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21.01.08 - Update section

Vitamins for children

In your baby's all right with hemoglobin? And problems with digestion, we are not familiar? Excellent! Then just maintain the health of the child using healthy ingredients.

13.12.07 - Update section

Available article "Pericard who breastfeeding

Methodical recommendations on child nutrition for the who European region, with emphasis on the former Soviet Union.

12.12.07 - Update section

Available for download the book of Sheldon Lewis ' Child and stress".

In his book they consider many issues, such as: trouble in school, communication difficulties, family conflicts, etc. For their solution, the authors propose a non-traditional approaches, such as sports, dance, Hatha yoga. In the book you can find exercises for the development of breathing, imagination, motor skills.

Before viewing the download Adobe Acrobat 8.0 (22,3 MB)

The article "complementary Foods for children older than 6 months"

The best food for a newborn baby, of course, is the breast milk of his mother. Up to six months, toddler, located on natural vskarmlivanii, needs no other liquid and lures. The timing of the introduction of complementary food can be different for different children, sometimes the lure may be eligible for special reasons, since 4-5 months, but basically, other foods the child begin to be introduced from 6 months onwards.

On the topic of "Your child"

So. The kid in the house is happy, the whole family! Pleasant bustle around the crib is replaced by a more familiar way of life: feeding, bathing, dressing... How to arrange days to put everything in its place and enjoy every event? How to predict the development of the child? What, how and when to offer your child, in order not to miss? And many more interesting things you will find on the pages of the section "Your baby".

The first year of a child's life is the unexpected, full of events and impressions it is time for parents. In subkey with the same name you will find information about the physiological characteristics of the newborn, about the basics of caring for a baby. Upon receiving this information, you will better understand the child, his feelings, sensations and needs and will be confident in their actions.

The child grows, and each period of development has its own characteristics, therefore, in the section From years and over" we have placed information about the change of body, mind, feelings and experiences of children. As well as considered the most pressing issues of this period: potty training, interpersonal relationships, the development of self-awareness.

We are waiting for You on the pages of the Section "Your child", to help, to support, give advice, give information, and to discuss, to argue and speculate about the children, their health and development you can on the relevant section of our forum!

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