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In the distant island country, where every morning was rising Sun wise, and every evening appeared round the Moon, lived high Mountain. At one time the Mountain was a very popular place among the people of this country. Spring at its foot were blooming plum and Apple trees. In the summer its green slopes covered the bright sun. Autumn maple leaves gave it an orange tint. And in the winter she hid the silvery snow. The mountain, like all the inhabitants of the country, led a regular life, and he loved to sleep.

But one day the Gods of the Earth's crust, the God of Clay and God Peat began to quarrel. Because of what happened this dispute was not known, and only now was not the peace of a high Mountain. The coal will ask her Gods, lime and ash. Mountain patiently gave to the Gods all that they asked. But as the days passed, weeks, months, and the Gods were not to be appeased, and all disturbed Mountain. The mountain began to suffer from insomnia, and then to bed stopped. As was not sorry then the Gods about his quarrel, and the only time left. Angry highest Mountain, released in the sky smoke, covered flowering slopes ashes, scared of people, animals, and began shouting at the Gods of the Earth's crust, so that the whole earth shook. Caught the Gods, reconciled, and came with a bow to the Mountain, Yes one of them does not wish to listen. Not sleeping, only the earth shakes, eyebrows harit.

Asked the Gods to his brother - God of the Wind for help. Flew the God of Wind to help, but only made more flame that threw the Mountain. Then the Gods turned to the other brother, the God of Rain. The Rain God rain began to Mount. Day, pouring, pours another, but all to no avail. The heat from the Mountains so that all the water evaporates. Shrugged the Gods of the Earth's crust, what to do - I don't know. They cast a cry among the people, animals and birds.

-Welcome, you are the Braves and the Braves. Calm our Mountain!

To be afraid of people, afraid of animals. Sitting in shelters, under stones, under the hills, but no sound issue. Suddenly, with distant sea - the boundless ocean came from wintering small, fearless Bird. Looked around and gasped:

- What are they doing! The house, which was at the foot of the Mountains disappeared, brothers and sisters in different directions shattered. God of Clay and God Peat in tears, and the Mountain is not appeased, sleep not to lie.

Flew then a little Bird in the far Northern country, a visit to the God of Snow. Began to ask for help.

"But it is not my season, " said the God of Snow, fearless Bird.

Now in this country the spring, and therefore, my younger brothers, the Rain God and the God of Wind, there owners. But the Bird was not reassured.

- We have a Mountain to pacify, to sleep for a long time to pack, and then the country will again be live and live.

Like that Bird, these are the things that will help you then.

Agreed, the God of Snow and flew with the Bird, snowflakes playing. Flew up to the blazing fire of Grief, and without any demand dropped on top of a snow coat. Suddenly everything became quiet around. The gods of the Earth's Crust looked at each other. Animal pricked up his ears. People looked out of their shelters. Brothers and sisters of our birds came back. A miracle happened: snow coat came in the nick of time a high Mountain. Since then, Mountain asleep. Many years have passed. The gods of the Earth's Crust never quarrel. And small and fearless Bird arrives to his new home every spring, and sings Sleeping Grief his lullaby:

-Sleep Mountain high

From dawn to dark,

From bottom to top,

And almost in a dream freckles.

And then your country

To be fully happy!

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