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The fog crept through the woods just a cat chasing a mouse. While it's hard groaned and spoke aloud to himself:

And why am I afraid of all the animals? I absolutely harmless!

A white cloud of Mist came into the forest whenever it was twilight. Then the Moon went to sleep, and all was plunged into darkness. No one in the forest didn't know the Fog, but everyone was scared of him because when he came nothing was to watch. The fog was so white and thick that even the largest animals ceased to see each other, even when they were standing next to it. And the smallest, but the most vigilant animals could not focus in their eyes in the Fog. Only one Fog is not a bit confused, was the Owl. This beautiful round-headed bird lived on the highest branch of an old oak tree.

So high the Fog didn't get, so she could see everything that was on it. As you know, the Owl is a bird that sleeps during the day, but not sleep at night. So the sight of it is that for him, the Fog is not a barrier. However, Owl lived in the forest, because all forest issues were important to her. She nearly every summer day heard the beasts of the Mist, saw how they were hiding in their burrows, and after a while saw the Fog, making her way into the forest. The owl was a smart bird and knew that forest of equilibrium it is necessary to adapt the Fog and Animals. But how to do it? The owl did not know. Once in the forest was a very hot day and the Owl was drying his wooden cot.

Usually drying crib took a little time because the tree very quickly sohlo under the scorching rays of the sun. But today, the Owl decided to leave the crib under the sun longer. Owl knew that the Sun - magic ball, from the light which can light up the tree. And so it happened: cot caught fire, and the Owl took off her high Oak. The fire broke out in a small dry twigs, and the forest began to panic. The animals did not know what to do: someone tried in the mouth to bring the water, but it was not enough; someone waved wings, but only kindled the flame. Then the Owl flew through the woods and shouted:

- We need the Fog, it is wet, it can extinguish the fire!

Animals afraid of the Fog, became his name. The fog, which was already creeping up from the far side of the forest and complained about life, suddenly I heard a common animal call. Fog hurried. Seeing the fire, Fog pressed his big wet palm.

The fire disappeared. Owl, though he has lost the crib, but found the forest dwellers of this comrade. Since then, the Fog began to respect and honor in the forest, and the Owl became the best friend of the Fog.

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