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LEISURE / Good books for children / Children's books for coloring and drawing created by Taro Gomi

Super popular all over the world baby albums for coloring and drawing created by Taro Gomi, first published in Russia!

About the book
Albums will help to teach your child to think creatively. The kid will be able to become the hero of entertaining stories, the script which will come up with himself, then to all of his adventures to paint in your favorite color.

Three albums for the development of creativity, "History", "Animals" and "All the Goodies" is a great alternative to many standard colorings.

Chips books
The main feature of books by Taro Gomi is an unusual style of drawing. Illustrations:

  • Keep the vision of a small child. Children learn the characters, items, they feel comfortable to draw in albums
  • Not require a detailed drawing on the precise "adult" circuit, in which a young child is difficult to get

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More good children's books from the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber":
Saki and bad Saki and bad

"Soki and bad" - known children's tale that Irina and Leonid Tukhtaev wrote for their small children almost 30 years ago. Ian and Margaret have already grown up, but the "family story" has not been forgotten. During these years he published 10 books total circulation of 300,000 copies!

Saki and bad School Sokov and Supplements

"School Sokov and supplements" is the long awaited sequel to the well-known fairy tale of Irene and Leonid Tukhtaev "Soki and bad". In a new book Soci grew up and went to school! But even the grown and independent, they still do everything "Zukowski", the puzzling teachers-the bad and causing us smile. They read, write and think honey, tell stories, to stories, and play checkers cheesecake. They are waiting for the most funny and exciting lessons of grammar, arithmetic, geography, biology, drawing, chemistry, and us - new pranks, jokes and puns!

Saki and bad. Sweet recipes Saki and bad. Sweet recipes

In a new book with sakami and badou collected their favorite recipes - the sweetest and most delicious desserts. To cook with this book is easy and simple, even a child. All the recipes are described in detail, and for novice bakers has tips, culinary Glossary and useful tips.

Daily happy mommy Daily happy mom

Zarina Ivanter - successful woman, the owner and Manager of the clubs child development (the"Classics", "Las mamas") and happy mother offers a beautiful and convenient planning tool, which will help to organize their time to get everything and everywhere. This "Diary happy mom", created especially for busy moms who are torn between work / labour of love and a child. And I want to look great!

Little red riding hood Little red riding hood

"Little red riding hood" will be a boon not only for kids but for all parents who remember and appreciate the work of children's artists of the Soviet era who miss the fabulous heroes from his childhood

Baby albums for coloring and drawing created by Taro Gomi Baby albums for coloring and drawing created by Taro Gomi

Super popular all over the world baby albums for coloring and drawing created by Taro Gomi, first published in Russia!

Flexible consciousness Flexible consciousness

At the heart of this book is a revolutionary concept, open famous psychologist Carol Duek in the 20 years of his own research. From it you will learn: why intelligence and talent does not guarantee success, as they, in contrast, can stand in his way, why often the promotion of intelligence and talent puts achieve under threat, and how to improve performance or productivity Manager.

Art to teach The art of teaching

This book is about how to make training fun and effective. Technologies and methods of work today is changing very quickly, and we all have to learn constantly. Many of us teach others, even when it is not directly related to the profession. But if you have ever fallen asleep on a boring textbook or rewinding a tedious exercise in the course, you understand that to create a good learning material harder than it seems at first glance.

Fun prints Fun prints

This book from the famous series American Illustrator ed Amberley - Ed Emberley''s Drawing Book. In this album he shows the young artists how to turn fingerprints in funny people, animals, insects and plants.

If you want to be healthy If you want to be healthy

Health should be taken care of since childhood! It's quite simple, if you know the simple rules and follow them every day. In a new journey, uncle Kuzma explains inquisitive Celestica what to do to always be full of energy and never get sick.

Fascinating physics Fascinating physics

Why objects fall to the floor, not the ceiling? Why the ball does not sink in water? Where does the echo? Why during a thunderstorm, thunder, and as the rainbow appears? To answer these and many other questions inquisitive Celestica will help his oldest friend uncle Kuzma.

How people think As people think

Looking at the spoon on the cover, at first you might think that this gastronomic edition. Actually, it is. Because the cover is food for thought.

Art to explain Art to explain

Many believe talent is the ability to infect their ideas of others - we insist that it can be learned. You did a good job, you got a great product? So tell us about it so that he was able to appreciate. Scale is not important - whether referring you to friends, business partners or to the world, the ability to explain a simple but important step to success.

Hooligan notebook Hooligan notebook

How to teach a child to write, if he does not want to learn? To do so, so it was fun and interesting! "Hooligan notebook" that was created for this purpose. It is possible to dream, to draw, to paint and to invent stories. On the pages of the notebook live funny geezer who always speak their own language, but to understand them can only be a child. Writing for them "wonderful" words and writing stories, your child will learn to write, and unloved lesson will be loved.

Rules for happy families Rules for happy families

Instead of ineffective questions "Why children do not obey me?" or "When they finally do what I ask?", it is worth asking better questions: "What should I do differently?" or "How can I be a better parent?". This simple but challenging habitual beliefs concept translates attention and responsibility back to the parents and what they can do for their children.

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