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Demetrius Saturday - Festival of Patriotic songs, Tyumen

National youth military-Patriotic festival

"Dimitry Saturday"

From 5 to 7 November 2009 in the city. Tyumen was the all-Russian youth military-Patriotic festival "Dimitry Saturday".

Festival "DimitrySaturday" is Tyumentsev traditional. This year one of the founders of the festival was organized by the Department youth policy and public relations of the Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy of the Russian Federation, the festival awarded the status of"national" and changed the model of the festival. Also, this year marks the that "Dimitry Saturday" was held in Tyumen already 15 times.

The festival was held for the formation of the Patriotic and spiritual and moral values among youth, introducing young people to the preservation of historical and cultural traditions, as well as preserving the memory of the soldiers killed in the defense of the Fatherland.

The festival took place the following measures:

The main event among the festival activities was the contest of Patriotic songs "Dimitry Saturday", in which was attended by the winners of the regional youth festivals and competitions of military-Patriotic songs. A total of 38 teams, and 104 participant.

Program song contest were provided by four nominations: the singers, songwriters, vocal-instrumental ensembles, vocal groups.

Prize in the categories as follows:

Category "Singers"

Winners festival:

Bulah Victoria, G.M., Muravlenko, Yamal (age group 14 - 18 years), Chieftains Nicholas, Muravlenko, Yamal (age category 19 - 25 years), Demyanenko Marina, Tyumen (age group 26 - 35 years)

Winners I degree:

Okhrimenko Ivan, g, ANDPWM Tyumen region, Borodulin Victoria, settlement mezhdurechenskiy kondinskogo district, Khanty-Ugra (age group 14 - 18 years), Yurchenko Lyudmila, Tyumen, Giljazetdinova Oksana, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area(age category 19 - 25 years), Deaf George, Nyagan, KHMAO-Yugra (age group 26 - 35 years)

The diploma of II degree:

Kirilenko Kirill, , Tyumen (age group 14 - 18 years), Malyshkin Alexei, g.T., Umani, Baganova Natalia, and the settlement of Vinzili Tyumen region, Tyumen region (age category 19 - 25 years), Roman Grigoriev, Omutinskiy district of the Tyumen region (the age group 26 - 35 years)

Category "songwriters":

The winners of the festival:

Amochaev Michael, g, ANDPWM The Tyumen region (age group 14 - 18 years), Butkov Alexander, and the settlement of Purpe Purovsky district, Yamal (age group 26 - 35 years)

Winners I degree:

Pavlov, Anton, g.T., umeni (age group 14 - 18 years), Nikolai Afanasiev, Shuryshkarsky district, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district (the age group 26 - 35 years).

The diploma of II degree:

Mymrin Alexander, Iset the district of the Tyumen region (the age group 26 - 35 years)

Nomination "Vocal group":

Winner: Trio Effect, gANDPWM Tyumen region

Diploma of I degree: vocal group "Vacation", POSBorawski Tyumen region Tyumen region

The diploma of II degree: vocal ensemble "red hill", Oktyabrsky district, Khanty-Ugra

Nomination "Vocal-instrumental ensembles":

Winner: the rock-group "NG team", g.T.obelisk Tyumen region

Winner I degree: group "THEMSELVES", g.T., umeni

The diploma of II degree: VIA "Rosich", g.CUrgut, KHMAO-Yugra


Special diplomas, established by the organizing Committee of the festival awarded:

- VIA "Cherry pie", g.T.Arco-Sale, Yamal - "positive";

- Dusk Sergey, g. Soviet, KHMAO-Yugra - "For loyalty Patriotic theme";

- Chumak Maxim, settlement Ob Oktyabrsky district, Khanty-Ugra - "Identity";

- Anastasia Filippova, POSSOojcowski Nefteyugansk district, Khanty-Ugra "For emotion and feeling execution";

- Timokhina Anastasia, g.CUrgut, KHMAO-Yugra "For fidelity to the classical genre";


Composition The jury of the contest "Dimitry Saturday":

Alexander A. Saganaw

Chairman of the jury, poet, author of the popular songs of the group "lube", the winner of the National award "ovation"award, Robert Rozhdestvensky, gM.the n;


Basil Nikolaevich Pustylnikov

Honored worker of culture The Russian Federation, music producer, Director of Tyumen puppet theatre;


Ekaterina N. Chernyshev

Professor of choral conducting at the Tyumen state Academy of culture and arts, laureate of all-Russian competition of composers of Russia imagitron;


Valery Pavlovich Serebrennikov

Tyumen composer, singer;


Archpriest Igor Khmelev

Chairman The diocesan Department for traditional Orthodox culture Tobolsk-Tyumen Of the diocese.


Within festival "Dimitry Saturday" for the first time in Tyumen there was organized a Festival of historical reconstruction clubs "Fiery mile".

In the festival was attended by historical reconstruction clubs from, Tyumen, Nefteyugansk, , Yalutorovsk, , Zavodoukovsk, , Yekaterinburg. The total number of participants amounted to 50 people.

Competition among participants were held in the following nominations: late medieval fencing, historical fencing full area (plastic).

Prizes were distributed as follows:

Category "Medieval fencing"

Diploma of I degree - Yanbaev Rustam (XIF "Camelot")

The diploma of II degree - of Shatunov Sergey (Kefiri "Legion")

The diploma of III degree - Saranin Nikita (Kefiri "Legion")

Category "Historical fencing full area (plastic)"

Diploma of I degree - of Terlecki Alexander (CERIF "Esquina squad")

The diploma of II degree - Davydenko Sergey (CRIB "Free jail")

The diploma of III degree - Saranin Nikita (Kefiri "Legion")


Special diplomas For maximum reliability historical costume awarded:

Grishin Vladimir - CYRUS "Sengoku Jidai"

Turbines Alexander - Creem "Dragbar"

Razin Vyacheslav - KRIEF Urga "Kabir" the command of UKRF

Alexander Kitaev - CERIF "Esquina squad"


Special diploma "For the command spirit" was awarded the team the CRIB "Free jail"


Composition the jury of the festival of historical reconstruction clubs "Fiery mile":

Bagus Dmitry Valeryevich

Teacher Department of archaeology, ancient history and middle ages of the Institute of history and political Sciences, TSU, candidate of historical Sciences.

Komar Oleg Vladimirovich

Head laboratory historical reconstruction of crafts and trades GUK "Museum complex name Yiallourou"toandidat historical Sciences.

Fakhrutdinova Flair Davletshina

Senior lecturer at the Department of painting and decorative art Tomakei





Dear coordinators information and journalists!

Please highlight the outcomes of the festival events in the media.

Interesting information about the festival you will be able to get

calling by phone (3452) 22-06-33, 8-904-490-40-94

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