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Invite the child to school - tips for parents on children's website, "Your baby"! Provides information about how to choose a backpack for a first grader, the recommendation of the psychologist on the adaptation of children to school and other useful information.
Prepare the pack for first Prepare the rig for a first grader

To prepare pupils to walk to school in the principle is easy enough to store a list of useful things and go to the store. List the first things in different schools are almost identical, however, school can be an individual wishes to set a first grader, so you can contact the school where you want to walk your baby and take this list with them. Then go to the store, and ... here the problems begin. How to choose a quality and the best product from the given variety to your child feel comfortable. These issues will be discussed below. Also this article gives recommendations on choosing and buying.

What knowledge and skills should be the first What knowledge and skills should be a first grader

Opinions about what knowledge and skills should be the future first-grader, from different teachers significantly vary a lot. But still there is a certain minimum requirements for knowledge of future first-graders.

Going to the school. A list of needed items. Going to the school. A list of needed items.

Now a large selection of notebooks with bright, beautiful covers that attract children. You cannot make a choice only on the basis of these criteria. Teachers say that children are distracted from the educational process, enthusiastically when considering cover and boast of them.

Crisis seven years The crisis of seven years

A crisis is a turning point on the curve child development, separating one from another age. One of the main symptoms of the crisis seven years affectation, mannerisms, disobedience. The child becomes unmanageable, it does not respond to the comments of parents, pretends not to hear them or goes into open conflict.

What are schools What are the school

Types of schools: a comparison, pros, cons, advantages.

Choose a satchel How to choose the rig

The bag is a backpack with a solid back and wide straps, best suited for carrying school supplies. The first and main difference between a satchel from backpacks: orthopedic back wall. It is a guarantee of health back child even with a heavy load of textbooks. Orthopedic backrest allows you to optimally distribute the load on the spine and prevent it from warping.

Preparing children for school Prepare children for school

Then bring the child a story about the animals in which each character in their own way explains his desire to learn. For example, the rabbit-student says: "I go to school because my mom makes. And if not a mother, I would be in school and didn't go".

In a school with 6 years In school 6 years

The pros and cons of early learning in school. Social, psychological, medical contraindications.

First time in first class. What can you advise to parents? First time in first class. What can you advise to parents?

Responsible chief specialist of the Department of General education of Groo Olga Fedorovna. "Today, the activities of educational institutions is strictly regulated normative-legal documents. The main document, of course, is the Charter of the educational the institution, which should be explored, with special attention to...

Where to dress your child for school? The recommendation of the psychologist for the successful adaptation of children to school

There are three crucial things that the child is in the process of schooling: this is the entrance to the first class, the transition from primary to secondary school (grade 5) and the transition from middle to senior (grade 10)...

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