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In the jungle, inhabited by different animals, was a mess. Were to blame Monkeys. They refused to perform their duties. The monkeys would take care of banana trees, pineapples, and not guarding their territory. What did they do? Every morning, after Breakfast what need, large and small Monkeys jumped down from the trees stood in a circle and started to dance. They danced so noisy and so cool that they came to see many.

Again, the Monkey dance, " said the old Elephant, raising the trunk in the sky.

- View! Rush! - smiling, said furry Kangaroo.

Lots of dancing! A lot of fun! - shouted colorful Popugai.

Thus, in the jungle every day was a holiday. So much so, that other animals, birds and insects, decided to follow the example of Monkeys, and decided to do nothing. Suddenly from somewhere out of green jungle and begins the yellow desert, neighbors came Dancing Monkeys - the Right of the Monkey. They were always busy, and did not retreat a single step from the scheduled activities. Heard Correct Monkeys about the mess in the jungle, and went to visit. Correct Monkeys were surprised with what I saw. All the bananas fell from the trees, pineapples faded, and their neighbors are dancing. Then Correct Monkeys poured pineapple, collect bananas, and still live in the jungle. In the end it turned out to be much nicer than in the hot desert. When Dancing Monkeys were hungry and decided to collect the scattered bananas, they found that their eating neighbors. Correct Monkeys announced:

While you will dance, we will be there live!

The next day hungry Dancing Monkeys were gathered in Council. The leader of the pack said:

"Brothers, we have forgotten our case, indulge in the fun, and we have no right to be angry with our neighbors, they saved our harvest!

"But do we not have the right to do what they want? "objected the other Monkeys.

"I think you need to assemble a Council of the jungle, and to invite the Right of Monkeys! - concluded the Leader.

The time has come of the Council of the jungle. Now all the animals rush to the plantation Dancing Monkeys. We had to decide whether to dance monkeys or not to dance, how to get your bananas and pineapples.

Though understood Dancing Monkey that is not right, but insisted on dancing, and that went away from their territory the Right of the Monkey.

Though understood Correctly Monkeys that Dancing Monkeys have to solve their problems, but they also knew that if I leave, then soon Dancing Monkeys will come to live with him in the desert, because there is nothing there. Therefore, for the common good, they insisted on stopping dancing and responsibilities. The dispute was hot. Many animals cried a lot. In the end, decided to vote. Who will vote for most animals is right. Each put a banana in the direction of the Dancers, in the Right side of Monkeys. Formed two large slides. When bananas were calculated was equal to the number.

- Draw! - announced Parrot-economist.

Why draw? - said the Leader of the Dancing Monkeys.

"I think someone voted! And I think it's you, old Elephant.

All the animals looked at wise Elephant. The elephant lifted his trunk in the sky and said:

- I respect the Right of the Apes, if they do not, in the jungle and in the desert there would be a mess.

- I respect the Dancing Monkeys, if they do not, in the jungle there would be holidays.

- Oh, and challenge friends! In this world for every good thing has its time. Therefore, there can be eternal holiday, or eternal. Let's help each other. Dancing Monkey will return to his duties, and at the end of each week will be to organize dances. Correct Monkeys to return to the desert, but at the end of each week will come to rest to the Dancing Monkeys.

All the animals cheered and agreed with the wise Elephant. Since in the jungle was a time of work and time to party!

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