. Live in, Kiev. Graduated from the Kiev military Institute of control and communication in 1999. At the end of the military Institute of service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in officer positions. Currently left in stock. Working in the telecommunications and engaged in literary work (since 2008). The main direction of literary activity - works for children. In literature for children I think the main questions of morality and education (as a family, and Patriotic). These questions seem trivial and easily realized at first glance, I think it is extremely difficult from the point of view of implementation in literary works - they are, in my opinion, should be unobtrusive nature, to be almost invisible, and at the same time to influence the subconscious mind of the child. I will be glad, dear readers, if my work will be useful for You and also will be able to lift your mood!

Read children's poems of Cyril Avdeenko...

Anastasia Unbelieva Anastasia Unbelieva, storyteller

Once I wanted to write a story for their children, and I succeeded! I started to compose good, magic history. In my miniatures no rudeness and cruelty - that is what confused me since childhood, even in the famous fairy tales such as "the snow Queen" or "little Red riding Hood". Some fairy tales with the author's illustrations. Created my mother Ludmila Unbelieva. And recently, as themselves, I got a tale for parents (more precisely, for adults). I wish all visitors of the website, "Your baby", and small and large - that in their life happened magical moments. And if these minutes will be somehow connected with reading my tales, I'll be very happy!

Read the tale of Anastasia Unilevel...

Oleg Bondar Oleg Bondar, children's writer

Oleg Bondar doctor, children's writer, poet. From modern poets he most closely, finely and deeply shows the relationship in the family. This family - where the main love, trust and friendship. Abundar lives in the Far North, in the small town of Kandalaksha that on the Kola Peninsula. He drove it almost all on the ground, walked on the ship in the Barents and White seas. About these wonderful journeys and much more read on his website:

Read verses Oleg Bundoora...

Irina Samarin Irina Samarin-Maze, the author of poems

My name is Irina, I am 30 years old. Live life in Ukraine in Poltava, but from my childhood I write in Russian... it happened... Never read the literature, how to properly and professionally to write poetry, because (in my opinion) they should dictate the soul, and not the head... Only the poems are born real and sincere... Poetry is not to invent, but they can feel and write... so since childhood I write all that dictates me soul... My poetry is mainly addressed to people, so I promise to share their new ideas with the readers...if I write, then someone needs it, maybe, You...

Read poems by Irina Zamrini-Maze...

Tatyana Petukhova Tatyana Petukhova, author of the verses

Tatyana Leonidovna Petukhov root vologzhanka, was born February 3, 1942. The poems began to write during his school years, the author of 15 books for children. Book I. Petukhova "Shaggy gift" was awarded a Special prize of the Russian state library (Diploma) in the category "Children's literature". The script of the play in verse "the fate of the family - the fate of Russia Tatyana Petukhova awarded Diplomas of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Poems Tatyana Leonidovna included in the collection of literary studies.

Read verses Tatyana Petukhova...

Elena album Elena album, author of the verses

Album Elena is a professional musician (violin, Academy. Sounds). A professional designer. Children's poet. Verses in the editorial portfolio magazine "Murzilka". Published in the online journal "Russian cover".

Read poems by Elena album...

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