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CHILDREN's AUTHORS / CREATIVE TATYANA PETUKHOVA / Children's poems about vegetables and fruits
Poems about vegetables and fruitsChildrens poems about the vegetables and fruits for children, preschoolers for kids website All children! The lyrics will come up and in school, and kindergarten. Poems about the orange, beet, radish, eggplant, peas, cucumber, tomato, banana, melon, lemon.

Poems about zucchini

Fatty - zucchini
Turned on one side,
On the bed I'll sleep
Rain, sunshine, love,
I love, where the air is cleaner!
Large rose KABASHIMA.
While long sweet sleep,
Have to call the dump truck,
So liebco to take.
"Enough, no more to rise!
Pity you have, buddy! -
I myself are very proud-
The world broke the record!

Poems about beets

Growing in the garden beet,
Comes to her grandmother Thekla:
"Oh, you're my soclose,
Under the rays of the sun
Your rounded sides,
Will become rich and strong.
Will you be good
For my soup!
The grandson then invite,
Soup it will be treated.
Will be my grandson smile,
I can see,
How he eats with appetite my soup,
Supplements will be asked honey.
-To grow quickly you beet! -
Asks grandma Thekla.


Grandmother grandson Boris
Put in a Cup of lemon balm
Melissa tasty grass,
Fragrant tea Supplement.
What a delicious gulls!
Pei health, my grandson.
And I'm with you I'll be here."
You, my friend, will see.
Would you like a Cup of tea you have?
How can we together so well!

Poems about the radishes

Who radishes respects?
Who loves radishes.
Very quickly he is growing! -
Ran into the garden,
There in a large bowl
He narval we radish.
Get it on the tooth,
And growing up every day,
We grow! GROW! GROW!
I want to grow up? So it's easy!
Vitamins eat growth!

Poems about eggplant

Dreaming Balaganchik,
Would I, as a dandelion,
He then flew around the world,
Because I look like a rocket!
But have on a branch
Purple neighbor
To brag that I'm the hero!
Just super battle!
And beauty believes me.
As I check?
And the sighing Balaganchik,
Invited her to Tanchiki.
Dance for a long time does not end,
The wind will blow and... swaying.

Poems about peas

Will open in the heat of the pod
His green jacket.
Look, look,
What buttons inside?
Easier there is no answer:
There sweet peas.

Poems about cucumber

Born in the garden,
In a green cot,
Once on the branch youngster,
And he was quite Zieleniec.
Were just frantic,
A jaunty bow.
Yellow flower-crown
Little was the cucumber!
It is night and day
Walked in the rain.
Under the sun walked the man
In the new shirt bright green
Grew up, grew up a Tomboy
and grew a BIG cucumber!

Poems about tomato

Tanned tomato
Started with cabbage conversation:
"Oh, you're white.
Not tanned!
How can I sunbathe.
If dresses forty-five!
While filming dresses.
The sun will wane!

Poems about banana

Under the hot sun, where vines.
Mature sweet bananas.
A bunch of heavy hanging.
Still green,
But turn yellow peel
Banana tear then it is time.
It is no secret that monkey
I love to eat bananas.

Poems about the melon

Under the sun tanned,
The melon is ripe.
Large and smooth
Melon is very sweet!
Taste pleasant.
The smell of fragrant!
Girlfriends will come.
All I melon will be treated.

Poems about garnet

The fruit is beautiful.
Color dark red.
Inside you for the next series.
Just the stones are burning.
Shiny and smooth,
Sour , sweet.
Everyone knows of the guys,
What his name is. .. GRENADES.

Poems about pineapple

This fruit is thick-skinned.
He cones are so similar!
Fruit overseas, just dandy,
He wears a green bow.
Maybe familiar to you?
The fruit is called... PINEAPPLE.

Poems about lemon

Color lemon. thick-skinned,
His finely cut with a knife.
Love with him and drink tea,
But sugar should be put,
Because sour it.
And his name is.... LEMON

Poems about watermelon

Was watermelon large and smooth.
It must have been very sweet!
But. for brother Senechki
There remained only the seeds!
And great cover
Stayed for Egor.
But the younger, Andrei
Blushed even ears:
I watermelon divided and shared.
All forces tried.
Then, could not bear it anymore
And accidentally. ate everything!

Poems about orange

Golden orange,
Like the sun, the younger son!
Look how divided
All at a fraction of the sun he.
Divide it at all!
All at all! Always at all!
Solar heat!

© The Author - Tatyana Petukhova

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