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TEACHER's DAY / Quotes and sayings about teachers

Teacher - the man who can make hard things easy. - R. Emerson

Educating means doubly to learn. J. Joubert

Teachers of the word is given not to euthanize your thought and to awaken others. - Century Klyuchevskoy

The educator himself must be what he wants to do pupil. - Century Distance

In order to teach the other, you want more of the mind than to learn by yourself. - M. Montaigne

The task of the teacher is not to give students the maximum knowledge and to instill interest to independent search for knowledge, to learn to acquire knowledge and to use them. Konstantin Kushner

Other teaching load can be compared only with the cosmic overload. Konstantin Kushner

Good teachers create good students. - M. Ostrogradsky Century

The teacher, who is able to give its students the ability to find joy in work, should be crowned with laurels. - E. Hubbard

The teacher, the way his thoughts - that is the important thing in any training and education. - A. Diesterweg

Bad teacher teaches the truth, teaches her good find. - A. Diesterweg

Not the teacher who receives the education and training of teachers, and those who have an inner conviction that he is, must be, and cannot be otherwise. This confidence is rare and can be proved only by the victims, which man brings to his calling. - L. Tolstoy

Teacher and teacher should be born; he is guided by innate tact. - A. Diesterweg

The most important thing in school, the most enlightening subject, the living example for the student is the teacher. - A. Diesterweg

The educator himself must be educated. - K. Marx

Who understands the new with the old, he can be a teacher. - Confucius

If the teacher has only love for work, he will be a good teacher. If the teacher has only love for the disciple, as the father, the mother, he will be better than the teacher, who read all the books, but has no love for, or to students. If the teacher combines a love of work and to the disciples, he is the perfect teacher. - L. Tolstoy

Those from whom we learn, properly called our teachers, but not everyone who teaches us deserves this name. - Goethe I.

We have to believe in what we teach our children. - C. Wilson

To be a good teacher, you need to love what you teach, and to love those who teach. - Century Klyuchevskoy

School teachers have the power, on which Prime Ministers can only dream of. - U. Churchill

The teacher should have maximal authority and minimum power. - So Shash

To teach another, requires more mind than to learn by yourself. - M. Montaigne

He is a good teacher, whose words do not disagree with the fact. - Katon


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