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DEVELOPMENT / Tongue twisters for kids to improve diction

Tongue twisters for kids will help your child to learn how to clearly and to speak beautifully, and will also help to improve diction and memory.

Tongue twisters for kidsFrom the sound of hoofbeats dust flies across the field.

On the courtyard grass, on the grass, firewood, do not cut the wood on the grass of the yard.

All patters not personologist, not perivascularly

The wasps are not a mustache, and not used-schA, and u-u-Shiki.

Weaves weaver fabric for scarves Tanya.

Thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered, but did not vulverable.

Carl from Clara stole corals, and Clara Carl stole the clarinet.

Forgot Pankrat the Kondratyevich Jack
And without the Jack well, not to raise on the path of the tractor.

The interviewer of the invaders were interviewed.

Reported Yes not corporeal, then taraporevala, Yes taraporevala.

Black night black cat jumped into a black chimney.

Eats fed'ka vodka radish

Rode the Greek across the river, sees Greek in the river cancer.
Put the Greek hand in the river, the cancer arm of the Greek - DAC!

The Sergeant-major with varmista, the captain with rumantscha.

Brit Klim brother, Brit of his brother, and brother Pankrat - bearded.

To the Habsburgs from Strasbourg.

Was not sorry mom soap. Mama Mila soap soap.
Mila soap did not like the soap she dropped.

The Protocol Protocol Protocol record.

Exercise diction helps language development.

The Christmas tree needles pins.

In one wedge, Klim, chop.

Said the commander in Colonel about podporujici,
And when Podmoskovnye about pagpapalit said nothing.

Turk Smoking a pipe, hammer bite grains.
Do not smoke, the Turk, the tube peck, the hammer, and grains.

Lucky Senka Saniku with Sonya on a sled.
Sled jumps, the Czech feet, Sonya forehead, all in the snow.

The water carrier was carrying water from the water supply.

Our your head head head Perevalova, Perevalova.

Filed rake crab crab.

Was volkhova the sorcerer in the barn with the Magi.

Rhododendrons of the arboretum.

Forty with sorokovikova.

On mount Ararat tore Barbara grapes.

In the courtyard of the metochion weather razocharovalas.

Two woodcutter spoke about the Stall Yes about Varco

The boat arrived at the port of Madras.
A sailor brought aboard the mattress.
In the port of Madras mattress sailor
Broke in a fight albatrosses.

In Kabardino-Balkaria valocordin from Bulgaria.

Was deideologization-deideologization, and codeineromethazine.

I'm going on the road of potholes will not leave me.

Them pesticides not Perepelytsia our own pesticides.

Carl from Clara stole corals, Clara Carl stole the clarinet.

Once daws pop frightening,

In the bushes noticed the parrot,
And the parrot says here:
"Scaring you jackdaws, pop, and scare.
But only daws, pop, frightening,
Don't you dare scare you parrot!"

The ships maneuvered, maneuvered, but did not vulverable.

Queen of the gentleman gave Caravel.

Cokesbury cook Skorobogatova coconut juice.

Mother Mila soap soap, Mila soap is loved.

Stranded we burbot lazily caught,
Changed burbot you me at Lin.
About love me do you cute prayed,
And in the mists of the estuary attracted me?

On the hill coolies, will ascend the hill and Kul will deliver.

Small biceps the exhibitionist.


Employees the company was privatized, privatized Yes not variational.

Sasha cap cone knocked.

Sirenevinkiy zubavicovirevatelnitza.

Scoreguard storagemodel scrobicularia,
All the rhymes are not personologist not pereskorogovorish,
But zakarevicius, viscerosomatic -
all tongue twisters personologist, pereskorogovorish.
And jump patters as the carp in the pan.

Shot with Hopes colored clothing,
Without clothes Hope not beckons as before.

Stitched cap, but not in kolpakovskiy,
cast the bell, but not in Kolokolova.
Should the cap be perelapachivat, parvicapsula.
Should bell percholorate, Pereyaslavl.

Adder stung Uzice.
Already with Uzice not get along.
Much horror has become -
snake Uzice will eat for dinner
and say (start first).

Fluorographic was fluorographical fluorographic.

I - verticaltab. Can VerticalResponse can diverticulitus.


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