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Travel with your childto leave WITH the CHILD

"Oh, I'm tired!!!"... - we often hear in my office. "Send me somewhere!..".

Adults usually rest from work, from everyday life, from life. That is why the vast majority tries to go farther, the better. The question to be discussed: to relax from children or with children. In most cases, rest is the only way for parents to stay in the family with a loved child, to communicate, and sometimes even better to get to know each other and strengthen their family.

However, to leave parents with children is successful, it is necessary to compare two things: the requirements of parents and children and the possibilities of different resorts.

Let's start with the youngest kids up to 1 year.

With babies leave home only parents in extreme sports, which are full of confidence. At this age the focus is on the problem of flight. However, if parents do decide on an adventure to a comfortable existence there are two main requirements: the mild climate and prepared the conditions for infants, so you can swaddle the baby, where put to sleep, where to eat in.

In Russia's South is the best place for families with kids - Anapa. To fly a short distance, and some resorts are equipped to accommodate small children. In the hotel "Riviera" is specifically prepared baby kits, which includes a crib, stroller, highchair and baby bath. Many of the resorts provided a cot for babies.

However, you can not go far, if there is close. For families with kids is quite suitable Tyumen sanatorium "Tarascon", "Siberia", "Swallow". Accommodation in comfortable conditions, proximity to home, familiar environment in favor of such a rest.

From abroad, it is better to visit hotels Turkey with sandy coast - districts of Alanya, side and Belek. Also a great option can be specialized kinder hotels hilly part of Austria.

The families with children from one year to three years

A massive Exodus of holidaymakers parents with children begins after year. In this age are acutely nutrition and acclimatization. Hotel service and entertainment must be in second place.

For recreation in the summer good "our" resort of Anapa, Gelendzhik, Crimea. We used to scold them for "Soviet" service. However, where the minus, there's a plus. The service, though not foreign, but familiar to us. Our country or neighboring Ukraine, our usual medical care, usual products. And - most importantly - our kefir and our curds for younger children! Another important point - in the case of urgent need, you can always quickly return home.

If there is no fear abroad, it's good to go to Bulgaria. In the North shady forested area perfectly combines with the sea and the sandy beach. From a climate point of view the most successful place is Croatia. On the Croatian air immature children, especially kindergarten, healthier eyes, babies cut teeth, visibly accumulated weight.

Recently, more and more popularity among Russian families have acquired Turkey, with excellent service ALL inclusive (all inclusive). However, it is important to choose the right hotel. The smaller stars of the hotel, the worse will be provided service. Pay attention to what is specified in the description of most Turkish hotels "children's table" or "children's menu" this is not the cottage cheese and yogurt, French fries, pop corn, chips and all sorts of sweets. Mini clubs children play ball games, drawing and dancing to the music. If the children have reached the age when they need to communicate, parents need to clarify whether there is at it russkoyazichii children's entertainers.

Back to summer destinations for a holiday with children can be safely attributed all the Mediterranean countries: Greece (and its Islands), Tunisia (September, October) , Italy, and Spain - all of them will give You a mild climate.

Option a winter vacation can recommend closer to 3 years themed vacation "To the Grandfather Morse in Veliky Ustyug", "the snow maiden (Kemerovo)", "Lapland to Santa Claus".

If parents love skiing - please resorts "Abzakovo" (Magnitogorsk) Urals and Belokurikha, where a lot of trails and for these kids as your kids.

With a high level of service for winter lovers will fit Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria.

The families with children from four to ten years

At this age, children are already relevant activities, and this is put at the head of the corner. For weak children choose healthier environment. Strong children can be carried on the beaches and in the parks. Beach holidays with entertainment most successfully combined in Italy and Spain. The Spanish coast from the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol richly saturated Safari parks, impressive aquariums, jousting tournaments and attractions.

Many interesting attractions in Germany, France and Austria, but in the summer it's hot and crowded, especially in France. If you are only interested in the sea, most often in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and the Italian Islands.

For older children (seven years) provided by the language tours. Until the child is taught and entertained, the parents finally have time to relax. Educational tours are especially famous for Malta and Austria. However, rarely are able to get rid of the child, even for a couple hours a day, as for many parents, the rest - the rare chance they can communicate with their own child.

There is the possibility of relaxing in Western Europe, where organized tours. The most popular are fabulous program: "on a visit to Carlson" in Sweden, the country Mumiy Troll in Finland or in Legoland in Denmark. Many prefer bus tours through the parks-amusement France, but in the heat of summer to go on these trips is not recommended. Best vacation in the "Disneyland" - April,may - not so hot as in summer, and the people have less - do not have to stand in line for the rides.

Stands apart from Egypt - medical care in Egypt remains at a very low level, and the first trip overseas to carry a child in this country we would not recommend. However, if the child has already been to the resorts and health problems, then, for example, in August-September in Egypt, the climate is more useful than in Turkey.

If you properly prepare your child for the flight to take a pair of new toys, a book, comfortable clothes and shoes, anti-motion sickness), it is not so tiring for children will also be longer, but non-stop flights: Maldives, Dominican Republic, Hainan island (China). In winter all the same ski routes and thematic tours to the heroes of the fairy world.

Vacation with Teens

After 12 years, the child is in a difficult period of adolescence. Children begin to show character and there are situations when the child wants to relax from the "ancestors". In this case, relevant educational programs with separate accommodation; that is, parents with children together, as it were, and can meet whenever you want, but don't get tired of each other constant communication.

Offshore trips are recommended Turkey and Croatia. In these countries, some hotels are organized by the individual clubs for teenagers, which created interest groups - computers, dancing, music. In adolescence, many focus on the sport. In Europe there are many family hotels to the nature, where we organize tours on bicycles or horses.

Popular with teenagers enjoy sightseeing tours. There are cases when children choose where the family go to relax. It all depends on the child's interests. Even one little Greek place of rest may depend on various preferences. On Crete to go, those who are fond of mythology, mainly children 10-11 years. Older guys entertaining the ruins in Athens and Delphi in southern Greece. And in the North of interest can cause the Holy mount Athos and Meteora.

In Russia there are many educational places where you can travel group tours in St. Petersburg, the Golden ring of Russia river cruises. But why have far to go? Because many have not seen Tobolsk and Yalutorovsk. Tour "weekend" is always at your disposal regardless of the holiday period!


Often parents are interested in discounts on participation in tours of the minor child. Indeed, in some countries the cost of a child can reach 80% of the tour price is per adult, and when the baby rests only with one adult and 100%. Therefore, in order to save, choose the country in which traditionally the child rest free - Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus. Some hotels these countries, significant discounts are available for children up to 14 or even 16 years old. But do not despair, if all of these countries have you been, would like to discover something new and save. Almost everywhere, irrespective of the General pricing policies of the resort, there are several hotels that provide maximum discounts for children or placing children for free. For example, in the hotel Fanabe Costasur 4* Tenerife (Canary Islands) child resting on a child fare to 15 years, and in a certain season - totally free, with three meals a day.

Power problems

On vacation most of the kids problems with the gastrointestinal tract, associated with a change of water. Particularly affecting children under the age of two. How to avoid them?

If possible, we recommend you to purchase a freezer bag and thermodrive containers. Put your favorite baby food and milk mixture.

Purchase of dry cereal and a large enough quantity of drinking water that loves your child. Also very convenient to have a portable heater for bottles.

Unfortunately, the shelf life of some kinds of baby food, especially milk mixtures is limited. If the shelf life of food that gets your kid, ten days, mothers and fathers do not stay on vacation longer this time.

Parents whose children are older, when choosing vouchers mandatory recommend you inquire about catering in the hotel and boarding house.

Fatty and fried foods are the worst enemy for tender children's stomachs. Therefore, ask whether you can book your hotel diet meals, like boiled potatoes and steamed meatballs. In any self-respecting foreign hotel this service is mandatory. But in Russian resorts with diet is often a problem.

Our contribution to children's weight and simple -
To open more life faces,
That goes hand in hand with spiritual growth
From growing bodies and school knowledge.

Let see how our world wide,
How much life in every moment.
Hike along each of the roads
Such an interesting book.

In winter the mountains are waiting for! Cheers!,
Lift, snowboarding and skiing.
We are there by themselves - kids -
One with children live and breathe.

Wealth e'er foreign places,
Lakes of Karelia and Komi -
Everything is included in the total interest
And with the wideness of the world introduces us.

Skating rink, swimming pool or gym,
Jog, ski trip -
Grow up children in the eyes,
Not approach the corners.

Sergey Charushin

The material is prepared by Natalia Kolobova, Director of travel Agency Krugosvet

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