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The website "Your baby" offers You to get acquainted with the works of the poetess Tatyana Petukhova. Beautiful and touching poems for children 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years!

Tatyana PetukhovaTatyana Leonidovna Petukhov root vologzhanka, was born February 3, 1942.

Education - secondary technical, worked as a curator in the Vologda region in STIC (center for scientific and technical information and propaganda). 15 years as head of the Bureau of rationalization, patents and technical information on the Vologda plant.

The poems began to write during his school years.

The author of 15 books for children The first book of the "Sun" (Petukhova TL the Sun: Poems: for doshkol. age / TL Petukhov. - Arkhangelsk: North Zap. kN. publishing house, 1982. - 17 S.: ill. - Circulation of 10 000 copies) the Poet S. Vikulov said about the book "Sun", "really it emits as much light and heat, as from the sun".

Book I. Petukhova "Shaggy gift" was awarded a Special prize of the Russian state library (Diploma) in the category "Children's literature".

The script of the play in verse "the fate of the family - the fate of Russia Tatyana Petukhova awarded Diplomas of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

Poems Tatyana Leonidovna included in the collection of literary studies

From the abstract of the book "Good word": "Poems of the Vologda poetess Tatyana Petukhova - about children and for children. Kind, mischievous, funny, they teach what is good, hardworking, open to children door to the world of complex and infinitely interesting human relationships".

More information can be found on the website of Vologda poet Tatyana Leonidovna Petukhov "Different growth dreams"



"Hello, dad, it's me,
Hello, do you know me?
Oh, dad, why a long time ago
Together we were not in the movie?

Oh, daddy! You all once again
Football with me to play,
And you know, dad, you know, let
You will delay again.
I will wait
Me to be with you hunting!


Every day from morning to night
We asked very:
- Give us a puppy!
But in vain, and while
One was the answer for us:
- Do not ask! No and no!

...For window March-naughty,
Comes my mother's holiday.
Congratulating this day,
We are solemnly

Our mother of three flower
And shaggy....


Why I escaped again
Evil, cruel, ugly word?
As it is not easy for me now to come,
How hard is it to say: "Mother, forgive me!"

Have I offended you, my dear, words.
"But don't cry, " I beg mom
Well, urugay, punish me harshly.
But sorry, don't be angry, for God's sake!

And my mother smiled suddenly cute
And said quietly, "I have forgiven".
I am my mother's tears will never forget,
And more to be rude to anyone, I will not.


I will send a letter, large letter,
Tough, custom-made!
Letter by letter, line by line,
Not forgotten even point,
Without mistakes, without corrections,
On the envelope eight stamps!!
...Hello, Grandma Tanya,
You wrote granddaughter Mary.
About you I miss,
And about the meeting so I dream.
Side of you, biscuits,
Come visit us on Sunday,
Wait, Granny looking
Sure... with jam!!


Stayed at home the grandson and grandfather.
Prepared grandfather lunch:
Soup, scrambled eggs, compotek sweet,
After dinner, they hide and seek
Decided with his grandson play.
Grandson climbed under the bed.

There quietly sniffs
And grandpa watches.
Looking for a long time grandson grandfather,
Slowly opened the cupboard,

Found a box of chocolates:
- Oh, what a pity that no grandson!
Candy chocolate,
Candy wrappers elegant.

Candy took, and at the same moment
He heard an angry shout!
- Grandfather! It's time to stop,
You were always taught to share.
Better to sit quietly in a chair,
Grandfather, I'll tell you honestly:

You I care and love,
Sweets is harmful to the elderly,
I say this to everyone
You save me
I myself eat!


Today Vanucci
From the feet to the crown of
The black granoski!
And even curls
Black stick!
Gryaznye dirty
Came with a stroll brother.
Mom upset.
She is not smiling.
Ivan in one moment
Spoiled the mood.
Have her again
A whole day to wash!

Today Andrewski
From the feet to the crown of
Everywhere greenfinches!
And even curls
Green stick.
Today, younger brother!
And mom doesn't swear.
Mom smiles!
Stroked Andreyko.
Painted it the bench
And even the balcony
Managed to paint it,
All the surprise
My mom's birthday!


Someone in the house
for fun
In the fridge was locked
Pepper kettle
Who poured
for fun?!
To punish. whether that.
The shackle?
Not really
Tears pouring it.
Pour into a hand,
Can. too
For fun?!


Soap quickly foams.
Foams Not lazy.
Washing her dirty fingers.
Washes white.
The fingers were different
The whole day business:
in the paint.
And the second
in putty.
in clay.
in the Polish.
The fifth finger
with soot.
No finger even!
Sponge Milo, foam
Fingers certainly
Change his spots.
Will Gene.
Again for business!


Dad asks son:
Ear two. language one.
Well no I don't understand ?-
-Well what are you asked.
Let Me Explain, Ilya,
So you wouldn't say that.
And more LISTENED to !


I grandfather always trusted secrets.
As I dream of fast rocket!
And here I goalsagainst yaay!!
My grandfather gave me a rocket yesterday.
I am very pleased. and grandpa happy.
In the morning with a gift, we rushed into the garden.

As a highly flew a rocket!
I embrace the beloved grandfather.
And his eyes shone.
Rocket have been playing for over half an hour!!
And I have a bench stand and roar.
Drip tears right in the grass.
and yet I grandpa very much.
Let them play. I will tolerate!


Dad was proud today!
He made a large amount o Ohm cake.
The cake is beautiful and puff.
But he was salty
Surprisingly tasteless.
Walking dad sad-sad.

All he explained then
As he mixed up the salt from the sand
Talked. That stupid.
Sorry dad! You can see the new
Recipe Japanese was.
Salt sprinkle each layer!

Ah. as the mother was surprised.
Was surprised. He smiled,
And then she said:
Just always harder the beginning!
Failure will forget.
In Japanese, the oven will not.
Make now a great
Delicious cake from our whole family!


Gentle sun rolled away.
In a dark blue shawl night had fallen.
Our ancient city. sleep and rest.
Fall asleep children: Bayu-Bayu-Bay.
Here is floating in kosynkin slowly. the moon
And carries a basket stars it is.
In the house song grandmother only slightly audible.
Bayu-Bayu-Bauska-everything she sings.

Stars-freckles Shine in the sky.
Sleep. hugging pillows. children in the silence
Before the rising of the sun shall they sleep.
Spitalny-laposky. to see what you have.
Bayu-Bayu-baushke solar dreams.


Today grandma
In the blue pot
Delicious silage is.
Very Ksenia Dima
Love the silage is.

- Who else supplements?
Soup dill and herbs
And beets, and cabbage.
The plates already empty,
Look, really
All the silage grandchildren ate!-
And when fed,
Cheeks flushed,
Granny smiled.
Was abordables!


My dad is strong and great,
For me, he is so dear.
Smeshinki good in the eyes,
Me he wears on his shoulders!
Me with my dad's very interesting,
To do that he teaches honestly
Everywhere in everything, always,always
So as not to be ashamed of EVER!

Will answer any question.
But without capricious tears.
With dad together we read,
Sawing boards and planed.
Tell dad: "Well, son,
Well you helped me!"
All forces try,
So dad again praised.

And if I do I'm afraid
To him, running towards him kiss,
In order to protect me, he was able,
But he is very strict,
If I suddenly nagreply,
Proud of my dad and I

© Tatyana Petukhova

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Tatyana Petukhova Tatyana Petukhova, author of the verses

Tatyana Leonidovna Petukhov root vologzhanka, was born February 3, 1942. The poems began to write during his school years, the author of 15 books for children. Book I. Petukhova "Shaggy gift" was awarded a Special prize of the Russian state library (Diploma) in the category "Children's literature". The script of the play in verse "the fate of the family - the fate of Russia Tatyana Petukhova awarded Diplomas of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Poems Tatyana Leonidovna included in the collection of literary studies.

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