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LEISURE / TOYS / History Teddy bear

Toy story for children goes into the distant past. Nobody knows when the first toy, possibly with the advent of the first child of the Earth.

Parents from different eras sought to please their child, began to appear the first doll girls, swords for the boys, rattles... with the advent of the first technique in adults, began to make similar things for children: miniature cars, Railways, happy children in the 21st century.

With the advent of the presidents... appeared Teddy bear. Of course it was a joke, but that's how history connects Americans with the advent of the most popular Teddy bears now - Teddy Bears.

The situation was this: I had one on Affairs of state to visit the us President in the district Smids, state of Missippi. Local forests were rich beast, so Roosevelt could not resist in front of a desire to hunt. Did obsequious assistants. They found a small, helpless baby bear and tied it to a tree, offering it to the President as a hunting trophy. Of course, Roosevelt was angry, and sent the unfortunate animal.

Journalists hunters to stories of this kind, simply could not ignore the incident side. After a few days in one of the Newspapers published a cartoon involving a bear and soft-hearted President.

This newspaper inadvertently caught the eye spouses by Michtom, the owners of the toy store in new York. Then Morris and rose by Michtom jokingly created a children's toy Teddy bear and put it on display along with a caricature. The Teddy bear was named after Teddy (short for Theodore) and instantly gained popularity among customers shop. Later Mishka became the mascot of the American President and helped him win a second time in the presidential election.

In a few years all the Old and New world was flooded by a wave of dedimania. In 1914 Teddy bears begin to produce in England, which will become the third birthplace of the Teddy bear. In 1926 Alan Milne published his book "Winnie the Pooh", and in the 30-ies in Europe even appear Groovy bears.

After the Second world wave of excitement a few slept. The image of the defenseless bear raised up famous in the 60-ies of the English actor Peter bull. In the turbulent times of the Vietnam war and the Cuban missile crisis he promoted this soft toy as a symbol of peace and good old times.

To the 80-th years the interest in Teddy bears broke out with renewed vigor. This is partly due to the fact that in the mid-eighties Teddy bear appears in a new image - the image of a Teddy bear Me to you. At first this character appears on greeting cards English company Carte Blanche. And in 1995 the company launched a line of soft toys. From its predecessors Teddy bear Me to you differed new design: it is the grey bears with the patches and a blue nose.

In 2002, the Teddy bears was a hundred years old. Despite his advanced age, bear hasn't lost its charm and is now experiencing a second youth, but in a new way.

And here is dedimania captures the minds and hands of Housewives from different countries. Needlewomen made bears with their hands in different techniques.

Pictures Teddy bear Teddy bear Teddy Photo Teddy Bear The image of the Teddy bear
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With the advent of the presidents... appeared Teddy bear. Of course it was a joke, but that's how history connects Americans with the advent of the most popular Teddy bears now - Teddy Bears.

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