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FEBRUARY 23, Verse 23 February

We offer to Your attention the lyrics for on February 23, which can be used for greetings beloved dads, grandfathers, brothers! Verses 23 February - one of the best gifts from the children of men! Verses 23 February

Congratulations to the Pope.

Dad congratulations
With the holiday men's:
In my youth, I know,
Served in the army.

So, too, the warrior,
Though not a commander.
Holiday worthy,
Guarded the whole world!

For me you are in charge.
Don't give me the abyss:
I am the glorious Motherland
A small part.

Congratulations son.

You today, congratulations,
Heartily you wish:
Happy days and a gentle caress,
The little Princess from a fairy tale,
The difficult victory in the fight -
Let everything get to you!
Congratulations to grandpa.

On the Day of Defender congratulate,
Without attention, it will not leave.
Grandpa always the hero,
Although already quite elderly.
In war as a boy he was.
Not fought, but many survived.
Let no military awards and medals,
The country hardly boys defended.
Proud grandfather of an old mine.
The defender he is number one!
It is for me and a friend and commander -
Love, necessary, indispensable.

Dad's holiday is the most important...

The winds blow in February, howling in pipes loud
Snake rushes through the land of light drifting.
Lifting, running into the distance of the aircraft parts.
It celebrates the February army birth.

At night the storm raged, and Blizzard chalk,
And with the dawn we quietly Papin holiday will bring.
And today, over a wide white tablecloth fields
Top planes are seen on our troops.

Dad's festival is the main festival
All the boys and men.
And to congratulate dad loved us today so hurry!
We wish dads happiness, heaven, peace to them!

We boys our love and respect from the heart!
To protect us always will be, at least until the hand is the shorties!

About dad (song)

How many songs we with you together
Sang the mother of my mother,
And about dad to this song
The song was not one!


Dad maybe dad can do anything
Swim breaststroke, argue bass, chop some wood!
Dad maybe dad could be anyone,
Only the mother, but the mother can't be!
Only the mother, but the mother can't be!

Dad in the house - and the house intact,
Gas lights and no lights go out.
Dad in the house, of course, the main,
If mom wouldn't happen!


And challenge the most difficult
Dad will cope - let the time!
We then solved with mom
All that the Pope is not able to solve!


Become a man.

To become a man is not sufficient for them to be born,
To become iron - not enough to be ore,
You have to be molded, to be broken,
And, as ore, to sacrifice themselves.
You we wish health and good luck.
Let the next will be a joy and a dream.
And let's all men's moral qualities
In you remains the strongest kindness.

A poem for preschoolers to 23 February

February 23 - winter day, wonderful,
February 23 - the dance will be songs!
February 23 - splyashem, will walk,
February 23 - Pope congratulations!
February 23 - holiday nachinaica,
February 23 - daddy smile!

© Copyright: Kirill Avdeenko, 2009

The little officer, or the Story of a little boy

Let me a little Eroshka,
Let distort words!
But I dream a little
Be bold gray lion.
Mom wants diplomat
Make me in the future;
Dad wants a lawyer
So was I once.
I listen to them seriously
And they nod in response;
And then skipping to the grandfather,
To ask him advice.
"I don't want to be a diplomat,
A lawyer shall not want!
Will homeland soldier!" -
Grandfather loud shout.
But you, beloved grandfather,
Smile, as always:
"Oh, my sweet little boy!
The officer will be " Yes!"
I will hear you, grandfather,
General I I!
Let now I fidget -
Now my dream!
And I'll tell at dinner
Mom, dad and the cat,
I'll go, my dear grandfather,
I'm in the military Institute.
I'm busy with the business of
All science study!
There I will teach boldly
Mom, dad to protect!
And shoulder straps on the shirt,
Dark leather belt,
And boots, and hat
To clean I will not laziness!
And all the girls provocatively
Smile will be me
As go home in the form of
Uncle, aunt entire family!
Let me a little Eroshka,
Let I an adult couple!
Here's a little
To protect the country dream!

© Copyright: Kirill Avdeenko, 2009


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