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TEACHER's DAY / Poems and wishes of teacher's Day

Author cards for the teachers Day free!

Suggestions to teachers (verses teachers on teacher's Day)

The day of the autumn, when the threshold
His breath already cold,
The school celebrates the day of the teacher
- The feast of wisdom, knowledge work.
Teacher's day! Listen heart
This is the sound that is dear to us
Everything connected with youth, childhood,
We must, teachers!
The bitterness of the first annoying bugs,
The sweetness of the first hard victories
- Let all be reflected in your smile,
Radiating wisdom and light.
You soul is always young,
The work and the joy of sharing with us,
Our strict; our native,
Patient teachers!
Strength you give us a lot
And love - no matter what.
As you believe in us! And, perhaps,
To believe so can't nobody.
No yesterday, no today, no tomorrow
Turn off the faith candle
Without a teacher - no astronaut,
Engineer, poet and physician.
Life wants you to teach us to learn.
Experience your wise treasure.
All that was taken from you, will be useful
And the more valuable will be a hundred times.
Light sensitivity, teach the truth
Our souls and our minds
Everything in life you we will ask,
We will try to accommodate us.
Poetry teacher
We whom the bouquet give?
Who always will help you,
The word gentle support,
Did not understand - explain,
For success you praise?
Who does not love quarrels and noise?
Who lies not tolerate?
Who frowns angrily,
If will not learn the lesson?
Who will put a smile
The long-awaited five?
Who is always himself and upset,
If you deserve a deuce?
It is our strict teacher.
It is our good teacher.
Teacher's day today.
Autumn painted leaves.
We whom the bouquet give?
From soul who will congratulate?
Well, of course, our strict teacher!
Well, of course, our good teacher!
Suggestions to teachers
Our dear teachers!
In this holiday - teachers ' Day -
Forget all your worries
And look at the world more fun.
You are always the source of light,
And the guys all like showeres,
You are beautiful bouquets.
And for them the radiance of Your eyes -
The best reward for the effort,
Better than any of the praise.
And they have one desire:
Just bring happiness to You.
For Your sincere smiles
Both the student and each student,
Instantly fix all my mistakes
In the future they will not be repeated.
You all carry the torch of knowledge,
One that will never go out.
May Your desires will come true,
Let Your house will not visit the trouble!

Suggestions to teachers

Look at people radiant and bright,
From what meet again with you
Former students and current children
Nurtured by thy kindness.
To them you're like a second mother
They take you and caress and comfort,
All they have for you, most beautiful,
Congratulations today go!

Suggestions to teachers

Congratulate you on teacher's Day!
We wish you good health, lots of energy.
Not proclivity children "tormentor",
Of them so that each the good in me was.
More so from your school
Stepped kids in the world of science.
They pass on the registry or something
More knowledge, Golden hands.
Will carry through life, like a banner,
Received in school knowledge
They will apply them in the case skillfully,
You can be proud of them safely.
Live long, don't spare the forces,
To every student of the school was carried
A start in life and the best memory of you,
How is dear to them...
Of them all were mediocre,
But they are all grateful to you,
For your hard work, patience,
Worthy he is kneeling down.

In Teacher's Day

What a proud calling -
To give other education -
Part of the heart to give
Empty quarrels to forget,
Because with us to explain difficult
Sometimes very tedious
The same repeat,
Notebook at night to check.
Thank you for what you
Were always so right.
We want to wish,
So you did not know of the troubles,
Health, happiness for a hundred years!

Suggestions to teachers
Thank you, teachers,
For your good works.
Thank you to all of you, dear,
For the souls of our young!
Thank you from all of us
For your bright and spacious class,
For the long-awaited call,
What has brought us to the lesson...
We will remember you, relatives,
Storming wild blue,
On the farm, in the field, the machine
You will never forget.
Let the sun gives us a smile,
And happiness will be let in abundant!

Poems Teachers Day

Do not let You break failure,
More gifts of fate.
Smile wish You more often
And all their hardships to forget.
Years and success
Wish You all the children you want,
Let a good many years
Together with the bird of happiness fly!

You are a teacher with large letters,
With a young and beautiful soul!
How many years, how many winters
Give soul You young!
And soul so many years
Still young - that's the secret
Your life. Let and be it further
Be happy and healthy!

Suggestions to teachers
The teacher, a school teacher!
You, for us, worrying,
Invisibly into space will pouchitis,
Go into the forest to search
Into the wilderness by the shifting dunes,
Sea foam is expensive...
We are Your eternal youth,
Hope, joy, anxiety.
You still have no rest,
Having devoted his whole life to children.

Words teachers
Let there be fewer holidays than weekdays,
But the one who became a teacher will understand:
What happiness to be useful to people,
To Teach His Majesty The People!
To bring Him the gift of wisdom and knowledge,
And the kindness of his heart light.
There is nothing on earth more responsible callings
Honorable and joyful there.
Immortal ideas outlined
Let it be Your honest labor to the end!
And then You will open meet
Citizens young pure heart!
And they will carry the torch,
As the memory of his teacher
The desire nicer to make this earth,
The planet on which we live!

Humorous greeting the teacher

Oh, this horrible teacher
Girls, boys tormentor!
All of them teach Yes teaches.
And as most will not get bored!
Not he looks dejected -
From those same boys, girls,
To the one who was a terrible bore,
Come message in a heap.
Talents and not mediocrity
In them write words of gratitude.
The profession is no more beautiful:
Today, all holidays holiday!

Poetry teacher

As teacher's Day to congratulate
Taught us teachers?
Not to fall into banality, not to lukavice
What words their feat to praise?
And whether the field more -
Of us, lazy and presumptuous,
To prepare the change, time,
So in the coming year Russia
The laughter of children everywhere not subsided.
We congratulations to You today
In autumn, glorious day and hour.
We hope that we will become
That's like you!

Poems for teachers

Simple and affectionate,
Wise and understanding,
For those who have grey hair at the temples,
Those who are recently out of the walls of the Institute,
Those who are considered to be in the middle years.
Those who told us the secrets of discoveries,
Teaches in the work to win
Everyone who is proud name - master,
Low bow and hot Hello there!

Congratulations to the teacher from the class.

Us, master dear,
Your character like!
Except You, nobody else
With us not enough!
You are kind and fair!
You all are an example for us!
The best feelings gusts
Expresses our class!

Congratulations to the teacher

Had the teacher in the class,
Itself a little bit older than us,
And spent a lesson
What we forgot about the call.
We wanted to know more,
And adults become faster,
And to choose in life the right way,
And in the future to look.
Maybe some of us
Will come here in the school class
And will such a lesson,
What all will forget about the call.
Century Malkov


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