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From infant to child From baby to baby

Here are the changes you can expect from your child, and age boundaries, in which you can expect to see them all together, they contribute to the transformation of your baby in the baby. But remember that all children are different and develop at different speeds: your child may develop faster or slower in one or more of these areas.

As children grow? As children grow?

Your baby's bones will continue to grow, and as limb bones grow faster than the bones of the trunk, change the body proportions of a child. An increasing number of small bones of the wrist (the wrist of an adult consists of nine bones, while the newborn only three). A two year age-old spring (covered with a membrane, the space between the bones of the skull) will be closed.

How to accustom the child to the potty How to accustom the child to the potty

Most parents can tell when their one-year-old child is going to go to the toilet: children can be very regular in their habits, and can also strain or become red. If you will regularly be planted his one-year-old child on the potty at the right time, you will likely be able in a few days without a dirty diaper, but this does not mean that your child has learned to control himself. The children are ready, only when they have enough will develop the muscles, which in most cases occurs by the age of between 18 months and 2.5 years. No matter how long you have spent the effort to teach the child, he is unlikely to be a dry day and night, until he turns around two and a half years, and many children PA training requires much more time.

The identity of the child The identity of the child

Self-awareness is the understanding that you have you that when you Wake up tomorrow, you will still be you. The concept of "I" is not innate. If you magnete lipstick spout six months of the child and then put him in front of the mirror, he was looking at the reflection, but will not show any interest in his red nose. In twelve months he will reach out and touch the mirror and can even touch the reflection of his red nose. Sometimes the child may even find a little girl behind the mirror. But your daughter does not know that the little girl with the red nose is it. In 21 months child with smeared lipstick nose will look at your reflection and begin to RUB your own nose.

Baby tantrums Baby tantrums

Most children are hysterical. In each generation year-old children significantly more than half arrange hysterics because of the constant causes almost daily. Some start early, some later. Some tantrums continue for many years, and some never hysterics Middle child, who are angry, happy for one day, and the average tantrum lasts about five minutes. But some of the children happens more than five a day, and some tantrums last more than an hour.

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