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The website "Your baby" offers You to get acquainted with the works of the poetess Irina Samarina-Maze

Irina Samarin-MazeIrina Samarin-Maze Good day to all readers... My name is Irina, I am 30 years old. Live life in Ukraine in Poltava, but from my childhood I write in Russian... it happened... Never read the literature, how to properly and professionally to write poetry, because (in my opinion) they should dictate the soul, and not the head... Only the poems are born real and sincere... Poetry is not to invent, but they can feel and write... so since childhood I write all that dictates me soul... My poetry is mainly addressed to people, so I promise to share their new ideas with the readers...if I write, then someone needs it, maybe, You... In my poems simple words for simple people... Want poems written soul - read too soul... Probably as it should be...

Mum's the feeding...

My son - crumb
Ate porridge with a spoon.
Mom laughed,
The mouth was wiped.
Even the eyes in the mess...
So waves a hand.
Porridge runs away,
Who will catch?
Porridge took in hand,
On the floor threw the spoon.
What is it,
Pusika empty!!!
Mother spoon soap,
The baby said:
There is one salvation -
Mum's the feeding.


In kindergarten Alenka...

In kindergarten "ALENKA"
The kids laugh out loud.
Caregivers as mothers
And not angry one bit.

Our daughters and sons
Unison will sit on the pot.
And then play hide and seek,
Build castles in the area.

The teacher teaches the Crumbs:
"To fight is very bad!"
Teach them how to eat with a spoon.
Allowed to misbehave a little.

And in the afternoon asleep in the crib
Our children sweet-sweet.
The nurse gently they will cover.
Suddenly cry - soothe.

The teacher whispers to the nurse:
"Made friends with Victor Anya
And the mother lion is not crying,
The day went well, then"

Educators work
Kindness, love, care.
You need to be from God, sensitive,
So every moment

Mom to replace the kids,
To read colorful books.
To teach them to make friends, share,
If you want to apologize...

Let the head too
A good heart will help
To maintain the atmosphere,
Where is the goodness, love and faith.

The belief that our children
This is important in the world.
Nurse children knows,
For health watching.

Chefs will nawarat porridge,
Kids will feed our.
Kindergarten - country from my childhood,
As if grief tool.

In kindergarten "Alenka"
Smile at the world of the child.
Opens the door children
Team with a beautiful heart...


Mommy, look what I can do

Mommy, look what I can do...
Handle and let stand.
Think you I do not regret?
What do you most love you!

Yes, that's so cool machine.
Where such charm you found?
See, I'm your little man
You I recently gave birth to...

I remember my mom, last spring
I in your tummy sat.
Stroking me with her hand,
Was I immediately calmed down and killed...

Angry that I don't sleep at night?
Mom, I'm used to you not to sleep.
Just such relationship is between us,
Don't talk to me in my bed...

On my knees you don't get bored
Can I quietly lie?
You know, you take me by the handles,
And her hands will be kissing.

Mommy, do you remember our summer?
The first time I saw you I
The tears you have slid even
I watched the breath of SATA...

Mommy, I remember everything and know
Just do not know how to speak,
I love you and dad love,
how nice to live in the world.

Brother I have a good
He's with me playing and singing,
He dances, claps.
And give with a bottle of juice...

Mommy, what's that picture?
Give the buttons I press...
What is not other people's photos
The button "Delete" delete?

Okay, take me to bed,
Jelly finished, obedient I...
Kiss me eyes sweet-sweet.
It's great that you are my family!


If a baby in the house...

Barefoot happiness
Ran half asleep.
Kiss instead of "Hi...",
If a baby in the house.

Hugging mommy -
The pleasure is.
Like the sun in July,
Warms the soul.

Chocolate eyes,
Sponge taste of raspberries.
He runs safely,
To bear arms.

Near mom and dad.
Next brother, toys.
It is for us the most
Cat, Bunny and Pig...

Barefoot Miracle
Ran half asleep.
The light of happiness everywhere,
If a baby in the house...


Mama, Mama! I two years old already!

Mama, Mama! I two years old already!
I won't run in negligee...
I promise, will cease Cup to beat,
Of oatmeal a sweet cylindrical bread) to sculpt.

Mama, Mama! I now large.
I will eat in kindergarten noodle soup.
I promise, honest, occasionally naughty...
Only you'll remember for all the love

And for what I pants ripped
At that moment, when in the closet with the ball stuck,
And for the fact that the painted Wallpaper
Triangular-illegible oval...

And for the fact that at dawn I love you
For eyelashes often pull you
And that hide the shoes on the balcony,
And brother will show that he...

And because I am in America called,
There has not responded to Russian uncle bill...
And because I'm on my dad poured the juice,
It was hot, I told him slightly helped.

Mama, Mama!!! You I'm just a treasure!
My eyes say about it.
And when you walk hand in hand with you I am,
You see, we are a happy family!


Love you, son...

Mama, I remember what childhood?
It is on the blade of grass dragonfly.
This female servant with Lesha next door
And your favorite eye...

Mom, give me a pen, I today
Childhood'll show you, come!
I remember the taste of candy new year?
As, laughing, ran in the rain?

Mom, don't be angry that I sometimes
Indulge and destroy everything around...
I am visiting a fairytale characters
About you, mother, will tell...

Tell how patted his tummy,
One in which I grew significantly...
Will tell, as it is called "the Cat!".
About moments of joy to tears...

Mom and I at the party saw
Seeing you on the dance my...
If someone, mom, offended you,
I would for you, believe me, the mountain!

Mom invited into childhood again!
Come here, at least every hour...
In childhood there is the law: more words
Glitter happy our children's eyes...

Mother, don't look sad look,
Fingering shabby purse...
Most importantly, what you beside me,
Say "I Love you, son!"


The main thing that children do not hurt...

To you today or wanted
And wherever the river may flow,
The main thing that children do not hurt,
To be healthy could...

And it is not important day of the week,
The names and arrangement of phrases,
The main thing that children do not hurt
No yesterday, no tomorrow, no today...

Anything that snowstorm outside,
Crisis, storm, default, storm,
The main thing is that children are not ill -
To smile their eyes!

Nothing that far from the goal,
What has risen life a hundred times,
The main thing that children do not hurt
no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today...

And the most important is actually,
So we kids kept.
The main thing is that children are not hurt.
Their health - happiness of the whole earth!!!


You not only pain...

Bent the night mother over the crib
And quietly whispers a Few of his:
"You not only pain, my sweet Bunny,
I ask you, you not only pain..."

When the disease to the child rises,
Crying maternal soul.
And mom up in the morning doesn't go to sleep,
To cheek with the palm of the baby...

When shining eyes not from joy,
When fever son or daughter,
That heart mother crying from impotence,
Trying all diseases to overcome...

Wrapped gently Happiness in a blanket,
Pressing his Treasure chest
She without interruption repeated:
"Go away, trouble, son, go away!"

And none of the medication so it does not cure,
As my mother's care and warmth...
Love is the child's happiness will
Away all the ailments, troubles, evil...

For a mother the most important thing in the world
Health, happiness own children.
And just as a mother loves the child,
Older becoming, take care of her...

Last year... In bed sick mother,
Her whisper two adult sons:
"You not only pain, my dear,
I ask you, you not only pain..."


Baby - player dedicated to...

And what is this brown-eyed boy
Woke up and shouts from the crib: "Goal!"?
The gate is not missed, he never...
With the birth of my son is in love with football...

And in a year, only to run've learned
Our apartment matches everything upside down.
As if he has the ball in his hands was born...
Kissing ball and mother before going to sleep.

Football commentators manners
The kid takes over, just laugh...
Oh, Messi... came to an end a career.
We have the innate talent and success!

Kid - my sporting legend.
Storm football of all times and countries...
Talent cannot be bought and rent.
His football talent is God given...

And even now, he falls asleep with a pacifier,
And pampers funny beats,
But in the Premier League he will play another
And in the life of all obstacles to win!!!


Autumn walk baby...

Went out with my mom, I walk,
Autumn in the yard.
Will leaves to collect,
In the naughty game.

Pogona pigeons,
Mom will smile.
Gather around friends.
I don't know sadness.

I have so much to do.
Cat call,
To borrow from Schoolgirls chalk,
To bite...

All I taste,
Sweet or not.
Autumn, I will come back to you,
But first, lunch!


I'll put you in the palm kiss...

I'll put you in the palm kiss,
And you keep him, the boy, gently...
You're mom to dad, dad to mom, fret not thyself,
We are both close by, if bored and anxious...

Oh, those cheeks... so much milk,
Useful of porridge, strawberries, and raspberries,
The delicious cookies, candies, cheese...
And the eyes glow, and nope, no tears.

Already tried Sonny kebab,
On the first Birthday recently.
He liked chewed as a hamster.
My smallest in the family, but the main...

I kiss you in the palm lay
And talk about what you loved the most.
You and brother I cherish.
Love with all my heart and soul... hi mom...

© Irina Samarin-Maze

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I write poems, including children, translating poetry from English and Hebrew, is the author of two poetry collections, "the Sun on the roof" and "Winter in Jerusalem, as well as child coloring books "Thoughts of her son". My early poems were published in the online journals "Sun", "the picture in the web", "Read", "Bricbrac", "Storyteller", "I", "Your baby" and others, as well as in printed collections "I'll stay" and "Fun walk" (Publishing house Gutenberg), "Bobby and all-all-all" and "Writers for children" (published by, "anthology "Adults don't understand"" (published ERA). Won in an online contest for the best poem for children. The winner of the contest "Golden pen of Russia -2010". Worked at school as a teacher of Russian language and literature, led a literary circle. I have three children. Former Muscovite, now living in Jerusalem.

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Irina Samarin Irina Samarin-Maze, the author of poems

My name is Irina, I am 30 years old. Live life in Ukraine in Poltava, but from my childhood I write in Russian... it happened... Never read the literature, how to properly and professionally to write poetry, because (in my opinion) they should dictate the soul, and not the head... Only the poems are born real and sincere... Poetry is not to invent, but they can feel and write... so since childhood I write all that dictates me soul... My poetry is mainly addressed to people, so I promise to share their new ideas with the readers...if I write, then someone needs it, maybe, You...

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Tatyana Petukhova Tatyana Petukhova, author of the verses

Tatyana Leonidovna Petukhov root vologzhanka, was born February 3, 1942. The poems began to write during his school years, the author of 15 books for children. Book I. Petukhova "Shaggy gift" was awarded a Special prize of the Russian state library (Diploma) in the category "Children's literature". The script of the play in verse "the fate of the family - the fate of Russia Tatyana Petukhova awarded Diplomas of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Poems Tatyana Leonidovna included in the collection of literary studies.

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