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The first documents of the child (kid) The first documents of the child

Information about documents issued to the child since birth.

Obtaining birth certificate Obtaining a birth certificate

State birth registration is made by the authority records of acts of civil status by place of birth or place of residence of the parents (one parent). To register, you must provide to the Registrar the following documents...

Registration by place of residence (domicile) Registration by place of residence (registration)

The child can be registered at the place of residence only with someone of the parents. Neonates and juveniles under 14 years of age, registered at the place of residence of the parents or of one parent without the consent of the landlord, tenant and citizens permanently living in this residential area...

Mark the children in the passport Mark the children in the passport. How to insert a child in the parents ' passport?

In connection with the amendments to paragraph 5 of the Regulations on the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation since January 2007 data on children in parents ' passports are made only by authorised bodies. Previously stamped on children under 14 years of age, was carried out by the Registrar's office and internal Affairs bodies.

Health insurance for a child Health insurance for child

According to the system of compulsory insurance, which operates in our country, the child has the right to receive free medical care in any district hospital, even if the child is not registered in the area. However, to obtain free medicines and baby food will have to apply for a pass in the hospital at the place of residence. During the first six months of life the child is obliged to provide medical care regardless of the presence of health insurance.

Birth certificate Birth certificates. Why you need it, where to get and how to use it?

From 1 January 2006 in all regions of Russia in accordance with the national project "Health" launched a program of birth certificates. This program is aimed at improving the material interest of the medical institutions in the provision of quality medical care.

Maternity capital Information about maternal (family) capital

From 1 January 2007 and entered into force the Federal law No. 256-FZ dated 29.12.2006 "On additional measures of state support to families with children" and Rules of application for the issuance of a state certificate for the mother (family) capital and issuance of state certificate, approved by RF Government Decree of 30 December 2006 N 873.

Maternity capital The office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation responds to the most frequently asked questions on maternal (family) capital in accordance with the Federal law dated 29.12.06 No. 256-FZ "On additional measures of state support to families with children"

Funds to the parent (family) capital can be directed to education to one child or several children in any educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation who are entitled to the provision of appropriate educational services (for example, in the Russian universities, schools and private kindergartens).

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