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FEBRUARY 23 / Script on 23 February for preschoolers

Wise grandfather, the scene on February 23

The script on 23 February for preschoolers / members-grandfather . grandson and two facilitators. reading for the author died in the apron something busy Wnuk plays. waving "sabre" /

1st leading. - Stayed at home grandson and grandfather / shows/
Prepared grandfather lunch : soup, omelette, compotek sweet /bends his fingers , one by one/
After dinner, they hide-and-seek has decided with his grandson to play,
Grandfather went to look for him.
Grandfather walks, everywhere he looks, looking for his grandson, who, on tiptoe, then appears behind grandfather.
It appears in a different place, chuckling slyly.
Grandfather /his hands/ -Where is my grandson, where ?
/confused/can't find anywhere else !
/turns to the guys, the audience / You haven't met?
Grandson, maybe, did you see that? What I will say in response? /a few replays/
Children - No! No! No!
Grandfather /sad/ Not?! I have lost a grandson mark!/ sighs / grandson looks over the back of the chair/
2nd leading and grandson sawpit /shows/ and grandpa watches! /threatens finger
- Andthe rocks long grandchild grandfather, slowly opened the cupboard,
Found a box of chocolates /grandfather opens the box of chocolates/
Grandfather /mysteriously / chocolate Candy, candy wrappers elegant /grandson Peeps from disturbances
Even opened his mouth /
Grandfather / smile/ so many of them lying here, Oh, how delicious, I must eat.
1st moderator - Candy took and at the same moment, he heard an angry shout!
Grandson ran to the old man and grabbed his arm.
Grandson /angrily/ Grandfather! Time will stop! you were always taught to share!
Well, sit down quietly in a chair /gently lays her grandfather, even his fans /
I'll tell you because honestly, you're dear to me and we love it! /presses his hands to his chest, looking into the eyes of
/strictly/ sweets is harmful to the elderly!
Grandfather /asks frightened/ Sweets is harmful to the elderly?! /touches your forehead /
Grandson /conviction/- Yes!! Don't need you at all!
Grandfather /echoed quietly, sighing / Yes, absolutely.
Grandson /picks up the box and doctoral voice/You save /pause / I eat!
1 presenter turns to the 2nd /confused/
Do grandson grandfather will give a box with all the candy?
And if it is allergies? What do you think, Maria?
2nd leading - of Course, no! Our wise grandfather
Will not allow grandson damage quite a bit there candy,
In beautiful wrappers dummy, but for our boys
Them in the box five - he would have to find.
/ Grandson expands angry candy wrappers, throws it on the floor / looking for candy
Grandson /indignant/- Ded!! Where's the candy?
Grandfather cheerfully stands /with a smile / You know, I exploration in our army,
You have not forgotten it? And wisdom is one. Oh, believe me, always important!
You're future soldier! Be proud of you will be happy! /pause/
And GREEDY to be, Oh, not good! /threatens finger fun/
Always around /pause / learn
All together : to SHARE!!


Some practical tips that might be of interest and used.

Not to give the poem to parents, while the children will not remember all the intonations and gestures.

the guys tells the poem, first as a story.

Pre-shape the main meaning of the word in the text, the button on them to emphasize, to think of all the gestures, tell poems by hand, be sure it is important for each row has its own intonation. Then the text will not sound monotonous. When prepared all the bridges verbal, to go to the poem. Read several times / how the actor / children, and then rote memorization.

It is very important to find a voice. Its a rule, the first one, who stays confident and strong voice, and then for them who are weaker, they will imitate strong voices, the ending should be designed.

When the children read poems together, they enjoy playing, join to read art. Tomoreover, in one poem involves several children, that much important for parents.

I wish you all success - such a reading of poetry is not easy, but the results surely. Will be!


Additional materials:
Baby scenario 23 February The script on the day of Fatherland defenders for children 5-6 years "Thirty-three heroes"

Decoration of the hall: on the walls you can put different pictures on the theme of war. It can be images of actors: for example, illustrated scenes from the epic of Russian heroes or increased reproduction V.M. Vasnetsov, which shows heroes and warriors, as well as pictures of any of the other artists on the theme of war.

The scene on February 23 for preschoolers "A wise grandfather, games scene on holiday 23rd February for preschoolers

Original scene from Vologda poetess Tatyana Petukhova on holiday on February 23.

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