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Social protection / System of economic incentives for voluntary participation of citizens in pension provision

The Federal law of 30 April 2008 No. 56-FZ "On additional insurance contributions to the funded part of labor pension and state support for the formation of pension savings" for the first time introduced a system of economic incentives, voluntary citizens ' participation in pension provision. The law provides for future retiree to be involved in a funded system, because the size of the future pension is, above all, a personal challenge and responsibility of a citizen. Now we all have the opportunity to participate in shaping their pension, voluntarily contributing additional funds. The government, for its part on each dollar of contributions of citizens will be to add one more (but not more than 12 thousand rubles per year) from the budget. In addition to the additional contributions of the insured persons, the Law allows employers to participate in the formation of pension savings of workers.

1. Who can participate in the voluntary pension accumulation?

Any person, regardless of age, including those who previously were not subject to pension insurance. If for any reason the citizen is not open account in the Pension Fund, it will be open when applying for the voluntary introduction into legal relations on mandatory pension insurance in order to pay additional contributions. In this case, these citizens, together with the application, you must submit the information required at initial registration to the FIU.

2. Where to apply for voluntary payment?

There are several variants of filing of application:
1. At work: in this case, the employer shall, within three days must pass it to the territorial body of the Pension Fund;
2. In the territorial body of the Pension Fund at the place of residence for personal reference;
3. Send the application to the territorial body of the Pension Fund by mail. In this way the employee will be required to notarize your signature.
Territorial authority of the FIU, within 10 days after receipt of the application, must inform the citizen of the date of entry into legal relations in mandatory pension insurance in order to pay additional contributions to the funded part of the pension.

4. In what period of time the state will support the formation of pension savings? Join the program at any time within 5 years from 1 October 2008 to 1 October 2013. The term state support is determined within 10 years from the year following the year of payment of additional contributions.

5. How much money can I make as a voluntary contribution?

The employee decides how much it will pay, the law restricts only the minimum contribution amount is 2000 rubles per year. "Co-payment" state will be equal to the annual amount paid additional contributions of the citizen, but not more than 12 thousand per year.

If the employee participates in the program 10 years, listing 1 thousand per month, the state contribution will be 12 thousand rubles a year, then for 10 years together with his own contribution (excluding investment results) will be 240 thousand rubles.

For employees who have reached retirement age (55 for women and 60 for men), provided the fault condition while participating in the program from a pension, the state will pay 4 rubles per 1 ruble of voluntary contributions, but not more than 48 thousand per year. Therefore, for one year of participation in the program, along with private contributions, the funded portion will increase by 60 thousand rubles (12 thousand+48 thousand).

6. When the law comes into force?

From October 1, 2008 citizens can apply, and transfer payments can be from 1 January 2009.

7. If the employee in addition to their additional contributions paid by the employer, whether its contributions when determining the amounts of co-financing?

No, the amount of the state Supplement depends only on the premiums the employee paid for the year.

8. Who calculates the amount of state support and how it falls on the individual's account?

After processing all data on the contributions of the employee Pension Fund calculates the size of the state co-financing and up to 20 of April of the year following the year of contribution, sends the request to transfer the required amount from the Federal budget. Funds from the budget within 10 days after receipt of the application are transferred to the Pension Fund, and due to each employee, the amount is recorded in their individual accounts.

9. What happens next with credited to the account of the employee means?

Federal funds aimed at co-financing of pension savings and paid to the budget of the Pension Fund are invested in accordance with the will of the future pensioner: being transferred to private management company (MC) or non-state pension Fund (NPF). If he chooses a non-state pension Fund or a private management company, state support funds transferred to them by the Pension Fund no later than may 15 of the year of receipt of funds for co-financing of pension savings.

If the employee is no such orders were given, by default, these funds will be transferred to the state management company (Vnesheconombank). The law envisages a reduction in the order of transfer of funds for investment, as well as the possibility of early choice of the management company.

10. Will be inherited by the amount of voluntary pension contributions and government co-financing?

Pension funds for additional voluntary insurance in case of death of the insured person will be paid to the successors in the same order, which provides for the basic pension savings in the system of mandatory pension insurance. Citizen itself can determine its successors and their share by application. Otherwise, the successors shall be determined in accordance with the norms of civil legislation. First of all the payments will be made to a spouse, spouse, children (including adopted), parents (adoptive parents). In the absence of the successors of the first stage (or if they refused to receive funds), funds will be eligible brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren. The payments are made if the employee died before the date of registration of the pension. If the pension was issued, the payments are not made.

Contact numbers in the FIU Department in the Tyumen region, you can get the information You need:

the group organization of the investment process 39-08-58

the organization Department of the personalized registration 46-37-17

Telephone "Hot line" 46-32-90

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