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Kindergarten / Poems about kindergarten

Quiet hours


The shutters are closed,
Children undress.
- Hush, hush, hush, birds,
You do not sing under the window!
In the quiet hour so sweet sleep,
Sleeping guys sound sleep.
You don't cocite, cicadas,
Not tramite - trot-trot-trot!
Relax guys need
Have them sleep for an hour or so!
You don't Kwakye, frogs,
Under the window the boys!
Here cots-cots,
Here the boys are fast asleep.
Shutters open
Children dress...
Tell me, children, I,
What you saw in the dream?

I am now a big

(I. Demyanov)

Loudly brags Openly:
- I am now quite big!.. -
And embracing girlfriend Alu,
Looked at the guys:
- I finish the nursery -
Arrive in kindergarten!

Myself and the guys

(By Ladonia)

The sun disappeared behind the houses,
Leave kindergarten.
I tell my mom
Myself and the guys.
As we all sang songs,
I played leapfrog,
What we drank,
What we ate,
I was reading in kindergarten.
I tell you honestly
And detail about everything.
You know, my mother is interesting
To know about
As we live.

Why sad toys?

Why sad toys,
Leaning against the sofa cushion?
Each other look dull -
Their hostess forgot about them.
Confused doll in satin dress.
Why, how now to walk her?
Who will ride in the pram
And tell funny stories?
What happened to the Cute girl,
Cute, funny, cute?
Mom and dad say,
That ended kindergarten.
Bought a new briefcase leather
Books, pens, pencils
And beautiful shoes too.
Mila rejoices heartily!
Pretty soon, people are funny
One hurried on the way to school.
Will be the girl student
Mom and dad will be proud of.
Hugs toys Mila:
"And as for you, I have not forgotten.
Growing up my sister,
I will not stand aside,
'd be a little help.
Together we will be toys to play with!"


O. Vysotskaya

We come to kindergarten
There toys are.
The locomotive,
Wait guys.
There's pictures on the wall
And the flowers on the window.
Want -
A toy horse!
Everything in this house for us
Tales, song and story,
Noisy place,
Quiet hours -
Everything in this house for us!
That's what a good home!
In it we grow with each passing day,
And when
Grow up,
Together in school will go.
Game in the herd
Agnia Barto
Yesterday we played in the herd,
And growl we need.
We growled and roared,
A dog barked,
Not heard any comments
Anna Nikolaevna.
And she said sternly:
"What noise is this you?
I've seen many children -
These I see for the first time.
We told her in response:
No kids here!
We do not Petit and not Vova -
We dogs and cows.
And always dogs bark,
Your words do not understand.
And always Moo cow,
Driving away flies.
And she: " what do you mean?
Well, if you're cows,
I then shepherd.
I ask you to bear in mind:
I cows'm home.
Fun kindergarten
We play all day,
The entire day playing not lazy.
Dolls, blocks, and bears...
We can read books and
We big kids
All I want to know in the World.
Our cheerful kindergarten
Every child happy.
Join us friends
Will be glad always.
Will you and I be friends,
On a guided walking tour,
Learn new things,
Useful, fun.
About the nature want to know
How to grow edible mushrooms,
Why you should eat it,
And the grebe don't want?
Why our proteins
Deftly leaping from branch to branch,
Foxes have a fluffy tail,
And the bear loves honey.



That's really the sun looked
And in yours, child, box,
Over the fields launched
Gold leaf.
Stand up, look in my window:
In summer the day is full of miracles.
Here's a bit of an imp-track
Took someone in the woods.
There on the surface of the horizon
The sun pulls the plane.
In the meadow screaming crows,
The tower-cloud floats.
In bird songs beats the joy.
Haste is the people.
Who where, and for us in the preschool.
Well, get up here, mom is waiting!


C. Pitirimov

I love my kindergarten
It was filled with guys.
One, two, three, four, five...
It is a pity that not all count.
Maybe they are a hundred, maybe two hundred.
Well, when we are together!
Goodbye country Courland,
Funny Vidomliany!
Sailing, friends, courage!
Sail to the land of fantasy,
Far Of Pervoklassnyi.
On our ship.
Farewell to our fabulous berth,
And kind, and mysterious,
Farewell, our kindergarten!

Our towels

N. Naidenov
We pictures of different
Themselves drew,
Their towels over
Themselves nailed.
Towel Olya
Sasha will not take:
Bird he is not to be confused
The blue plane.
Know your boat
Borja beginner
Misha - strawberries,
Masha - top.
Serezha - Apple,
Volodya - pear,
And the picture with cherries
Chose Katusha.
Butterfly - Igor,
Hare - Natasha...
We don't confuse
Towels ours!

The new girl

N. Naidenov

The new girl
In kindergarten. To the new girl
Come right now.
"Why are you back?
Boring one.
Here are our toys,
Here's the elephant clockwork.
You see -
I key off,
Now it will be
From the wall to the table.
Here is our cubes,
We build homes.
You will also learn
To build itself!
Come, I to the boys
You will take.
All girls like
In kindergarten!

Katya in a manger

H. Alexandrov

One, two, three, four, five:
Going for a walk.
Tied Katenka
Scarf polosatenkie.
Kate sled luck
From the porch to the gate.
And Serge on the track
Pigeon throws crumbs.
... Girls and boys
Jump as balls,
Feet footsteps,
Fun laugh.
Why not dancing
Our new?
Kate it is a brand new,
In dance it is.
... Lights went out,
Fell asleep nursery:
And Lida, and Kate,
And the doll in the bed.
Only Bear not sleeping,
On the window sits;
Looking at the moon.
"Not asleep!"

Olga Pavlovna

N. Naidenov

Who will tell you everything:
Why is thunder,
As factories,
And what kind of machines,
And how gardeners
Broken flower beds,
And about the North and the South,
And about all that is around,
And about the coal and gas,
About taiga and the Caucasus,
About the bear, about a Fox
And about berries in the woods?
Who will teach you to draw,
Build, sew and embroider,
Bringing children into a circle,
Read them a poem,
Say, "Learn yourself
And then read the mother"?
Who'll understand
Why Oleg fights,
Why Gali with Nina
He matryoshka took,
Why elephant out of clay
Misha immediately broke?
This teacher,
This Olga Pavlovna.
Loves Olga Pavlovna
All my guys,
Very Olga Pavlovna
Loves kindergarten!

Edicin house

I. Demyanov

Galoshes take home,
A lot to do today...
Edicin house,
The my locker,
Quite you empty!
How was filled winter is sticking out of the sleeves...
Sometimes the door, my locker,
I had barely closed
You will take the baby to another,
Go to me!
Edicin house, my locker,
Ever say goodbye to you like old friends!

The day of farewell

I. Demyanov

Sad maples have fences- The day of farewell...
Goodbye kindergarten,
Our desks to sit
In this autumn!
Even Teddy bear
Sleep won't...
On the floor sits in the corner
With him parted.
Here dogdance glass
Sad day, we, the guys,
And cheerful.
Goodbye, kindergarten.
Hello, school!

In school

H. Alexandrov

Yellow leaves fly,
Day is fun.
Escorts kindergarten
Kids in school.
Faded flowers from us,
Flying birds.
-You go first
in the first class to learn.
Doll sitting sad
On the empty terrace.
Our cheerful kindergarten
Remember in the class.
Remember the garden,
The river in the far field...
We, too, in a year
Will be with you in school.
Suburban train departed,
Rushing past the window...
Promised well,
best of all to learn!

New manger

H. Alexandrov

New nursery opened in us,
In the manger come the kids now.
The rooms are bright and cots are
These cots will stack guys.
Keeps Misha behind my mother's skirt -
Misha tearful in a manger came.
Olenka boldly walks alone,
In the manger itself ran it.
Cleaner wash, water will not be sorry -
Will palm from soap whiter.
Delicious grass cows eat,
Many will give milk for the children.
Were the guys to eat in the garden,
Will today fritters in honey.
New shed their milk,
It's a pity that pussy now far away.
In the field grasshoppers loud crack.
To sleep in the chill put the guys.
Fat Joe still quite small,
Start walking on the grass fell.
Got the boys to play on the sand,
Did Sergei high pie.
Olenka fun in the manger lives,
He loves to dance and dance with everyone.
Then came the gray winter,
White caps put on the house.
New sleds on the snow creak.
In the manger on Christmas tree called the guys.
Got the guys in a wide circle,
Someone on the Christmas tree candles lit.
Olenka boldly stepping forward,
White Bunny doll gives.
Every good gift happy.
Fun in a manger for our kids.

We go to school

I. Mikhailova

And we are celebrating today
Joyful, cheerful.
Goodbye, kindergarten!
Hello, school!
So we were growing bold,
Good, skillful,
Know all you loved us
And good taught.
To dress very quickly,
Wash very clean,
Books by syllables to read,
All that we see, count,
Gently, quickly there,
Even all don't count.
Drew we, sculpted
From colored clay,
On the tour went
And played with Pinocchio,
And I played hide-and-seek,
Daughters-mothers, horses
And danced
Near the tree in the New year!
People music and tales,
Our songs and dances,
Love the game on the day of birth,
Love the holiday and fun!
Today escorted us
In Wonderland and knowledge
And we go into the first class,
Thank you, good bye!


Dmitry Sukharev

Kindergarten starts with eight,
And eight as our yard is filled with a swarm.
Human offspring, Amateur fuss,
In the morning, silent and sullen configured.
So my work time, I run,
Courtyard greets me with the chirping Burr,
And the offspring already gromozda snow
Their towers, their labor quarters.
Sometimes Bulletin, sticking out of the window,
All look-see for a long time-long,
As free and wild, from dark to dark
Accustomed to change to order and duty.
And leave the boys in the seventh, in the semi-gloom,
Hastily, without saying "goodbye" to each other,
And hurry-trip on the frozen earth,
Clinging to the warm mommy's hand.

Kindergarten (poem-song)

Tatyana Shapiro

-I do not want to kindergarten!-
Crying loudly, to be honest.
-I do not want to kindergarten!-
Crying loudly again.
-I do not want to kindergarten!-
He is crying loudly.
Anyway its here
Mom leaves.
Here is the week passed,
And then the other.
And again, and again
The boy that cries.
-I don't wanna go home!-
How to understand this?
Loved kindergarten
Very boy Vova.
Oh, he was used to the drams.
-Nothing! Everything goes!-
He says mothers.
Yes, leave the children.
Kindergarten tears pouring,-
What to keep secret.
You don't forget!
And leave the kids,
After remembering!
In kindergarten,
In kindergarten,
Children, come!
And then there your
Kids here!
The kindergarten.
-What to keep secret?
Where life is good,
When children are near!
You don't forget!
And leave the kids,
After remembering!


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