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PATRIOTIC upbringing of the CHILDREN / Machines of world war II
Russian equipment (tanks USSR)
T-34 (or thirty) Tank USSR: T-34 (or "thirty")

The tank was adopted on 19 December 1939. This is the only tank in the world, kept fighting ability and were in production until the end of the great Patriotic war. T-34 tank deservedly enjoyed the love of the soldiers and officers of the red Army, was the best machine of mirovogo tank fleet. He played a crucial role in the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Berlin and other military operations.

IP - 2 Joseph Stalin Tank USSR: IP - 2, "Joseph Stalin"

The JS-2 Soviet heavy tank of world war II. The abbreviation IP means "Joseph Stalin" - the official name of the serial release of Soviet heavy tanks 1943-1953, the Index 2 corresponds to the second production model of the tank of this family. During the great Patriotic war, together with the notation of IP-2 on equal terms used name IP-122, in this case, the index 122 means calibre main armament of the machine.

76-mm divisional gun, model 1942 Weapons of the USSR: 76-mm divisional gun, model 1942

The ZIS-3 was the most massive Soviet artillery gun, produced in the years of the great Patriotic war. Thanks to its outstanding combat, operational and technological qualities of this instrument is recognized by experts as one of the best guns of the Second world war. In the postwar period ZIS-3 long was adopted by the Soviet Army, and was widely exported to several countries, some of which it is in service now.

Military equipment of the USSR: Katusha Military equipment of the USSR: Shimano

Katya is an informal collective name of fighting machines rocket launcher BM-8 (82 mm), BM-13 (132 mm) and BM-31 (310 mm). Such plants are actively used by the USSR during the Second world war.

German equipment (tanks Germany)
Heavy tank Pz VI TIGER Tank Germany: Heavy tank Pz VI TIGER

This is the most formidable German tank of the Second world war. "Tiger" was a perfect example of military equipment.

Panther (T-V) Tank Germany: "Panther" (T - V)

Panther German tank of the Second world war. This war machine was developed by MAN in 1941-1942 as the main tank of the Wehrmacht. The German classification "Panther" was considered a medium tank. In Soviet tank classification "Panther" was considered a heavy tank, it was called as T-5 or T-V. since February 27, 1944, Hitler ordered to use to denote the tank only the name "Panther".

Super heavy tank Maus Tank Germany: "mouse" (super Heavy tank "mouse")

Super heavy tank designed in the Third Reich in the period from 1942 to 1945 under the direction of Ferdinand Porsche. It is the largest mass tank from ever embodied in metal (combat weight - 188 tons). It was built only two instances of the machine. In the fighting tanks were not used, and at the approach of the troops of the red army were partially destroyed by the Germans on the test site at Kummersdorf in order to avoid capture. Later of these tanks in the USSR was restored one machine.

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