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Service was asleep. Its dial is lying on an imaginary pillow of air. The hands kept time. Only occasionally in silence resounded: "tick-tock, tick-tock". The night was summer, and because the whole room, where he lived the Clock was lit by moonlight. The window opened, tulle under the breath of wind now and then discharged in the air shapes.

Suddenly the wind into the room, something flew and shrieked "LJ, EPL". And it's something fell on the table. From knocking the Clock opened his eyes.

- C-C-cool, - said something.

- Like flight. Hey, is there anyone?

The clock finally woke up. In the room, though it was light, but to see a strange buzzing creature was difficult. Next to the Clock on the table was a Book, Candle and Tea. The clock looked back. The makers were peacefully sleeping, issuing from the spout remains of the day the pair. The book was so cold in the wind that wrapped in its own page and froze, and Candle...

At this time, the Candle coughed in his sleep, woke up and lit. From such a sudden flash blinked all who lived on the table.

"I just wanted to ask You to cover the table, " he said, smiling Candlelight Service.

"I careless what, from each of the motion of light. I woke up?

- You woke me up... here it is. The clock pointed to the place where it was being.

By the light of Candles all saw a brilliant and very beautiful Fly. Fly has spread its four transparent wings and enthusiastically looked at the Candle.

- How wonderful, how wonderful - day again! - jumping to the candle, said the Fly.

But as soon as the Fly ran to the body of the candle, Book, like off the blanket, pulled back to the side of the page, and said:

- Immediately remove this stupid creature from the fire, it will burn. The fly stopped and looked angrily at the Book. The clock has covered a Candle. The candle has reduced the flame.

- Does it really burn? - growled the Maker.

"What nonsense, " said the Fly.

- All my life I fly for the best colors and the brightest lights. Night and darkness for me are not friends, and lighting is the best in my life.

At these words a Fly flew up to the fire, scorched wings and screaming fell on the table.

- Water, water! - shouted the Alarm.

The maker immediately lowered the nose and sprayed on the Fly. The book waved his page, just a fan, and Fly woke up. The next morning the Alarm rang, the Kettle is boiling, the Book is not read, and the Candle was not lit up. On the Desk there was silence. Everyone was waiting for, when you Wake up wiser and very beautiful Fly.

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