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DIRECTORY / Sports facilities / Dancing in Tyumen

Dancing for children in Tyumen "Visavis", the dance sport club, dance for children
Tyumen, street Malygina 2
New set: 8-912-993-35-18, Sidorova Oksana Anatolievna
Supervisor: 8-982-917-51-94, Eugene N. Yudina
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Club VKontakte

Dancing for children in Tyumen Viva-Dance, sport dance club, dance for children
Tyumen, street Kharkiv 59/5
phone: (3452) 635-651, 8-912-9254563
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Dancing in Tyumen

Dance school for adults "Viva-Dance"
there with 25.11.2007, created by JCC "Viva Dance" and Tyumen public Association of social dance "Line dance"developing Argentine tango since 2003.
The School is developing mass dances, the following areas: Argentine tango (tango-Vals, milonga), club dance (hustle, salsa), ballroom dancing (European and Latin American), as well as the individual training of teachers tango 3rd category.
Main objectives: to develop a comfortable skills gender communication, to give the basics of choreography, and create opportunities for their improvement.
The school has all the necessary training and holding dance parties educational and material base (four dance class, a living room, a sewing Studio, changing rooms, etc).

School of dance Viva Dance", , Tyumen, street of Kharkov, D. 59, the housing 5.

The schedule for the 2013-2014 School for adults dance Viva Dance"
1) Rhythmic /Argentine/ tango.
Level: elementary training.
Friday: lesson 20.00-21.30 PM
Sunday: lesson 17.00 - 19.00 o'clock
Practice: Tues. 20.30 PM, Sat. with 17 PM
Sets in groups and classes start with 4.10.13.; 1.12.13.; 2.02.14.; 4.04.14.- 2500 rubles
Trial 300 rubles One-time fee of 400 rubles

2) Argentine tango.

Level: beginner and continue. training.
Tuesday: lesson 20.30-22.00 o'clock
Saturday: lesson 17.00 - 19.00 o'clock
Practice: PT. from 20.00 PM, Sun. with 17 PM
Pass 2500 rubles One-time fee of 400 rubles
For couples, the cost 4600 rubles

3) Hustle, swing dance.
Level: elementary training.
Thursday: 20.30-22.00 o'clock
Sunday: 16.00 - 17.00 o'clock
Individual practice: Sat. 15 PM
Pass 2500 rubles One-time fee of 400 rubles

4) social Ballroom dancing.
Level: elementary training.
Saturday: 15.00 - 17.00.
Sunday: 15.00 - 16.00.
Individual practice: Thu. with 19.45
Classes start as recruitment group
The cost is 2500 rubles;

EXT. payment in two groups of 500 rubc subscription.

Evenings on Sundays:
Social ballroom dancing from 19.00 - 20.00 o'clock
Milonga (Argentine tango) from 20.00 - 22.00 o'clock

Dress code for practice and entertainment social dance:
replacement dance shoes, shirt and pants (men)dress/skirt (women).

Place of practice and evenings:
, Tyumen, street of Kharkov, D. 59, K, class No. 3.

Teacher social dances: Milovanov Nikolai Nikolaevich phone 8 961 780 53 17

From 18 to 20 October 2013 will host the II international festival of Argentine tango "In the embrace of tango!"
Paul Mariela Francotte and Orlando Scarpelli (Argentina), Vlad Zakharova and Andrei Makarov (Moscow)
Tyumen, Cheluskintsev, 1/1, school of social dance Grande. +7 (3452) 444-201, +7 961 782 86 62 (calling from 16:00 to 22:00)

From 26 to 27 October seminar Argentine tango andrés Amarige (Argentina). Registration Lena Anisimova, or Milovanova Nikolai Nikolaevich, tel 8 961 780 53 17.

Information about the School:
- Map with a location STC Viva Dance"

may 18, 2009 Grand opening of the new premises of the School of dance Viva dance" To engage in a spacious,comfortable,well-equipped halls can each and child , and adult. STK Viva dance" declares a set of children C3-years sports ballroom dancing.

The main directions of the School of dance Viva dance"

1. Sport dance club "Viva dance"

Founded in 1997,the club has had approximately 200 children and teenagers from 3-22 levopimaric club are over -- parents and winners of the regional competitions.

STK Viva dance" participated in competitions among ensembles of sports and dance is :the Winner of the championship of Russia in the category "Children" The silver medalist of the championship of Russia in the category "Junior-1" The bronze medalist of the championship of Russia in the category"Junior 2"

STK Viva dance" is the organizer of the Russian competition dancing:"Open Cup Viva-dance","Dance for all", "A celebration of childhood"

The head of the JCC "Viva dance": Tabakin Eugene G., phone 8 919 957 4336
Teachers: Tabakin Mrs x, Avdeev A., Avdeev E.E., A. Kryukov, Basque BV
Administrator STK Viva dance: phone 8 904 463 5269 (Veronica)

We invite children from 3 years for serious ballroom dancing lessons. Classes are held 3 times a week,in the evening, the cost 1000USD. per month.

Belinya dancing for adults(European and Latin American program)
Schedule:Monday,Friday 18.30-19.30
Cost-ABV month.
Teachers :Troshina Tatiana,AUD Alexander. ( 89048757412 Tatiana)
We invite everyone ,regardless of age, First lesson is free.

Cavimana choreography (fashion directions:jazz,hip-hop,RnB)
Schedule:Wednesday 18.30-20.00;Saturday 14.00-15.00
The cost of training ABV month.
We invite children and Teens aged 8-16 years.
Teacher :Choreographer Theatre plastics Europe- Kalabina Catherine(89123897045)
First lesson is free.

4 early development Track for school."
Reading,language development,mathematics,manual labor,English.
The schedule of the Center is composed,so that children
one day was able to attend JCC "Viva dance and classes Early development center.


Honored teacher of Russia Smykova Lyudmila Konstantinovna (8-912-381-47-23)

Teacher of the highest category Natalia Tarasova Viktorovna (8-919 938 of 6,824)

Ask questions and get advice on all areas the activities of the School of dance Viva dance" it is possible for these phones.

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