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The day of Family, Love and Fidelity / Invitation to tea

Inviting guests to tea, you can make an interesting and festive, if you are prepared for such visits in advance. Prepare invitations for the guests, which specify the day and time of your visit. When you will know the exact time when you come visit, get ready and make the tea party as enjoyable as possible will be easy. Make sure that on the table was a teapot, the teapot with boiling water, sugar and cream or milk, slices of lemon, rum, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. Of the utensils and appliances you will need only teaspoons (possibly even dessert), saucers and cups.

An invitation to tea Invitations to tea

Verses for invitation to tea

Tea fishing, tea in the woods,
Tea at the noon hour,
When hot, pour,
The soul of this Sahrawi!


Primacy, primacy!
Primacy, primacy!
How to brew gulls,
How many spoons in the pot.
How to infuse this tea,
Privacy, privacy!
Tea with lemon, biscuit
At noon, drink, afternoon drink.
And with raspberry jam
Even cups half.
Tea and biscuits with passion
The conversation we will have.
And collecting a basket of berries
On a hot day, so we add
Blueberry, strawberry,
With currants, cranberries,
With chocolate, marmalade,
With pie, cake and cheese
Tea will taste the world!


An invitation to tea
The Varangians Of Kiev

Rassimov in velvet, the stars, the night is mysterious, gentle.
The fire I prepare to ignite - not only for themselves ...
I hope to visit a friend will come that all the dearer to me,
And tea with it let's drink together as if in the spring.
Under the moonlight, the song of the crickets - easily soars the soul,
Like the wings of moths - plays the light of the campfire.
From the sounds I now catch - steps familiar sound,
And the best news for me in the garden, the gate knocking.


Tea mentally pour,
The soul of this Sahrawi!


Tea in the chambers and in the shack,
In the Kalahari and Sahara
Tea in the North, in the taiga
When snowstorms and Blizzard.
Warm, fresh,
Tea creates us anew.
If you're tired from the road,
Tea all here to help.
Golden he, fragrant,
Black, fine and clean,
Vitamin and fruit,
Tea with esters - special,
Herbal and unusual
Tea offer personally.
An invitation to tea You mark for them as a holiday!

So Pauline


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