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Poems about New year from the poetess Tatyana Petukhova, which will appeal to both adults and children!

Poems about New Year


The New year begins,
He seems everyone is waiting for.
Gifts to all frost brings,
But nobody notices
Maybe grandpa dreams
Get a free gift too?
Ran up to him Serezha
Divides the gum in half:
"Take it You! -
From the attention and gifts
My grandfather was even hot,
He smiled Serezha,
And Santa Claus suddenly
was... younger!


Interestingly, the phone
There is a Santa Claus
Do not get mad if he
If you call without asking?
The phone, of course, is,
But the guide here
His number is not found,
You too grandpa forgive,
The room is kept secret,
That is not called often children,

And not from all sides
This mobile chime
Will start from the shore and from land!
Ache can ears.
That will make Santa Claus?
Will tell you seriously:
Him a letter you write,
Try not to rush.
Without errors, gently.
Will grandpa nice
Figure your and the greeting
Get into your


I have a question:
How I knew Santa Claus
And he knows he is alone in the world,
What a gift I want children?
In every house there and here
The Santa Claus really looking forward to.

One, probably, tight,
Maybe it helps Blizzard?
Gets it home
Necessarily itself
Gather all the letters Blizzard,
Letters from the North and South,
And frost will carry.
And the tree in the New Year
Santa Claus all the guys
Hug he will be happy!!


Veliky Ustyug is an ancient city.
Living here in the heat and cold,
Among the pines and birches,
The most important Santa Claus!
In his Kingdom there is a large,
Palace patterned, painted,
Many fairy houses,
Frost guests to meet here happy.

Tree there, Oh , high-Ah!
The lights on it to the ceiling.
Hours old quiet ringing,
And near the tree wondrous throne,
Frost on the throne,
Smiling happily greets.

In the Palace all the comfort,
Santa letters send a lot
From distant villages and towns.
Sometimes a few bags
He gets from guys,
Reading the letters all in a row,
Frost is personally responsible
And all with love hails.
The Frost many cases,
So on the feast he had
His horses belagavi, daring
and dashing

Driven sleigh painted,
On the road quickly aid.

Veliky Ustyug is an ancient castle
Long left behind,
Surprises, meetings ahead,
Gifts for children, a who
Luck of Ustyug frost!


Swirling snowflakes
bright shop,
White and light,
as they are clean!
What unique
unearthly pattern!
Flying, flying snowflakes,
Our caressing eyes.
Asterisk - fluff
in the long winter hours,
Just waltz dancing
amaze us.
How to sing all the tenderness,
where can I find the words?
And the way white
bear in lace.
Lace braid
with a smile on his lips.
The beauty of heaven
white laces.
How beautiful they are
gentle and pure.
In the patterns Vologda
spinacci - flowers.


Near the tree will have a ball!
New year carnival,
Here any hero from a fairy tale,
Here are a pirate walks in the mask.
I pirate a terrible sight,
Black mustache sticking out!
Ode t raspberry beret,
In the hands of a large amount o-o-intelligent gun!
Pirate walks to and fro,
No one learns,
But rushed Mongrel dog,
Licked pirate right in the nose!

- Alenka, Hello, GAF-GAF-GAF!
After all, it's you, and I was right
You I learned all!
And there came a chorus of laughter.
And fun all cried out:
- Alenka, we have come to know you!
A girl - sea of tears.
Consoles Santa Claus-
You, well done! Costume pirate
Appreciated all the guys,
You are in for a big surprise
Get, Alenka, the prize!
...Hall lights all shone,
Continued carnival,
Much joy was brought,
Barked happily Watchdog!


White hare secret
Put the letter under the tree.
He writes: "In the forest so empty,
And the snow crunches, well, like cabbage
Maybe someone in the New year
And me a gift will bring?
Although embarrassed to ask,
But cabbage and carrots,
I tell you honestly,
Often dream about at night.
Waiting for girls,
Waiting for the boys
Will give them a lot of Shishak!


Love partridge
Play winter hide-and-seek,
Until the morning lying in the snow,
Hid, no GU-GU!
Found them Blizzard:
Here is where to hide.
Yeah!! I would be covered with snow all.
And in response there was laughter:
We are not cold in a Blizzard.
We warmly to lie in the snow!
Get back, Blizzard, again
Hide and seek with us to play!


Naughty fat fellows!
I love the Tomboy
From icicles candy.
Loves snow cake,
Likes the fat boy!
And when night come,
We the broom drop away.
Will run from the mountains to ski,
To have fun, to tumble.
We run right OP!
Together jump into the snow.
Love all snegovik
Play fun in the snow.
Here's aim and pop!
You find yourself in a snowy forehead.
Don't miss and not grieving,
We are all really good!


Our favorite snowman
Head quite frustrated:
Hare at night in the forest took
He has a carrot nose!
Do not worry, snowman,
We're in trouble help in a moment,
The nose you will give a new,
The nose is good nose spruce!


Snow Princess
... I make.
Freeze my hands,
Let freeze will suffer!
Snow Princess
as she is pale,
Snow Princess,
why sad?
And maybe dream
to meet the Prince are you?
To give you he will
snow flowers!
And white quiet at night,
when crackling frost,
Fetch thee from heaven
many blue stars.
Snow Princess,
I love you so much
Here will be warmed hands
and Prince I slalu!


The grandfather-the grandfather frost,
Do you have a granddaughter?
The grandfather-the grandfather frost,
Take me to handle.
I'm not afraid of Frost,
Because you're not evil,
Hard I'm going to snuggle,
Sit bare with me!


Waved lush sleeve
The winter witch,
And glittered silver
Snowflakes fringe.
And the first snow is white, pure,
Circling like a butterfly that was fluttering.
Blanket white and fluffy
He quietly earth sheltered.

Covered in soft snow
Bushes, trees and houses,
As white scarves,
They were all wrapped up in winter.
In the white outfit of the ancient city,
Tired straightening his shoulders,
He was handsome, he's young again,
He rejoices at the meeting!


No! Not a joke, but seriously
Angry Santa Claus,
Angry at the guys
Because I don't want
They believe in miracles,
My Grandfather, sad eyes.

He sadly looks down -
This guy is an artist,
He hears behind the laugh.
Grandfather sighed, taking the bag
And walks quietly to the door,
And suddenly hear: believe ,believe!
Stay! - hears the following,
The best grandfather in the world!

And gifts, to be honest,
From you only interested
Us gifts to get,
The kids go back,
Beloved Santa Claus! -

My grandfather moved to tears,
Smiled and said:
-Continue the carnival!

© Tatyana Petukhova

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