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PREGNANCY / ambulance Call during pregnancy

Call an ambulance during pregnancy

"Call the ambulance!" this is the first thought that occurs to us when suddenly she feels worse. During pregnancy causes for concern arise more often. What can be the reason for this extra service?

Reasons to call the ambulance is obstetric conditions requiring hospitalization, acute abdomen and pregnancy, acute medical illness, available in a future mother, of Course, an ambulance must be called and uniquely emergency situations, but we will focus only on the listed States, because in such cases, women often have questions about how to behave: to wait until the pain goes away, to go to the doctor or call the home team.

Emergency obstetric conditions

Obstetric bleeding - abnormal bleeding from the genital tract during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Spotting can be of varying intensity and duration, can take on the form of bleeding. Depending on the cause and duration of pregnancy bleeding may be accompanied by symptoms such as pain, weakness, dizziness, impaired motor activity of the fetus.

Causes of bleeding in pregnancy:

  • Spontaneous abortion spontaneous abortion until the fetus is viable gestational age. The main complaints are: pain in the lower abdomen, often cramping; spotting, which may take the nature of bleeding; increased uterine tone. Your actions: dial "03", before the arrival of the ambulance to go to bed, take a means of reducing the contractile activity of the uterus (Metacin, But, silos or candles with Papaverine - no more than 2 tablets or suppositories).
  • The placenta previa - placentation in the area of the exit from the uterus. With placenta previa, the leading and the only symptom is repeated uterine bleeding in the second half of pregnancy. Main complaints: the emergence of bleeding suddenly, without pain. Spotting may stop, but some time later to occur again. Your actions: when bleeding immediately call an ambulance "03", go to bed, taking position on the left side with the elevated position of the pelvis (under the lower part of the body to put an extra mattress or a rolled up blanket).
  • Premature detachment of normally located placenta - premature (before the birth of the child Department of the placenta from its attachment. The main complaints are: pain in the lower abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy or during childbirth, the sense voltage of the uterus, weakness, dizziness. Your actions: before the arrival of the ambulance to go to bed, taking position on the left side, after urination put ice on the bottom of the stomach, do not eat or drink (possibly in a hospital will need emergency surgery under General anesthesia).

The presence of bleeding from the genital tract and /or acute pain in the region of the uterus is an indication for emergency admission to hospital. In cases of severe bleeding, hospitalization is the nearest obstetric hospital only on the stretcher. Pregnant transported through the receiving Department of the maternity hospital with the transfer of the doctor's office.

We would also like to say not very intense secretions from the genital tract, the so-called daub. Such discharge during the first trimester of pregnancy can't go into anything more serious, however, is no guarantee nobody can provide, so the selection should also be considered a reason for going to the doctor. If the woman of the house is not one, it can be someone to accompany or to ride in female consultation, then you can apply and there, but in this case, the address in the "first aid" should not be considered excessive.

Before the arrival of the ambulance should go to bed, taking position on the left side, after urination put ice on the lower abdomen. Pain. During pregnancy, pain can be felt often enough. In the first half of pregnancy (before 20 weeks) short stabbing or aching pain in the lower abdomen, lumbar region may be associated with the growth of the uterus, stretching ligaments, flatulence or constipation, which occur in early pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Weak aching pain in the lower abdomen or the sacrum without bleeding can be a sign of threatening miscarriage. In the second half of pregnancy, when a greater load on the muscles of the back, foot, may have pain in the lumbar region. The appearance of pain in the lower abdomen, lumbar region, increased excitability of the uterus say about the possible signs of preterm labor. What to do in such cases? Even if the pain is not strong and is not accompanied by bleeding - do not postpone visit to the antenatal clinic. If the pain became more intense and frequent, appeared bloody discharge from the genital tract must call "03". Before the arrival of the ambulance should go, you can receive a antispasmodics (shpy, Metacin), sedatives (Valerian Extract, Tincture of motherwort).

To alert the woman has a headache, usually in the occipital and temporal areas, visual disturbances, shroud or flashing "flies" before the eyes, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting, agitation or depression, along with increased blood pressure, high convulsive readiness (twitching of muscles of face, neck, upper extremities), loss of consciousness, convulsions. All of these symptoms or only one of them are signs of preeclampsia - a pathological condition, which manifests itself only during pregnancy and usually disappears after graduation or in the early postpartum period. These symptoms appear when critical forms of preeclampsia, which require quick delivery, reliable signs of preeclampsia should be attributed to the presence in the second half of pregnancy the main clinical symptoms: proteinuria (protein in the urine), hypertension (increased blood pressure), edema, and combinations thereof.

What to do before the arrival of the ambulance? First of all, you should create indoor health-protective mode: exclude sources of noise, close the curtains, not to leave the girl alone, to give her a position with a raised head end keep alert spoon, wrapped with gauze (for insertion in the mouth and restore the patency of upper airway upon the occurrence of seizures), to monitor the act of breathing. Is possible to lower blood pressure means prescribed by a doctor. If previously the woman did not take antihypertensive drugs, you should not listen to the advice of home, friends about the acceptance of a particular drug. The ambulance will arrive quickly, if necessary, a woman will enter the necessary medication. In all cases of preeclampsia binding to the obstetric hospital. In case of mild for preeclampsia woman placed in the Department of pathology of pregnancy, with heavy - obstetric intensive care unit.

Childbirth. The beginning of the birth is the appearance of regular contractions or premature rupture of amniotic fluid. Birth pains - the rhythmic muscular contractions of the uterus. Regular contractions come at regular intervals of time. First alternate contractions every 10-15 minutes and last for 10-15 seconds. Subsequently, the contractions become more frequent and longer, and the intervals between them are gradually reduced, so 10 minutes is 4-5 fights.

When to call an ambulance? Once you have understood that regularly recurring pain in my stomach is cramping, or if the waters have broken, even if pain in lower abdomen not.

What to do before the arrival of the ambulance? Check documents: don't forget to take your passport, exchange card, birth certificate, insurance policy and /or contract for delivery, do not eat, you can drink some juice, juice. Remove jewelry, podstawie nails, preberite hair, remove using a shaving machine hair from crotch (on the situation) or take the maternity hospital disposable razor. And most importantly - keep calm and believe in themselves.

"Sharp abdomen"

If the pain became more intense and frequent, you must call "03".

  • The term "acute abdomen" brings together a large group of diseases of abdominal cavity organs, acute emergent and life-threatening, requiring emergency ambulance. The main symptoms of acute abdomen:
  • Attack of severe pain in the abdomen. In some cases pain occur quite suddenly, as the strongest attack - the so-called dagger of pain, in other cases at first the pain is not very intense, but grow rapidly, reaching a significant intensity.
  • Limited or widespread muscles of the anterior abdominal wall of the abdomen.
  • A group of symptoms, reflecting a sharp dysfunction of the digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, significant flatulence, stool retention and discharge gases.
  • The pale, unconscious, cold sweat, decrease in blood pressure.
  • Growing signs of inflammation: increased body temperature, increased heart rate.
  • Causes of acute abdomen in pregnant women may be associated with gynecologic pathology (ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture through the old scar, torsion and malnutrition ovarian cyst, circulatory disorders myomatous site and others), and pathology of the abdominal organs (acute appendicitis - inflammation of the vermiform Appendix, acute cholecystitis - inflammation of the gall bladder acute pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas, and others).
  • Ectopic pregnancy - a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg attaches and develops outside the uterus. This is the most common cause of acute abdomen in pregnant, it is up to 1.8% of all pregnancies. Main complaints: the delay period, bloody discharge from the genital tract, the pain of a different nature and intensity. Distinguish between developing and interrupted a tubal pregnancy. When interrupted the ber-mennoti pain is sudden, paroxysmal character, abdominal pain often one-sided and give into the rectum, lower back or lower extremities, accompanied by a drop in blood pressure, cold sweat, pale skin, nausea. When developing tube pregnancy pain will be less intense, they may not be. Developing a tubal pregnancy is not often a cause although treatment in the ambulance - more often it is found on examination by a doctor or ul-traslacoon office.
  • Uterine rupture through the old scar indicating the possibility of this complication can be data about earlier surgical interventions on the uterus (cesarean section, removal of nodes in benign tumors of the uterus, excision troublemaking angle after removal of the ectopic pregnancy and other). Main complaints: local, increasing pain and tenderness to palpation in the region of the scar on the uterus, changes and deformation contours of the uterus.
  • Torsion and malnutrition ovarian cyst is about the possibility of this complication can testify data on the presence of ovarian cancer. Main complaints: the emergence of a sharp pain, often after intercourse, active sports, nausea or vomiting, load and with poor bloody discharge from the genital tract.
  • Circulatory disorders of myomatous node - this pathology may be suspected in the presence of gravid uterine fibroids. The main complaint: dull, constant pain in the region of localization of the node.
  • Acute appendicitis - pregnant occurs in 0.7 to 5.2% of cases. For the first half of pregnancy accounts for 75% of all cases of the disease in pregnant women, and the clinical picture is not different from the flow outside of pregnancy. The main complaints are: pain in the epigastrium (upper third of the stomach), right iliac region (the lower third of the abdomen or around the abdomen, the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, dry and coated tongue with white coating, nausea, vomiting, rise of body temperature up to 37,6-38,0°C, pulse frequency up to 100-110 beats/min
  • Acute cholecystitis is the second frequency surgical disease in pregnant women. The frequency of gallstone disease in pregnant women is quite high - 7-12,% but in most cases it during asymptomatic. Acute cholecystitis is observed in the 0.05-0.1% of pregnant women. Main complaint: pain in the right upper quadrant radiating to the right shoulder and scapula, vomiting without relief, increased heart rate above 80 beats per minute, can increase body temperature to 38-39°C.
  • Acute pancreatitis is an acute inflammation of the pancreas. Main complaint: sudden, severe, constant pain in the upper abdomen, which gives in the back or has a belt-like character, often uncontrollable vomiting.

When bleeding until the ambulance should go to bed, taking position on the left side with the elevated position of the pelvis. Perforation of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. The so-called formation of holes in the wall of the stomach or intestine in the area of the ulcer. When perforation of ulcer pain is a dagger personality: she is very intense. This complication may occur, if earlier, the woman knew that she had an ulcer, but may be the first manifestation.

What to do before the arrival of the ambulance? When "acute abdomen" pregnant women required emergency hospitalization. You can't eat and drink, you should take a comfortable position for pain relief suppose reception spasmolytic drugs (1-2 tablets shpy). Absolutely contraindicated laxatives, enemas, analgesics (painkillers), as they may cause a short-term deceptive improvement of health, may mask signs of peritoneal irritation and thus very difficult to diagnose.

Somatic diseases

Somatic diseases are diseases of internal organs, where pregnancy. Pregnancy often aggravates the course of these diseases.

Bronchial asthma. The reason for calling an ambulance - acute dyspnea due to fully or partially reversible bronchoobstructive (obstruction of the bronchi). Main complaint: loud, wheezing, shortness of breath with extended exhalation, anxiety, fear, palpitations, paroxysmal cough. What to do before the arrival of the ambulance? During the attack it is necessary to ensure free breathing: to unbutton the tight collar, to facilitate the inflow of fresh air. The position is with a raised head end, possibly sitting with palm rest (for connecting additional respiratory muscles). Hands and feet can be dipped in hot water or apply mustard. You can drink very hot tea from cranberries (from the leaves and berries, fresh or dry): it contributes to the liquefaction of viscous sputum. Find products that you normally use. Pregnant preferable to use inhaled form, because they generate high concentrations of the drug in the respiratory tract with minimal systemic effects. Usually for edema attack just 1-2 breaths of the drug. The use of large doses may cause unwanted effects: generalized spasm, arrhythmia, tachycardia, sudden deterioration.

Renal colic. This attack pain caused by obstructions to the flow of urine from the renal pelvis or ureter. The main symptoms are: pain - sudden, constant cramping, lasting from a few minutes up to 10-12 hours, localized in the lumbar region and /or hypochondrium. Often develops on the background of urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis occurring before pregnancy hidden, and during pregnancy manifested by the appearance in the urine leukocytes, blood. Pregnant urolithiasis in almost 80% of cases accompanied by pyelonephritis: stones, injuring urinary tract, facilitates the spread of infection and contribute to the development of this disease. What to do before the arrival of the ambulance? During the pain attack, you cannot take liquids. When a sharp pain say taking antispasmodics of home medkits {shpy, Papaverine, Aminophylline), and Catenula - drug, possess antispasmodic, bacteriological and sedative effect (take 4-5 drops on sugar). Beresnev, Tatiana, obstetrician-gynecologist in St. Petersburg

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Call an ambulance Calling an ambulance. The reins during pregnancy

"Call the ambulance!" this is the first thought that occurs to us when suddenly she feels worse. During pregnancy causes for concern arise more often. What can be the reason for this extra service?

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