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Kindergarten / How to choose a kindergarten?

The choice of kindergarten is a very laborious and does not tolerate haste. Psychologists, methodologists and thoughtful parents are unanimous: the kid is 3 years old it is much better to go to a good kindergarten than to sit at home with your mother, grandmother or nanny to walk in bad - much worse.

There are already formulated a rule that you must remember when enrolling a child in kindergarten: seek not so much a garden as educators, in their personal and professional qualities should bet the parents. It is from the first teacher depends on how the rest of kindergarten fate of your child.

A fairly reliable source of information is word-of-mouth. Pre-start collecting reviews of nurseries in your area with neighbors, friends, parents of kindergartners on the Playground, in the clinic, a primary care physician.

To start choose a garden, preferably not later than one year before the expected receipts, because in the good gardens there is a queue. If the initially selected option you suddenly do not like, have time to find and consider others.

Selecting addresses of the institutions that you learned something you are interested in, go for exploration. We advise you to bring this booklet and in front of each of the following paragraphs to put down the pros and cons. Come home and count all the pros and cons, think and discuss in the family: will you be quiet for their child, leaving it on all day in this kindergarten.

Come in kindergarten to walk (approximately 10.30 hours. - 11.30 hrs.). We need to start with a conversation with the Director, then the inspection of the garden and its territories.

Interview with head of

From the head of ask mode of the day. Enough time is given for NAPs and walks, not overloaded if the children classes, do morning exercises. Choose a kindergarten, where the number of children in the group not more than 15 and not less than 6.

If there is no assistant teacher (nurses) and the second (replacement) teacher - look for other grounds, despite any arguments.

Remember, the important is not the fact of presence in the state of a speech therapist and psychologist, and then, how many children he will have "news". One psychologist speech therapist, pathologist) to 70-80 children - not serious.

Find out whether in the garden, nurse, that part of her duties, her work schedule, preventive, Wellness and tempering events are held.

See a sample menu. Ask, does it depending on the time of year (spring and autumn - more fruits and vegetables; soups not pea, vegetable, pasta and potatoes, and zucchini and cabbage). Is it possible to feed the baby separately, if he has allergies.

Ask about classes, festivals, musical and sporting pastimes and conducting their staff.

A standard set of disciplines:

  • familiarity with the environment or ecology;
  • games (role-playing, moving, didactic);
  • speech and language development (vocabulary, teaching pronunciation,
  • matching words, the compilation of the oral story about what he saw);
  • familiarity with children's literature (listening, paraphrase reading, learning
  • by heart);
  • mathematics;
  • drawing;
  • molding;
  • applique;
  • design;
  • music classes (music, singing, musical-rhythmic movement);
  • athletic training.
  • In the preparatory group is added literacy.

If kindergarten numerous additional lessons (logic, psychology, rhetoric, computer science, early learning reading, writing, chess, and others) carefully consider if you really need your kid all these Sciences, or from something makes sense to refuse.

Experienced teachers and psychologists established that the child is "ready" for the conscious perception of a great variety of "science" and knowledge only to 5-6 years and the total number of classes throughout the day should not exceed four or five, including private lessons.

Separately about a foreign language. The idea of learning a foreign language in early childhood is good. However, it should be borne in mind that early bilingualism can cause speech delay or stuttering. Especially this danger is real, if the child is not just studying the language, and gets in a foreign language environment. We should not engage in the production of sound pronunciation with children up to 5 years, as well as with children who have speech therapy problems.

Inspection of premises and territories

While exploring the garden, pay attention: how to talk to each other educators, children; how interested are adults to kids; do not increase if the voice; name whether by name; whether the activity; whether they respond to requests and complaints of children. Your task is to understand, are here to respect and understand your child.

Pay special attention to:

  • the exhibition of children's works;
  • there is information for parents, expert advice;
  • variety of whether toys, if they are accessible to children, by age if selected, will interest your baby or are only meant to throw dust in the eyes", to create in the "bright spot";
  • is there a place for role-playing games;
  • is there a place for drawing and designing in my free time;
  • is there a book exhibition;
  • if food is not a separate place, and the meal and classes take place at the same tables is not so important. Much more important is whether this furniture for your baby's growth and will not spoil if the posture is incorrect chair;
  • there are specially equipped music and gym facilities (in some gardens they can be combined, which is quite acceptable) is strictly mandatory.
  • Welcome hall with equipment for physical therapy, but studies of exercise therapy in any case not replace regular exercise!
  • is there schwary hair;
  • is there a special rubber pads and tracks (if available in the garden, sauna or swimming pool);
  • are there any special sauna recreation room, or steamed kids will immediately run to their group;
  • to clean and safe toilets.

To summarize:

1. The first option is the most important and the most banal to interview parents whose children attend the nearby gardens. They will tell you how well or badly caring for children, whether love kids teachers, as equipped garden, what toys, and many more important details that no one will not tell you.

2. Note on the territory of the kindergarten - it is clean, not cluttered if trash is not broken if a sandbox and swings. Naturally, there should be a Playground, and the area is fenced and the gate leading to it, is closed - do not be surprised, but many kids are so curious, they try to escape beyond kindergarten.

3. Meet the staff, take a look at the situation, which will be your child. Are there enough toys? Comfortably indoors? Do you like the teacher? Be sure to talk with your doctor, who should be in kindergarten.

4. Ask your head of what the program conducted training, the number of children in the group, ask them to tell you about the practice and the staff who holds them.

A list of questions you need to ask the administration when choosing a kindergarten of any type:

  • Learn mode DOW.
  • Ask them to show you the license and articles of Association.
  • Ask about the programs and methods that are caregivers.
  • Note the number of children in the group and the number of teachers.
  • Ask them to tell you about the staff.
  • Ask about nutrition.
  • Learn which groups have in the garden.
  • Ask what additional lessons in kindergarten and what they cost.
  • Note the founders and sponsors of the garden.
  • Documents in kindergarten.

Let's say you have chosen a suitable garden, and this garden - municipal. What documents will be required to write down the child?

1. Medical card 20 with a note on vaccination: polio, DPT, mumps, measles, Mantoux test (not more than one year ago). Tests: blood, urine, enterobiasis, on eggs a worm (not more than 10 days ago). Mark doctors: orthopedist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, dentist, pediatrician (epicrisis and direction in health group).

2. The birth certificate.

3. Insurance policy

What to do if there is no space?

And what to do if you have collected all the necessary documents, brought their head and heard that kindergarten is full? This is typical at the moment, the situation, as most gardens are full, and even waiting lists compiled by 1-3 years in advance. In this case, you must contact the district office of education, and there you will find another daycare closer to home, where space is available.

To avoid this situation, stand on the queue in advance. This can be done officially now in every kindergarten, there are "Books of the future students". As soon as the baby was born, you come into favourite garden and write the child in this book. Head will issue you a notice of registration and will let you know when will be completed with the group. There are also categories accepted in kindergarten out of turn are children from large families, children, the unemployed, children of refugees and displaced persons, children of pupils mothers, children groups 1 and 2, children under guardianship, children one of whose parents is in the military service, children of single working parents, children, judges, prosecutors and investigators, the children of employees of educational institutions Department of education and children whose brothers and sisters have already visited this garden.


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The choice of kindergarten How to choose a kindergarten?

The choice of kindergarten is a very laborious and does not tolerate haste. Psychologists, methodologists and thoughtful parents are unanimous: the kid is 3 years old it is much better to go to a good kindergarten than to sit at home with your mother, grandmother or nanny to walk in bad - much worse.

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